Ethics Observations On The Homeless Hero

Perhaps you have seen this video:

Apparently both the Brooklyn attacker and the man who took him down were homeless.


  • I thought the “knock-out game” was 1) over with and 2) an urban myth. This sure looks like the “game” to me.

I can’t find a single report that notes that, however.

  • I also can’t find the name of the man who tackled the assailant and held him until police arrived.

Why hasn’t such a good citizen been recognized?

  • Many of the headlines on this story are like CBS’s, which reads, “Homeless Good Samaritan Saves 2 Elderly Women Attacked By Homeless Man.” That’s fake news. Can’t these hacks get any story right? Watch the video. Yes, the man attacks the the attacker of the two women, but the bad homeless man was trying to leave. The damage to the women he punched was done. By no interpretation of that video can it be said that the “good Samaritan” saved  the victims. Indeed, he didn’t interact with them at all.

The video accompanies the headline, and yet the headline is still false!

Tell me again, ye Defenders of the News Media, why we are supposed to trust these irresponsible, undependable, incompetent hacks, much less respect them.

  • Would you do what the Good Samaritan did here? If not, why not?

6 thoughts on “Ethics Observations On The Homeless Hero

  1. Although he might not have “saved” them, it seems entirely appropriate to use the force that he used to detain this violent aggressor until the police arrive.

  2. Lots of angles for commenting –

    1) The “Knockout Game” would involve a 2nd person filming and the rule would be that you get “1 punch”. This guy pushed her head forcefully and then shoved her the rest of the way into the wall. Then he attacked a 2nd person. There really is no “correlation”.

    2) You’re right about the news media headlines. Appropriate, but maybe too wordy would be “Hero Homeless Man detains Homeless Attacker of Elderly Women” Perhaps: “Homeless Good Samaritan Detains Assailant”.

    3) It’s hard to say what I would do in this situation. I’d like to think I’d be involved in some way, but I’m not sure which of the following I would do:
    A) Commit a description of the assailant to memory and render aid to the victims, calling for help. (If I’m homeless, I probably don’t have a phone.)
    B) As seen on Video, yelling, causing a commotion to enlist others to render aid.
    C) Follow & Report (But again, if I’m homeless w/o a phone, how do I effectively get police to the right place? What if people begin to think that I was a part of it?)

    Given the guy’s circumstances, I think he maximized his utility. Kudos to him.

    • My approach would be mostly A, with ending the incident and scaring him off being the priority ovrr detention. FYI, many if not most homeless have government subsidized cellphones now.

  3. Knock out game exists, but the MSM does not like to report on it due to the races involved. Many time the assault is reported on, but not that it was a gang initiation, or black on white aggression.

    Google ‘knockout game’ and you will see reports with video, and a whole lot of progressive press trying to cover it up.

  4. It was nice of the CBS reporter to mention that the Good Samaterian had lost his mobile so that viewers have a ‘reason’ to reward him.

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