An Ethics Alarms Future News Special, A Looming Ethics Test…And A Poll

There has been a regrettable proliferation of the sub-category of fake news that I call “future news” since the news media fully embraced “the resistance” after the election of Donald Trump. Future news had stuck its camel’s nose into the tent of real news as journalists started reporting climate change predictions as facts rather than speculation. Now future news is standard fare, even in headlines. “Cohen Ready To Flip On Trump” was popular today. “North Korea May Not End All Nuclear Activity.” Of course, the Mueller investigation has created endless future news, and the mainstream media has worked over time to make the public think that the smoking gun that would impeach Trump was just about to be revealed.

I detest future news, and most of the time, it is unethical, a slimy way for journalists to use innuendo and speculation as a substitute for reality. See, news is what has happened or is happening. Future news increasingly is what reporters want to happen, which is generally “bad things involving Donald Trump.”

Just for giggles, though, let’s play the future news game. Here’s my headline:

Democrats May Fail To Take Over House, Lose Seats In Senate.

I’m not making any predictions, but if I were a Democratic partisan, I’d be worried.  Democratic leaders, rhetoric and conduct generally have been uniformly loathsome. #MeToo made some party icons and allies look like sleazes and hypocrites….which they were indeed. Donna Brazile turned whistle-blower. Hillary continues to be the worst loser in American Presidential history. Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment and a handicap. Somehow, the party has been maneuvered  into standing for open borders, abortion on demand, repealing the Second Amendment, restricting the First Amendment,  unisex bathrooms, and criminalizing politics.

This is not a promising platform. It might get worse, too, depending on how loud the growing number of socialists are. Meanwhile, though Democratic talking points insist the nation is in a dystopian state and on the verge of becoming the Third Reich, reality makes this narrative difficult to keep flogging without dissolving into laughter. The stock market, economic growth and employment are greatly improved. Public confidence is high. By luck or audacity, Trump achieved a shocking breakthrough with North Korea. Irresponsible though it was, the tax bill is increasingly popular. The greatest problem for the country right now is its ugly polarization, and it is difficult to blame Trump and his tweets alone when Democrats have acted just as offensively, or worse.

Let’s assume then, that this future news comes to pass, subjecting the Left to an ethics test.  Here is your poll: If that future news headline proves, prophetic…


62 thoughts on “An Ethics Alarms Future News Special, A Looming Ethics Test…And A Poll

  1. I had to pick one, but I was tempted to say all but #1, since the Democratic Party has proven increasingly unable to handle loss. DeBlahblah penned an editorial about going farther left after they got whupped in 2014, so it stands to reason they’d do the same now.

  2. I busted out laughing when I read these three choices, I couldn’t vote for them…

    • They will accept defeat with grace and honor.
    They have shown that they will never again accept defeat with grace and honor.

    • The Democratic Party will split into factions.
    Split into factions, hell no, they’ll use it as a cry to unite.

    • They will realize the error of their ways, and moderate their tactics.
    Their ways are not in error, their opposition is in error and they’ve provide proof positive that their next step in tactics is always more extreme than their last.

    This one didn’t make me laugh at all…

    • The Left will call for a revolution.

    I chose not to vote for this one even though I really believe that is exactly where they are headed. I guess I couldn’t vote for it because you said that they “will call for” meaning they will actually say the words that they want a revolution, meaning war, and I don’t think they’ve got the balls to openly say something like that, they’ll just continue to head that way and not do a damn thing to prevent it.

      • There is 131 votes now and still no votes for…

        • They will accept defeat with grace and honor.

        …and only one vote for…

        • They will realize the error of their ways, and moderate their tactics.

        Even though all surveys are flawed and the demographic that’s polled here is very limited, that particular kind of perception of the political lefts’ expected behavior really is a serious problem for Democrats.

        P.S. I would like to know the rationale behind the one vote for They will realize the error of their ways, and moderate their tactics, that in itself could be an interesting discussion.

          • Those people have chosen not to participate here any longer so I just don’t care what their opinions are and I won’t speculate what their opinions might be. They’ve made themselves irrelevant here and no longer have permission to occupy any relevant space in my thinking.

