Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month: Louisiana State Senator Troy Brown

troy-brownYet another ridiculous example of bizarre people with bizarre values being elected to office, calling into question  the competence of the voting public. The populace at issue in this case is Napoleonville, Louisiana, who elected Democrat Troy Brown as a State Senator.

Brown has pleaded no contest in two separate domestic violence cases in recent months. He beat up his girl friend, and later bit his wife. He also doesn’t live in the district he represents, but the Senate was preparing to expel him based on the fact that he is a serial domestic abuser.

Brown does not understand this at all.

“I think my actions warranted a punishment. I think my punishment should be commensurate with what occurred,” Brown said adding that the expulsion proceedings were the equivalent of “an execution.” His argument is that the two episodes of violence against women were only charged as misdemeanors, not felonies, and the legislative body’s rules specify removal for a felony conviction, but do not define other conduct that is ground for expulsion, other than “conduct unbecoming a Senator.”

And really now, is punching your mistress of ten years and biting your wife “conduct unbecoming a Senator”? Come on. Be reasonable.

After admitting in court to punching his girl friend, Brown blamed blackouts he experienced when drinking alcohol, a malady which he said was  brought on by brain damage sustained in a past car accident.


Well that’s OK then!

To paraphrase Dean Wormer in “Animal House”, “Drunk, violent and brain damaged is no way to be a State Senator, son.”

After Brown was arrested  last year for biting his wife and again pleaded no contest, he apologized  to his constituents for his behavior, announcing he had started taking anger management classes.

Ah! He’s angry, violent, drunk and brain damaged.

This guy has a grrrrrreat future in politics!

“I think I’ve apologized a thousand times,” Brown said about his wife and girlfriend. “I’ll continue to apologize a thousand times.” Well that’s nice. It still doesn’t change the fact that I’d rather have almost anyone representing me than someone like Troy Brown.

Seeing the writing on the wall, he has resigned.

In his ridiculous resignation letter, he blamed his colleagues and styled himself as a victim, writing in part,

“Yesterday, I like thousands of people, watched as our senators tore down the very fabric of our government, rejecting the most basic notion of being held to the laws of the Constitution we were all sworn to uphold, most important our fundamental due process.”

Sure Troy, whatever you say. I see that brain is still missing a few pistons. “Troy Brown’s resignation marks the end of an embarrassing chapter,” said Sen. Sharon Hewitt,  who had sponsored the resolution to expel Brown. “Through our expulsion resolution, we demonstrated Louisiana’s support for victims of domestic violence and raised the standards of what we expect from our political leaders.”

Raised the standards??? You mean that this idiot was ever within the standards for a legislature in Louisiana? I doubt that.

The question is how someone like him could have been nominated and elected, ever, anywhere. I suggest that the Louisiana Democratic Party look into the matter.

7 thoughts on “Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month: Louisiana State Senator Troy Brown

  1. This is Louisiana, man! Why should a conviction disqualify someone from public office? A short review of the state’s history will show you that it never has before.

  2. The cynical part of me wants to say that with the way he treats women, we’re looking at the next president of the United States. Then I remember that neither Obama nor W Bush are known to mistreat the women in their lives.

    So I’m going to instead go with, Christ, what an asshole.

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