KABOOM! Unethical Quote Of The Month, And Maybe Hypocrisy Of The Century: Nancy Pelosi

I’m stunned. I honestly did not think it was possible for  Nancy Pelosi to surprise me any more, as my expectations for her utterances are so low as to be subterranean. I certainly didn’t think she could make my head explode again. Pelosi accomplished the impossible, however, by including this astounding line in a letter to Paul Ryan regarding a GOP replacement for the Affordable Care Act. She actually wrote…

“The American people and Members have a right to know the full impact of this legislation before any vote in Committee or by the whole House.”


1. This is the same woman whose most famous quote, regarding the ACA, is “We have to pass the  bill so that you can find out what’s in it….” 

2. The law the Republicans want to replace with something the “American people and Members have a right to know the full impact of … before any vote in Committee or by the whole House” was one that almost no Democrats read before voting for it, so even they didn’t understand its “full impact.”

3. The ACA passed in this manner included a mandate that Pelosi and her party swore was not a tax but a penalty, and then when the law was challenged argued to the Supreme Court that it wasn’t a penalty, but a tax.

4. The President of the United States who signed the ACA materially misrepresented the impact of the law repeatedly by stating that it allowed Americans who wanted to keep their current health plans to do so.

How dare Nancy Pelosi make that demand? How astoundingly hypocritical, overflowing with gall, and immune to self-awareness can any human being be? This is like Bill Clinton lecturing Donald Trump about avoiding intimate relations with subordinates, but worse.

Of course she’s right, but Pelosi is the last person on earth, literally the last person, entitled to demand transparency regarding health care bills. How can she say something like this? Is she senile? Is she trying to look ridiculous? Is she so completely devoid of integrity that she can advocate the exact opposite of her own conduct and that of her party without a twinge of irony or shame? Does she believe that her followers are so blind, stupid an unable to hold a memory in their heads that they won’t see how offensive this is, coming from her?

Are they that blind and stupid?


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33 responses to “KABOOM! Unethical Quote Of The Month, And Maybe Hypocrisy Of The Century: Nancy Pelosi

  1. Yes, of course they are.

  2. John Billingsley

    Obviously she believes they are and unless a prominent Democrat comes forth and indicates otherwise I would have to say she is correct. I look forward to seeing someone try to explain this away.

  3. Steve-O-in-NJ

    Yup, the woman is going senile if she isn’t already there, just like most of the Democratic leadership who are also quite superannuated, just like that hag Ginsburg, and just like the supremely ugly Helen Thomas before her big mouth finally caught up to her. There needs to be either a mandatory retirement age or a mandatory annual mental competence screening test after a certain age to ensure government officials don’t embarrass themselves and endanger the nation by staying on when they are incompetent. Whether of not journalism applies such a standard or not is up to the individual institutions.

  4. Senility does not explain it. “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” was seven years ago and shows the exact same level of intellect and self-awareness. She is either an idiot or a brilliant troll of anybody who is not a left-wing partisan.

    • Steve-O-in-NJ

      Seven years ago she was a touch less out of it and knew the press would let her get away with a glib non-answer.

      • Other Bill

        I think it’s the addiction to Botox manifesting itself. Maybe it’s begun paralyzing brain cells rather than just facial muscles. Her face is now stuck in that constantly outraged expression all the time. She’s nothing but a propagandizing Harpy.

  5. Other Bill

    She’s just reading the daily talking points from whoever writes them for Debbie Wasserman Schultz. That Jonathan Gruber goofball was outraged that the Republicans are trying to “jam through” some healthcare legislation.


    They hypocrisy knows absolutely no limits. I can’t believe any media outlet would let that guy on the air. Today’s word is “brazen,” boys and girls. Can you spell “brazen?” Sure you can. (And just think, all these kid reporters writing this stuff down actually grew up on a steady diet of Fred Rogers. He must be spinning in his grave.)

    • Other Bill

      Their hypocrisy

      That might be worse than Pelosi’s statement.

      See, this is a real problem for me, because that objectively needs to be written about. But I have to constantly fight not to be so concentrated on this—“this” being the epic and frightening abandonment of all basic integrity, honesty and responsibility to the nation and democracy by Democrats, progressives and the media in response to Trump–that all the left-leaning readers are given the excuse they crave to dismiss Ethics Alarms as a political partisan blog. They are desperate to do this, because, as you can see from the tenor of comments by [six prominent examples here] they really are in pain, and desperate to avoid the truth staring them in the face.

