From The “I’ll Take My Tiny Victories Where I Can Get Them” Dept., A DirecTV Update

DirecTV is now running a new version of the “Turn Back Time” ad featuring Bon Jovi. It looks just like the earlier one, except that now turning back time re-unites the female side of the satellite TV-watching couple with her old boyfriend, as her current partner looks on in horror. This is a major improvement over the first version, as it doesn’t make a wall-drawing kid vanish into the ether as his parents smile at ridding themselves of an unwanted child.

Maybe this is just an effort to vary the theme. I’d like to think, however, that enough ethics alarms went off among viewers and maybe even DirecTV executives that they realized that the original ad was more ugly than funny, and pulled it for a more ethical version that doesn’t tell us that this corporation thinks vaporizing children is hilarious.

Don’t disillusion me. I can’t always feel like I’m screaming in the wilderness here.

8 thoughts on “From The “I’ll Take My Tiny Victories Where I Can Get Them” Dept., A DirecTV Update

  1. I’m a DirecTV subscriber, and I sent them an e-mail, including a link to your article and asked them to reconsider the ad. My guess, since my voice alone would have been ignored, whole bunch of other people did, too. You may swing more power than you know.

  2. It would sure be nice if EA had some small part in ditching the child-vanishing ad, because I have gotten more abusive comments on the original post than any other since my last anti-pot essay. I just spammed two more. Apparently I have no sense of humor, don’t get slapstick, and am a typical liberal.

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