              • My guess is they would vote along the lines of “Democrats will continue to speak as they have since the election” and then go on long tortured rationalization-fests to explain that the way that they have conducted themselves is perfectly understandable and necessary given the situation.

              • It’s their choice to knowingly behave in a manner that gets them banned or suspended, there are commenting policies, therefore it’s my opinion that they have chosen not to participate here any longer.

              • I don’t think I remember Walt, that must be before my time. Fatty walked away, I dunno if you then booted him under the rule that says dramatic exits will get you removed. If you suspend someone and they refuse to then apologize, after a certain amount of time passes do they get banned?

        • That would be me. Perhaps a forlorn hope more than an expectation. However, it seems that at some point, at some level of continuing to lose elections, they would have to realize they needed to change if they wanted to get back on the winning path. Wouldn’t they?

          I’ve seen that happen to the both parties at different points in my lifetime. Surely it could happen again………right?

          • Diego,
            You’re thinking of a hope that is based on an “inevitable” conclusion that might seem logical but unfortunately we are not dealing with a segment of our population that is 1) thinking logically and 2) acting based on the same kind of hope.

            The predominant faction of wing-nuts that’s feeding the hive-minds of the political left has shown us by their words and actions that they will not accept defeat with grace and honor. The reasons they will not is 1) they can never accept defeat because they admire themself so much they believe that they are always right but more importantly they think that anyone who thinks differently than them is always wrong and 2) they don’t understand how to morally apply the concept of grace and honor to anything that they oppose.

            Narcissist: A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.

            Morals: Standards of behaviour; principles of right and wrong.

            Grace: Courteous. Good will.

            Honor: High respect. Great esteem.

            Diego, the patterns and tactics of the hive-minded political left are very clear, the precedence has been set, they are clearly more important than everyone else, they are right and everyone else is wrong, these is their ultimate hills to die on. They have grown their rhetorical ABC’s into a political art form. Their bible of rhetorical ABC’s are: Attack, Bastardize and Condemn.

            Attack: Attack the messenger and ignoring the message.
            Bastardize: Misrepresent or corrupt meanings of words or statements and attack that instead.
            Condemn: Demonize the opposition; evil must be destroyed.

            They are totally consumed, it’s cultish, they will never accept defeat with grace and honor.

    • I don’t think they will call for a revolution because they have to know they will loose. After all, isn’t it the right-wingers with the guns?

      • They don’t have to have a revolution in the traditional sense of the word.

        They only have to break the system.

        And they’ve been working on that for years….their revolution has been in effect for a while now.

    • ”Split into factions, hell no, they’ll use it as a cry to unite.” (bold mine)

      Still squinting from cataract surgery to both eyes, that first read: “use it to cry as a unit.”

      Which may not be outside of the realm of possibility.

    • The Left will call for a revolution.

      This made me chortle. When does the left not call for revolution? That is literally all they have.

  3. I think that the immediate reaction would be a return to terrorism. The “Resistance” has largely taken place on its own turf, with leftists employing tactics like street intimidation, statue takedowns, football protests, and sanctuary declarations in cities they control politically and feel safe. There’s only so much you can do in those places, though, because the interests of wealthy liberals and Marxist academics are wildly different from the interests of the other demographics in their coalition. Thus, though I think violence would arise after another electoral loss, I think that it will be stealthy and largely carried out by the college-educated. They’ll settle into the traditional terrorist test of success: as long as we’re still here we’ve won.

      • I’m not. If they have a problem with pride in being an American, that’s their problem, not mine. Liberal politicians have been trading on the things that divide us and opposing the things that unite us for over a decade. People have been encouraged to define themselves by their color, their gender, their bedroom activities, anything but their nationality. People have been encouraged to withhold their loyalty until this nation conforms to their vision of what it ought to be.