      It is a great problem for me, because the near absolute rejection of ethics and democracy by so many Democrats is the most important ethics crisis in decades, maybe since Jim Crow. Yes. even more that electing a President like Donald Trump. The fact is that opposing a party that has jumped the ethics shark isn’t a partisan stance; it’s an objective one. But try explaining that to [ ].

      • By the way, you are two DNC chairs behind the times. Debbie, that idiot, is long gone.

        • Michael Ejercito

          Where is the loyal, principled opposition?

        • Other Bill

          Call me crazy but I think DWS is still a force in DNC messaging. Everything souds just the same as it did. I think she’s a Clinton operative and I think the Clinton cadre is still hard at work in the party. Ellison and Perez are pikers by comparison.

      • Other Bill

        Technical question: Is there supposed to be a link to [six prominent examples]?

        • No. I don’t want to call out individual readers, but I do find the recent silence deafening. And that can and will say that they are tired of the left-bashing here, but if they were properly dedicated to the alleged principles of liberalism, or if they could shake their denial.

          • Other Bill

            They’ll comment eventually with all the usual excuses, primary among them: “…TRUMP!…” They’re probably just busy getting their vegetable garden started if they live out west, or shoveling snow if they’re in the northeast.

          • Steve-O-in-NJ

            Why not call them out by name: usually rational but reliably liberal Spartan, dysentery of the mouth Charles Green, crackpot and unevenly rational V-girl, complete crackpot deery, and irredeemable hack, partisan jerk, and all-around asshole Chris, I dunno who number six is. Spartan and Charles you can usually engage with. The rest, forget it. There are times conversations just reach the point where there IS no point.

            • Steve-O-in-NJ

              Actually the last one is the other complete crackpot fattymoon. Deery is more partisan hack, he’s just more like an annoying itch, whereas Chris is that hard, painful, persistent pustule in the middle of your back that you can’t reach to put benzoyl peroxide on, that’s too hard to pop, too deep to lance, and too thick for a hot bath to do any good. You just have to hope it will go away on its own, but even after it occasionally breaks to discharge it’s stinky contents it always recurs.

              • Joe Gagliardi

                You tell em!

                Take your opposing viewpoints and never come back! Keep the echo chamber free!

                I actually love and respect this blog, so much so that I refresh it multiple times a day just to see what Jack has to say on almost any ethics issue going.

                That said, some of you guys/gals in the comments are absurd. While I totally agree that the post-election had been an ethics train wreck for the left and Jack’s point about how great a concern this is should be absolutely taken to heart by our liberal friends, I do think we may have slipped a bit into no longer having discussions with each other.

                I use this blog to help me see the forest for the trees. However, I can say that I am mildly disappointed that we haven’t addressed the unprecedented ethical questions that come from the sitting president accusing the last president of wiretapping him. Please don’t handwave me – this seems legitimately serious and dangerously divisive for the future of the nation.

                A White House source has come out and said that the president used Breitbart as his main source for this accusation.

                I am OK with accepting President Trumps speaking style and communications for what they are; anything else will lead to overreaction and madness. How can this particular outburst fit into that criteria, though?

                As for Nancy Pelosi, her hypocrisy literally knows no bounds. This is a case where being right is actually damaged by the person who is saying it.

                • Steve-O-in-NJ

                  Nope, there’s a point where each knows where the other stands, neither is going to move, so further discussion is pointless. At that point you need to either end the discussion or take it to the next step. Most wisely choose to end the discussion, because continuing it is just going to give you heartburn and higher blood pressure, and you ethically and realistically can’t take it to the next step of using a fist or a tire iron or a gun on the other guy and making your point that way, as much as you might like to.

                  There are just some conversations that reach their end and some that should never be had in the first place, like the back-and-forth between myself and a couple of classmates who hated each other that finally led the teacher to drop the hammer and tell us all to shut up or else, like a discussion of a departed co-worker who’d done wrong by some of us but was good friends with others, which almost led to a fight in the office, and like a discussion of Ireland that escalated to screaming and actual fisticuffs, where all of us involved only avoided jail time because we all knew people. I know these other people, and I’ve listened to their blather for years now. I know exactly what their positions are on everything, and none of us are changing them. Some I can just tolerate, but some of them, I won’t try to soften it, I despise and wish would disappear.

                  • dragin_dragon

                    As a general rule, I avoid responding to most of the six, as it would be pointless. To be honest, Val and I will sometimes discuss computers and Norse history, but little else. Sparten has some expertise in computer security, which I will discuss. Otherwise, I don’t respond to them.

    • We’re talking about things that have not been said; really?

      I agree that silence can be deafening at times, but we really don’t know why there is silence and making assumptions as to why there is silence is not good for anyone; I actually try to stay away from online discussions over the weekends, there is a life outside these threads and I intend living it.

