From The “Stop Making Me Defend Sean Spicer!” Files: No, There Was Nothing Wrong With The Former Trump Press Secretary Making A Gag Appearance On The Emmy Broadcast

Increasingly, the sheer unreasoning anti-Trump hate members of the media allow to scramble their judgment, common sense and brains is spewing out like Linda Blair’s vomited pea soup, leaving no question for anyone with a soupçon of honesty and fairness that these people cannot and should not be trusted.

The entire 2017 Emmy Awards Show was seasoned with relentless Trump Hate, but there was a moment that could have played in a less poisonous atmosphere as a rare uniting moment.

Ex-Trump press mouthpiece Sean Spicer  made a cameo appearance on the show, taking the podium and saying  that “this will be the largest audience to witness the Emmys, period — both in person and around the world.” He was obviously satirizing his ex-boss’s ridiculous but typical insistence that his inaugural crowd was larger than it obviously was, and his dutiful endorsing of that view, rather than saying what the news media wanted him to say, “What can I do? The President is an idiot.” The real Sean Spicer was also relevant to the broadcast because actress Melisssa McCarthy’s deft imitation of Spicer for the now all Trump hate all the time Saturday Night live helped nab it an Emmy nomination.

Spicer was a lousy, untrustworthy, bumbling and embarrassing press secretary. This, however, was someone making fun of himself on national television. In a less poisonous environment, citizens who believe an elected President deserve a minimal amount of respect—you know, good citizens—would have laughed at Spicer’s gag, and so would those who want to see an elected President removed before an election, because he’s not who they voted for—Democrats, in other words, or progressives, or totalitarians, or journalists…in this matter they are all the same. Laughter unites us.

But no. Here is former White House reporter for the Washington Post, Chris Cillizza, who moved over to a news organization that is really dedicated to getting Trump, on Spicer’s appearance. Since it is such an unethical outbreak of deranged bias, I’ll stop periodically and flag the worst parts.

Not only was the Spicer bit not funny, it shouldn’t have happened at all…

The Emmy audience laughed genuinely and hard, Chris. I’ve seen the video. Only dedicated Trump-haters would have gotten the joke—I wouldn’t have—because that example of the news media going bonkers over a non-substantive Jumbo by the President, denying what anyone could see with their own eyes,  was only seared into the brains of  those American who detest the man. It didn’t and doesn’t matter how big the crowd was, especially since many of the people in that Emmy crowd did everything they could to undermine the event. Anti-Trump journalists, like Cillizza, are obsessed with that particularly stupid Trump fantasy. Me, I was more bothered by the fact that the last President promised to be a President of all the people and to bring us closer together, and instead worked for eight years to divide the nation, leaving it more split over race, gender and ethnicity that it has been in decades. That does matter. Chris, among others, has never cared enough about that deception and betrayal to write about it. But a fired Trump press secretary joking at the Emmy Awards—now that’s an outrage!

I digress. The point is, Chris, by the definition of comedy, by how every comic and comedy writer judges what is funny, which is, “Does it make people laugh?” Spicer’s bit was funny. You didn’t think it was funny. (I don’t either.) But it was funny by definition.

That first lie of the Trump White House — and on such a dumb thing! — set the course of the administration.

KABOOM! How can a journalist say something this mind-meltingly untrue while complaining about someone else’s lies? Thaaat’s right, Chris, if Trump hadn’t insisted that he had a bigger crowd than he did on Inauguration Day, everything would have been different! NOTHING would have been different, you fool! The news media would have obsessed about some other dumb tweet or absurd hyperbole.

Spicer (and, of course, Trump) repeatedly misled or outright lied — and, even as they were doing it, tried to suggest that they were telling the truth and that the media was in the wrong. (They weren’t.)

They weren’t wrong that the media was lying as often or more than Trump was, that it was flagrantly biased, that it was running with anonymous leaks, rumors and half-truths, and pumping up non-stories like “Russian collusion” around the clock. Trump exaggerates, the news media hypes. The difference is that the journalism has an ethics code, and journalists aren’t telling the truth, then they aren’t practicing journalism. (Yes, Presidents lie. They are politicians. It’s just that journalists like Cillizza are only bothered by Republican lies, and hence the Republican press secretaries who cover for them.)

It’s telling that Cilllizza still plays the victim here. Trump fires James Comey, an employee he has every legal right to fire, one whom Democrats still accuse of incompetently flipping the election and one who admitted that he engaged in illegal leaks of classified information, and CNN assembled panel after panel stuffed with “experts” who told viewers that the firing was a crime. In light of such obvious hostility, unfairness and bias, Spicer was completely justified to tell the news media and CNN in particular that it had abused its privilege, and that its correspondents might be called on now after some conservative blogger.It is so obvious that Cillizza, good little hack that he is, feels that he needs to carry on CNN’s Holy War against Spicer. But journalists are not supposed to base their coverage on vendettas and grudges.

