A Horrible Ethics Alarms Mash-Up! Cross The Wrongly Convicted Chicago Groundskeeper With The Deported Afghanistan War Veteran And What Do You Get?

You get poor Ricardo Rodriguez, who was just freed from 2o years of wrongful imprisonment for a murder he did not commit. Unlike fellow Windy City justice victim Nevest Coleman, also let out of a cage  this month after being wrongly convictedwhat the heck is going on in Chicago, anyway?—Rodriguez wasn’t given his old job back. No, he was immediately taken into custody by ICE following his release.

Oh, I almost forgot…



This is so bad it made my head explode.

Before he was sent to prison for a 1995 murder, Rodriguez was a lawful permanent resident of the US. His status was revoked when he was convicted of murder, and it is still revoked even though the murder charge was false. Now, finally out of prison after rotting away for a rime he didn’t commit, Rodriguez faces the deportation.

Rodriguez was brought to America as a child and his entire family is here.  “It would be a very big injustice for them to do that to not only my mother, but my family, who have tried so hard to prove his innocence all these years,” his sister said.

I’ll go even further than that. The United States owes Rodriguez. It’s a different kind of debt than what it owes Miguel Perez-Montes, the Army combat veteran we just deported after removing his legal status for a drug conviction, but it is still a debt. Our justice system stole two decades from him. He should be given full citizenship along with a lot of money and an apology.

6 thoughts on “A Horrible Ethics Alarms Mash-Up! Cross The Wrongly Convicted Chicago Groundskeeper With The Deported Afghanistan War Veteran And What Do You Get?

  1. If the apparent facts are accurate (who knows these days), an apology, a large sum of money, and citizenship are a good start. What is needed as well is pursuit and prosecution of those who have caused an innocent man to be imprisoned, including, apparently, a detective who obtained confessions through highly unethical means. It is not easy to determine who else may be culpable, but justice demands an honest effort to find them out and deal with them.

  2. Yeah, this is some F’ed up BS, no doubt. Hopefully a public outcry will help steer the big wigs towards a fair resolution.

  3. Well, we must enforce our laws. We can’t just ignore them. The law says that he is no longer a permanent resident, and the law apparently doesn’t allow him to regain that status immediately once it was revoked, even it was revoked wrongly.

    So let’s change the law.

  4. Agreed that he should receive grace instead of the letter of the law.

    I want to revoke the pensions of those who did this to him, but accountability is not allowed of those in authority these days, on either side of the aisle.

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