From The “Illiteracy And Incompetence Are Unethical” Files: Moby Dick Restaurant Loses Its Lease


I love this story! Just when I was despairing over the widespead ignorance in the U.S., Canada steps up.

In Vancouver, Mengfa International owns  a commercial building, and in May 2015,  agreed to lease it to Moby Dick Restaurant, a fish-and-chip franchise. The building council won’t allow it, though. They feel that the restaurant’s name is offensive, and its offensive sign would lower property values.

Asks Drew Curtis’s Fark: “What’s so offensive about “Moby”?

This is a Niggardly Principle classic.

Mengfa is suing.

41 thoughts on “From The “Illiteracy And Incompetence Are Unethical” Files: Moby Dick Restaurant Loses Its Lease

  1. I feel sorry for all the men named Dick and those with the last name Dick or Dickey. They join the ranks of sad women named Gay and people with the last name Gay.
    It’s a hard world to get a break in, all the good names have been taken.

  2. Can you imagine what Christ must be thinking? “What… I hung on a cross for you and all you do is to try to think of semi-clever ways to make “Dick”, “Peter”, “Wood” “Bend Dover” and “Johnson” jokes?!. Oh, well, at least you didn’t elect that —–.”

  3. Down here we have Dirty Dick’s Crab House and the spring breakers, those sober enough to remember to dress anyway, proudly wear their “I Got My Crabs At Dirty Dick’s” t-shirt. I guess opening a franchise in Vancouver is out of the question now.

  4. I guess that they don’t read a lot of Melville in Canada although it’s probably banned to teach the novel in many high schools in the USA for obvious reasons. A great novel and a good idea for that name of a seafood restaurant. But I guess some pc idiots are running Vancouver.

    • Ta, Wayne – you just gave me a great trivia question: What do Yugoslavia, East Germany, South Korea and Boston have in common?

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