Why is that so important? (Aside from the fact that lying is bad, of course.) Because Spicer’s salary was paid for by taxpayers. Which means that by willfully subverting the facts — undoubtedly at the direct behest of Trump — he was lying to the people who paid his salary. That’s unacceptable. Yes, all White House press secretaries do what they can to shade the facts in their boss’s favor. It’s job security. But, none before Spicer has so thrown in his lot with the mistruths being spouted by a president.

Spicer was in the job a little more than half a year.  To suggest that he lied more than any of Obama’s press secretaries ( oh—they are “shading the facts,’ but Spicer lied) is so dishonest (or blind) that it’s amazing Cillizza wasn’t struck dead the moment he wrote it.  The worst of the Obama paid liars, #2, Jay Carney, repeatedly spread the lie that the attack on Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video.  Like Spicer, he also lied about trivial matters, but just as blatantly in defiance of the obvious. But here’s the funny part! After Jay Carney finally resigned, a paid liar whose lies were immortalized on video, he was hired by CNN! HIRED by a news organization that is supposed to be trustworthy, and CNN’s Cillizza is indignant that Sean Spicer gets to make a joke on TV about one of his lies! These people hate so much that their own double standards and hypocrisy don’t even register. Would Cillizza be writing this column if Carney or his successor Josh Earnest (who hilariously said “President Obama has been the most transparent president in American history,” a contention at least as ridiculous as Spicer’s backing up Trump’s crowd estimate) made a cameo at the Emmys? Of course not. Why not? Aren’t they all paid by by taxpayers? Didn’t the all lie their heads off when their boss whistled?

Sure, but lying for Trump is evil, don’t you see? Lying for Obama is being a loyal employee and a patriot.

Then, I guess to make even the little pieces of my brain explode after my head exploded with this hypocrisy, Cillizza commenced a lecture about how the the culture now rewards misconduct…

There’s zero question that Spicer’s Q rating soared after that Emmy’s appearance….He will be able to charge more in speaking fees now. He will command a higher salary at whatever his next job is. The second Spicer rolled that podium onto the Emmys stage, he won. What Spicer’s Emmy appearance proved is that in our culture, fame and infamy are indistinguishable. All that matters is that you are famous. How you got there doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter whether people are saying bad things or good things about you. It just matters that they are talking about you. That Spicer was so sought-after behind the scenes at the Emmys further proves the point. Spicer — mocked by “Saturday Night Live” and instantly recognizable walking down any street in the country — is now a member of the celebrity club…

You can read the rest; I can’t stand any more. My hypocrisy meter just exploded. This is CNN.  Where Don Lemon appears drunk on the air, and nobody cares. The network that employs Anderson Cooper, who giggled about calling the Tea Party “teabaggers,” Cooper being gay and all. (Have I ever thanked you, Anderson, for introducing me and other straight Americans to that wonderful image?), and his ex-pal, Kathy Griffin, who CNN employed for New Years ratings, knowing well the vile tenor of her comedy. CNN even gave a show to Eliot Spitzer, a celebrity because he was caught smuggling prostitutes across state line, after making his political career crusading against prostitution rings.  Cillizza’s employer hired Corey Lewandowski, the former Donald Trump campaign manager who was fired for roughing up a female reporter. And of course CNN hired Jay Carney.

I know this has been too long, but my God, how long do we have to bear this news media derangement? CNN’s reporter exemplifies why the news media is just playing to a partisan crowd now; it is not only incapable of ethical journalism, is doesn’t care about ethical journalism, and maybe no longer know what ethical journalism is. Yes, no doubt, Sean Spicer is a hack, but having him appear on the Emmys is nothing, and CNN shouldn’t dare to offer a peep of criticism.


Pointer: Neil Dorr



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7 responses to “From The “Stop Making Me Defend Sean Spicer!” Files: No, There Was Nothing Wrong With The Former Trump Press Secretary Making A Gag Appearance On The Emmy Broadcast

  1. Isaac

    “…our culture, fame and infamy are indistinguishable. All that matters is that you are famous. How you got there doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter whether people are saying bad things or good things about you. It just matters that they are talking about you.”

    Yet another innocent little raindrop claiming to not be responsible for the flood.

  2. I stopped watching those circle jerk award shows a long time ago.

    As soon as I saw the reports that Spicier was on the show I knew Hollywood has suckered him into being a political tool and the only reason I could figure out that he would have chosen to do it was to advance his post White House career.

    • “I stopped watching those circle jerk award shows a long time ago.”

      Shoot; there’s always paint to watch dry somewhere, am I right?

      “But it was funny by definition.”

      An unintended kneeslapper? Spicer, shall we say, overestimated an audience size yet again; the show nearly tied the record for low viewership.

      CNN? Even with Cooper, Spitzer, Lemon, Griffin, et al, it’s a piker when it comes to hiring scumbags.

      MSDNC (sic) affected a virtual stranglehold on that enviable distinction when they retained Reverend Al Sharpton.

      Even that’s dwarfed by President Obama making Sharpton his “go-to” guy on race relations; not unlike giving Jeffery Dahmer a cooking show…

  3. Steve-O-in-NJ

    In the meantime the bobbleheads keep saying Sean Spicer can’t be readmitted to polite society until he does a lot more atoning, starting with grand jury testimony against Trump.

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