Fake News Alert: No, Rep. John Lewis Is Still Boycotting The Inauguration

The earlier post to the contrary here was mistaken. Misconstrued source, confirmation bias, visual rather than online confirmation, and several other factors, but it is entirely my fault. I even saw a reference to the story on Facebook, and now I think its reference might have been me.

I’m not sure whether this means Rep. Lewis is better or worse, but Ethics Alarms apologizes to all.

My head did explode, though.

I took the post down. Now I’m Emily Litella. How ironic.


22 thoughts on “Fake News Alert: No, Rep. John Lewis Is Still Boycotting The Inauguration

  1. Lol. And I told people hating on other threads they should take his example and support the president elect.

    I thought it may be true due to MLK jr. lll saying his meeting with Trump was great and people in both sides say things in anger.

    Ah well.

      • I forgive you!! We ALL make mistakes… You are so mindful… and mistakes show we’re human. I hope you don’t beat yourself up too hard on this. Really. It happens.

        I love the work you do and it’s encouraged me greatly. Mainly showing me I am NOT crazy.

        Keep up the good work. You help so many, as I share what you say and it helps craft my replies and discussions and gives me language I may not have had, even though I did have the position. So thank you.

        With much respect,

  2. Thank you for quickly setting the record straight and clarifying. It’s not really an issue — does anyone really care what this illegitimate representative is doing or his nearly 60 other unethical comrades?


    I am trying to figure out whether the report that CNN did a story on who would become President if Trump is killed at the inauguration.

    Seems too outlandish a story idea. The video which lasts several minutes and features clips from Designated Survivor.

    Kind of in poor taste if it was not designed to incite some crazy out there.

      • I know about the series. What I saw was what appeared to be a CNN report suggesting something like that could happen and an Obama appointee would become President because none of Trump’s cabinet have been confirmed.

        I don’t trust much of anything anymore.

  4. The fault is entirely yours, Jack. You rely constantly on questionable sources, posters of questionable character and far too many blog sites that are 100% meaningless. But hope is here, Jack! I present to you the most top of the line site out there. I believe in them.


  5. If I may combine a couple of points….

    1. Thanks for showing how to do it right – to acknowledge a mistake quickly and cleanly.

    2. This was not a case of fake news, but of mistaken journalism. A fake news author would not have apologized, or taken it down in the first place. Your intent was not to confuse; a fake news author intends just the opposite.

    This is a great example of what fake news ISN’T. It was just a mistake – quickly and cleanly taken care of.

    • But you see, it was still false. It was linked. It was passed along on Facebook. It misrepresented fact, and it falsely characterized Lewis. When I realized it (away from the office), I gunned my car and ran to the house…but it was still up for hours, doing harm. Motive doesn’t change the result: misinformation of the public. And while you know my motives, with most journalist, they are not always so clear.

      • Then I humbly submit we need a new word. It should be a word we use to describe the phenomenon reported on the front page of the NYT yesterday,

        I’ll call it BXTMFLPX for now.

        In the case reported on, the BXTMFLPX is characterized by a willful intent to mislead; a knowing creation of fraudulent information; and a complete absence of traditional journalistic experience.

        This description also fits the infamous Albanian teenagers; it also fits the creation of disinformation by governments operating against each other.

        Your case doesn’t fit any of those. However, it fits everything about Cameron Harris and the Albanians, and probably a good KGB hacker as well.

        I submit that it is very useful to have a term like BXTMFLPX to distinguish what you did from what they did.

        I might suggest a slightly more pronounceable word for it – oh, say, “fake news.” But hey a rose by any name…

        • You should quit trumpeting your silly line. No one denies there is a difference between shoddy journalism and fake news. You just fail to recognize that the media’s undeniable bias and intentional skewing of reporting along with an uncomfortable number of obviously incorrect news clicks Occam’s Razor to override Hanlon’s and push erudite people to realize that the MSM behaves like fake news guys.

          If not, then you have to acknowledge that the volume of their “mistakes” means they are horribly incompetent.

          This is still as easy as it was about a dozen and a half posts back when you ran this line of argument.

  6. Well, Mark Burnett is going to the Inauguration — so far. Variety said so! But they color the piece to display a dim view of the connection between Trump and his long time producer (which precedes the reality star’s political career) . . . and the story is couched in disapproving terms, interrupted by ads for anti-Inaugural activity. We could — if we wanted to — call “inverted news” that which sneakily counters what it is saying without saying it … conveniently, so it can’t be quoted as saying anything favorable. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/mark-burnett-donald-trump-1201963228/#respond

    • CLARIFICATION: All’s forgiven for whatever YOU, Jack, might be culpable for in this matter. Now, distrusting Lewis more than ever. The asshole.

  7. How disappointing, I thought Rep. Lewis had found his big boy pants and put them on.

    Though now, I want to be like Jack when I grow up.

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