The Stupidest Lies Of All

Evil Dead hoax

What are the stupidest lies of all? Gilding the lily lies. Lies that accomplish nothing that the truth wouldn’t accomplish just as well. Gratuitous, lazy, pointless lies, that only serve to make the world more incredulous, cynical and distrusting.

Here is a  wonderful example, and the liars are the folks in Conservative Nation. After that San Jose, California, Trump rally where protesters attacked the Trumpites, the pro-Trump Conservative Nation tweeted out the fake picture above of an alleged Trump-supporting woman after her beating  by demonstrators. “Here’s what happened to female Trump supporter when she met ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’ liberals” the tweet said, as if the genuine footage of the violence wasn’t enough.

But actor Bruce Campbell (a guilty pleasure of mine, I admit it) pointed out the truth. He tweeted,

Check your facts, folks. This is an actress named Samara Weaving from . This is a make-up test. Sad.

If you haven’t seen “Ash vs. The Evil Dead,” and unless you are a hard core, cult comedy-gore fan, I wouldn’t advise doing so, this is the cable series starring Campbell as he reprises his iconic role from the “Evil Dead” Trilogy, most famous for this classic sequence from “Evil Dead II,” in which hardware salesman Ash (Campbell), trapped in a cabin under assault by demons,  finds his right arm possessed and trying to kill him:

Okay, I’ve been waiting forever for an excuse to post this on Ethics Alarms. l love it.

Anyway, Bruce is right. This is sad. And dishonest.

And stupid.

24 thoughts on “The Stupidest Lies Of All

  1. The clip is great. Looks like a visual representation of Republicans trying to deal with the fact they’ve resigned themselves to nominating a charlatan.

  2. The Evil Dead movies were awesome , as was the first season of Ash vs The Evil Dead but I hope you also watched The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

    • Ah, you bring back a fond memory, Bill. Brisco County Jr, was terrific, a clever ironic Western that had a lot of Maverick in it. Too bad it was about three decades late, after TV Westerns had lost their luster in favor of doctor, lawyer and police shows. I think Campbell would have become a real star rather than just a cult one…but Sam Rami has his back.

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