Unethical …And Really, Really Dumb…Tweet Of The Month: Actor Seth Rogen

Maurice Switzer said (no, not Mark Twain or Abe Lincoln), “Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” This goes double, triple even, for celebrities in Twitter. The platform is a sinister cultural trap to expose the ignorance, stupidity, nastiness and bad judgment of famous people who have no idea just how foolish they are.

Hence the above jaw-dropping tweet by Seth Rogen, an occasionally amusing comic actor with dubious self-awareness. (He allowed himself to be cast as the Green Hornet, for example.)

Just how bad is the tweet? Let us count the ways:

1 A self-described liberal, Rogen does not appear to support the First Amendment, freedom of expression, or books. This means that he doesn’t know what liberalism is.

2. He is, in fact, a progressive.  Many progressives, famous ones, don’t believe in the First Amendment. It allows evil conservatives like Dinesh D’Sousa to engage in “hate speech,” that is, speech progressives don’t want anyone to hear.

3. Rogen and his pals often compare conservatives to Nazis. That’s OK, and selling books that make that comparison are fine, because Rogen and his pals think they are Nazis.

4. Amusingly, Nazis were noted for burning books. For Rogen to protest while suggesting that it is inappropriate to let people who choose to purchase the book is a remarkable hybrid of hypocrisy and ignorance.

5. Rogen hasn’t read the book, not that whatever the book argues would justify the case that it should not be sold.

D’Souza is a polemicist scholar, and writes to a conservative or open-minded audience only. His theme that the 21st century left is increasingly adopting the trappings and tactics of fascism is neither novel nor, I think, rebuttable,  in view of the increasing ideological indoctrination in our schools and colleges, the partisan news media, the determination to chill dissent and speech from conservatives, and the unethical and anti-democratic conduct of “the resistance,” the Antifa, and Black Lives Matter. There are good arguments to be made against the vilification of the Left by writers and pundits on the Right,  but Twitter isn’t the place to make them, and “don’t sell the book” is a fascist response, not an American, responsible or helpful one.

Rogen responded to attacks on his tweet by tweeting back,

“I’m not saying they ban him or imprison him or fire him from whatever his job is. Just surprised they sell his shit next to tubs of yogurt.”

Oh. What?

Why would anyone pay attention to what this guy has to say about serious topics?


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27 responses to “Unethical …And Really, Really Dumb…Tweet Of The Month: Actor Seth Rogen

  1. Rusty Rebar

    It is Seth Rogen, not Josh Rogen.

    I saw this reply to his tweet a few days ago, thought it was funny.

  2. Wayne

    I think Seth Rogen would be very happy to participate in the Nazi Book Burnings were he was alive in Germany in 1933. Incidently, the book burnings were organized by the German Students Union and which seems to be a forerunner of The Resistance.

    • Don’t they have publicists in Hollywood any more? My late friend, Bob McElwaine, was Danny Kaye’s publicist, and he didn’t let Kaye write or speak a word in public with his OK. For Danny was a bitter, mean and disturbed man, the opposite of his public image (unlike Seth, however, he was brilliant), so Bob’s job was to prevent the public from learning the truth. He did this for many other stars too. Don’t they have Bobs in Hollywood any more? Why not?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Ah, someone finally stealing the honor from the president I see.

  4. Chris

    1. Does supporting the First Amendment mean one can never question why a private corporation chooses to sell certain books? I don’t think expressing the opinion “You shouldn’t sell this” is anti-First Amendment. It is, however, destructive to the culture of free speech. Costco should sell whatever books the marketplace of ideas makes popular. Dinesh D’Souza’s books are, for some reason, popular among conservatives. D’Souza is a self-hating racist who couldn’t formulate a coherent argument if doing so was a requirement for his parole, but the obvious answer to Rogen’s question is “Because people will buy them.”

    2. Unfortunately many progressives do favor hate speech laws, which do violate the First Amendment. I didn’t see Rogen make such an argument here, but this is one of those cases where I do think a slippery slope exists. Telling a private corporation they shouldn’t sell objectionable books isn’t the same thing as proposing we outlaw them, but people who do the former often end up also proposing the latter.

    3. Yeah, I honestly can’t remember a time when it wasn’t unfortunately common for people on either side of the aisle to compare their political opponents to Nazis. And while there is a growing Nazi problem on the right, there is also a growing problem on the left of conflating all conservatives with Nazis. I’m not sure if Rogen has done that, but the fact that so many on the left do makes his critique ring hollow.

    4. My response here would be similar to my response to number 2. Rogen’s question isn’t equivalent to book-burning, but it’s a slippery slope.

    5. Correct.

    • I think Rogen’s question is res ipsa loquitur: if you support the First amendment, you don’t ask why a retailer that sells books, why it is selling a book because you don’t like the content.

      • I made a point before… Someone was talking about relative offensiveness… I think it was in relation to the NFL kneelers, and I said something to the tune of “A devout Muslim is no more likely to recite passages from the Koran in pig latin as they are to burn it, when you believe in something, you don’t offend it.”

        When you *really* believe in freedom of speech… you don’t question other people’s ability to speak, you don’t question people’s opportunities to speak, you speak too. You don’t like D’Souza? Fair enough. Write a book. Rebut his arguments. Contribute something other than a cry for censoriousness.

        • Look at the conservative speakers, even the head of the ACLU, being shouted down on campuses. Look at the claims that the white nationalists shouldn’t be able to hold a legal rally. Look at schools punishing students for T-shirts making any reference to guns or the 2nd Amendment. Etc, etc, etc, etc.

        • “When you *really* believe in freedom of speech… you don’t question other people’s ability to speak, you don’t question people’s opportunities to speak, you speak too. You don’t like D’Souza? Fair enough. Write a book. Rebut his arguments. Contribute something other than a cry for censoriousness.”


      • “if you support the First amendment, you don’t ask why a retailer that sells books, why it is selling a book because you don’t like the content.”


    • Wayne

      So Dinesh D’Souza is a “self-hating racist”. Well done Chris! You have succumbed to play the race card to invalidate D’Souza’s thesis. Have you even read the book? I doubt that you will bother doing so.

      • When the Left smears people they view as ideological turncoats, it is awesome watching them rush to arguments that require the removal of agency from individuals…

        “What????! That black person IS NOT thinking the way we mandate black people to think???? That woman is not voting the way we mandate women to vote???? They just hate themselves.”

        It’s an arrogant attitude.

      • Chris

        Yes, Dinesh D’Souza is a self-hating racist. Exhibit A:


        There are many, many more examples if you do not find this one sufficient.

    • “there is a growing Nazi problem on the right”

      No. There isn’t.

      They are just as irrelevant and miniscule as they were before.

      There IS a growing Nazi-coverage problem on the Left. But there’s a reason the left is disproportionately covering fringe movements that they can associate with the Right.

  5. Okay so Actor Seth Rogen is another irrational Social Justice Warrior from the world of imagination, Hollywood, that doesn’t understand reality; big, big surprise.

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