Hillary Gets A Standing O On Broadway


Well, good.

Last night, Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton attended the closing performance of “The Color Purple” on The Great White Way. The audience gave Hillary a standing ovation.

This profoundly annoyed the conservative media and blogosphere, which contrasted the warm reception with the booing Vice-President-Elect Pence when he want to see “Hamilton” just down the street. It was a contrast, all right: the audience at “Hamilton” were rude jerks, and the audience at “The Color Purple” treated Hillary Clinton like every audience of fair and respectful citizens should treat anyone willing to endure the rigors and abuse of a Presidential campaign for the privilege of being burdened by one of the most difficult and all-consuming responsibilities on earth, in order to serve and protect the United States of America.

Kind and respectful gestures are never unethical.

I would have stood.

21 thoughts on “Hillary Gets A Standing O On Broadway

              • I showed up and clapped me in irons…
                I said “this is entrapment”

                They said “it’s the only way we knew we’d take you alive”

                I said “what am I in for?”

                “20 years”

                I said “what about good behavior?”

                “Your lack of it is why your here!”

              • That is complete. Trial started just before noon yesterday and wrapped up just recently.

                Simple drug trial with 3 charges.

                I’m still a little muddy about what I can and can’t talk about so all I’ll say is I am very confident in our system and very confident in juror’s abilities and willingness to stick to their views and not be cowed into changing their minds.

                I’ll say the final verdicts fell in line with how I believed they should.

                We didn’t all start out with a single unanimous vote. And given the conditions of the trial and and subjects involved and the make up of the jury would have been about a 5 minute deliberation if “stereotypes” had played out.

                But it didn’t.

                We went guilty on count 1 and not guilty on counts 2 and 3.

                And all of those verdicts came after considerable discussion over what even seemed to be mundane details. So yeah, we probably spent way more time than expected on what most would’ve considered a routine case. And everyone who flipped their vote only did so after considerable discussion on the merits of their concerns.

                Of course, given a whole separate trial and scenario my experience could easily be very different in outcome.

  1. Can anyone commenting here recap the audience response to the presence of President-elect Donald Trump at the Army-Navy football game?

    I watched the game on TV, and saw the camera pan to his place in the crowd. But I don’t recall any word said about any announcement to the crowd that he was there, and if there was such an announcement, what the crowd reaction was.

  2. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/article120169258.html

    Protests outside from the usual folks and a standing ovation inside from the crowd. He actually deliberately took a picture with 4 each of the cadets and midshipmen, carefully chosen, I believe, to include both genders and all races. While it was a cool picture, and I believe he is going to give our military a lot more support than Obama did, I remember remarking that he should remember standing with the heroes doesn’t mean any of their heroism rubs off on you.

    • Thanks Steve-O – so he got pretty much the reception we might expect. I am still hoping that during the inaugural, someone will be able to get a yuge chant going, “Build That Wall!” and, at any sight of the defeated candidate and her spousal crime partner, a similarly yuge chant of “Lock Them Up!”

  3. All I can say is “Watch out, Comrade DeBlasio. You might want to check and see if HRC has changed her residence to Chelsea’s ten million dollar apartment on Manhattan.”

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