      This little sub-thread certainly went in a direction that I wouldn’t have expected it to go, not on this blog. I’m a little disappointed.

  6. Other Bill

    You might consider a subsidiary blog on nothing but Democratic and Progressive and media lunacy. It’s all I can see any more. It’s so prevalent and so coordinated and so unhinged. And it only seems to be gaining in intensity. Weird. It should be dissipating but instead it’s getting more virulent. Not that you have time.

    • Other Bill

      In any event, this stuff really does need to be covered and you’re one of the only shows in town.

      • Other Bill

        Maybe it’s not unprecedented. Here’s LBJ via Mike Huckabee’s daughter:

        Speaking to George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America,” she pulled out a version of an old line from President Lyndon Johnson: “If the president walked across the Potomac, the media would be reporting that he could not swim.”

        Man, have we ever been seeing that in spades since early November.

  7. It never ceases to amaze me just how hypocritical the pompous intellectual leadership of the political left can be. Pelosi has always been, and will always be, a pompous hypocritical political hack, and this is what the political left chooses as leaders over and over again.

    Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of “the ends justifies the means“.

    I’ve heard it said that Liberalism is a mental disorder; there are some days that Liberals go out of their way to give credence to that smear.

  8. E2 (nee Elizabeth I)

    This is the arrogance — which amazingly still remains — among the Hillary-ite Democrats. It also proves, unequivocally — how stupid they think most Americans are. We shouldn’t remember her comments from 7 years ago? We shouldn’t recall how Obama’s health care bill was pushed through with no one reading it, and with disastrous results? It’s more than hypocrisy or incipient dementia — it is the unstoppable arrogance of the liberal left — even though they got spit in the eye by Trump voters for that very reason and still don’t see it. It will not stop.

    And Jack — call it as you see it. If your posts seem to be full of calling-out Democrat liars, it’s only because there’s so damn many of them. Not conservative — just the truth as it comes your way.

    • John Billingsley

      It appears they are operating on the principle that if the first lie didn’t have the intended effect, simply tell another one. Sooner or later those damn deplorable will get it.

  9. Jack asked, “Does she believe that her followers are so blind, stupid and unable to hold a memory in their heads that they won’t see how offensive this is, coming from her?”

    Here are my predictions that are based on past observations.

    The only thing the left sees as offensive it the opinions of the right.

    Pelosi doesn’t care about the intelligence of her followers as long as they are followers. Her constituency has proven time after time that will not care about this. Most of the media won’t care about this and won’t cover except for this next sentence. The left will portray this as the right trying to gin up an undeserved smear against Pelosi; they will use plenty of rationalizations to claim that the right is trying to attack the character of a great leader that has been doing great things for the American people and anyone that disagrees with that premise will be immediately demonized by the left and the media. In general; the political left won’t care about this.

    Jack asked, “Are they that blind and stupid?”

    It’s sheep following sheep.

    When your ideology is driven by Liberal critical thinking, and the ends justifies the means meme is obvioulsy considered acceptable doctrine of that ideology, being blind and stupid is completely irrelevant. Total dominance of politics is the only thing these idealogues will accept and I really don’t think they don’t care how they achieve that goal.

  10. Joe Gagliardi

    While I am staggered by the hypocrisy by the left here, if you strip that away, should we be looking past that in order to do what is best for the nation and the citizens?

    Similarly to how I feel about the nomination of extremely worthy Justice Gorsuch to the SCOTUS, I feel like doing the right thing is ethically correct in the end. Confirm the man, carefully review and discuss the health care reform – stop being assholes. Partisan hackery is everywhere and no more so than in the leadership of these parties.

  11. wyogranny

    “When your ideology is driven by Liberal critical thinking, and the ends justifies the means meme is obvioulsy considered acceptable doctrine of that ideology, being blind and stupid is completely irrelevant. Total dominance of politics is the only thing these idealogues will accept and I really don’t think they don’t care how they achieve that goal.”

    They should care. The fact of their blindness and stupidity is what will keep Trump in office and allow their opposition to achieve a completely opposite goal.
    Unless it gets to the point of civil war.

    • dragin_dragon

      Which is my big concern. We wouldn’t survive it, as a nation.

      • dragin_dragon wrote, “We wouldn’t survive it, as a nation.”

        I think you’re wrong.

        The Constitution is our glue, it will hold us together. That doesn’t mean there won’t be pain getting back to the point where the opposing forces realize that we are much better together than we are apart.

        • wyogranny

          I fervently hope and pray that you’re right. But, it doesn’t seem likely. I don’t see an Abraham Lincoln on the political horizon.

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