Ethics Dunces: Fox Sports And Major League Baseball

The ex players are (R to L), Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, banned Pete Rose, rapidly being forgotten Raul Ibanez, and the nearly universally detested Alex Rodriguez.

The ex players are (R to L), Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, banned Pete Rose, rapidly fading from memory Raul Ibanez, and the nearly universally detested Alex Rodriguez.

Among the commentators at the desk in the pre- and post game show for FS1 (that’s Fox Sports One) as it carries the National League Championship Series between the Cubs and the Dodgers, are Pete Rose, and Alex Rodriquez.

Pete Rose, baseball’s all-time hits leader, is banned from baseball for gambling on the game while a manager. This has been taboo since the 1919 World Series was fixed by gamblers. (Donald Trump has never accepted that the Cincinnati Reds won). Rose lied about whether he bet on baseball for over a decade, then he lied about whether he bet on his own team a little longer. In the meantime, he served prison time for tax evasion.

Alex Rodriquez eventually was suspended from baseball for more than a season for using banned performance enhancing drugs, years after he tested positive for steroid use and told the public sincerely that it was “one mistake” and he’d never do it again. He is also a serial liar. Eventually the increasingly cynical and ethically-addled younger sportswriters may vote him into the Hall of Fame, but he is second only to Barry Bonds as the worst of the worst. Currently, he is regarded as flunking the Hall’s character and sportsmanship requirement. Duh.

So why THE HELL is Fox employing Rose and A-Rod as expert commentators? Neither is especially articulate or charming. There are too many smarter, glib, interesting, insightful, non-cheating former players to count, many of whom are not richer than Croesus (like Rodriguez) or the human equivalent of slime mold (like Pete). What is the equivalent of using these two disgraced players as commentators during baseball’s most prominent time of the year?

…having Rod Blagojevich talk about recent government trust issues?

….recruiting Hillary Clinton to discuss new developments in cybersecurity?

….allowing Dan Rather to critique 2016 political campaign coverage?

…using Typhoid Mary as an expert commentator on efforts to stop the Zika virus?

Not quite right. No, this is the equivalent of Lance Armstrong being allowed to broadcast the Tour de France, sending the message that the sport doesn’t care about sportsmanship and integrity, and the broadcasting network doesn’t care either. In addition, both Rose and Rodriquez are admitted and infamous liars. How can liars be trusted commentators on anything?


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9 thoughts on “Ethics Dunces: Fox Sports And Major League Baseball

  1. This had to have been cleared by the highest levels of MLB and the players’ union. What is Rob Manfred thinking? Is he thinking?

    Plus, as Jack points out, Rodriguez and Rose have absolutely no presence. What person at Fox green-lighted the decision to hire them? I can only conspiracy theorize that Manfred is trying to rehabilitate all the cheats who have Hall of Fame statistics by bringing them out of the shadows so more people will say, “Hey, [Fill in the Blank] isn’t such a bad guy. He should be in the Hall of Fame!!” Unfortunately, these two trial balloons are both unwatchable. In any event, something’s rotten…

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