        More than a few people have encouraged the EU model of nations becoming almost passe’, although that doesn’t really work on a continent where there are only three major nations and one is far out ahead of the other two. Unfortunately we are now seeing what happens when that, combined with unfettered immigration, is allowed to go on for too long, as European nations begin to lose both (importantly) their national character and (more importantly) their ability to govern. It’s neither racist nor wrong to say that you want your nation to consist mainly of people with a shared history, language, and character whose first loyalty lies nowhere else.

        We’re not there yet, but we are farther down that path than we should be and farther than I’d like to be as we celebrate our nation’s founding. I thought we settled the question of whether one’s first loyalty should lie with the nation or one’s home state in 1865. I thought we settled the question of whether one is entitled to simply walk away from loyalty to this nation because of personal disagreement in 1980. I am no longer so sure. Granted, I might have contributed a little bit to some of this straining of loyalty when I dared Obama to take on GOP governors who were telling him no, you can’t settle refugees in my state, and questioned Obama’s own first loyalty. That said, now the entire left is encouraging officials from mayors on up to defy the Federal government because it now wants to stem the flow of new entries. I might have contributed a bit when I criticized Obama for not attending the funeral of a sitting Supreme Court justice and not sending representatives to the funerals of fallen police officers, when he had no problem sending representatives to the funerals of black thugs whose thuggish behavior got them killed. That said, now the entire left is baying for the impeachment of a president who hasn’t done anything impeachable, and encouraging ugly confrontations with public officials when they are not on duty. 10 years ago people would have laughed at the idea of calling for the out and out abolition of a federal agency or a state leaving the union. Now those ideas have gone mainstream on the left.

        I could say a lot more, but I think I’ve given enough examples. The main point is that, to the left, loyalty to anything except themselves is just another tool, to be used when it’s useful to them, put aside when it isn’t. Their only true loyalty is to themselves and their own power, since they know best. They’re quite eager to wield the power of government when it’s their people in control, and also quite eager to call those opposed racists, traitors, and worse. But let someone who isn’t left of center win an election, and suddenly those who stand up to and even defy that government are heroes and even saints. It should come as no surprise that these unprincipled, soul-dead power-grubbers wouldn’t be proud to be American now. To hell with them, I say, and to hell with those who won’t see them for what they are.

    • True, Rip. The problem is the Elite Establishment, of both parties. We have now also identified an intersection with career bureaucrats which we now identify as The Swamp.

  4. I had trouble choosing as I believe they will do some flavor of ALL but accept defeat and realize the error of their ways. Trouble is that I agree with many of their bulk of beliefs, but reluctantly some I don’t have become deal breakers. Worse, their behavior means they would utterly fail the kindergarten grade of ‘plays well with others.’ This resistance is far more frightening than a boorish president.
    Perhaps they should have moved to another country when they lost. They would learn that it’s not as pleasant on the other side of the fence as they imagine, and it would get them out of our hair.
    I had a friend who was living as an expate with a European spouse after mustering out, and the warts over there are not things the Left is even aware of.

    It used to be we laughed at Europe’s governmental paralysis… Now we’ve managed to copy it with ONLY two parties.

  5. I do believe there will be some factionalization; the so-called Democratic Socialists are making it hard for mainstream Democrats right now. The far leftists will riot in anger and frustration and some may call for a revolution.

    I do believe they will refuse to accept the results of the election and continue to attack the President and his administration, regardless.

  6. They feel abandoned and lost in the absence of moral leadership.

    People are more likely to turn towards fringe fanatics when they lose faith and confidence in traditional institutions.

  7. The survey is flawed without an option to choose multiple alternatives. The only things he will not do is recognize the errors of their ways, moderate and accept the outcome with the dignity the democratic process demands.

    • Question for Michael West or anyone,

      Knowing the contentious relationship between Trump and CNN; do you think CNN published this prediction trying to get Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett or did they publish it trying to use reverse psychology and get Trump to pick someone else so he could prove CNN wrong again?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

        • My first reaction to the article was to ask myself what purpose could CNN have for publishing this prediction other than trying to manipulate the choice made by the President of the United States?

          I suppose they could just be trying to gin up faux outrage against Trump as usual but or some reason this one seemed different to me.

          • Z, I haven’t checked into the qualifications’ of either of the supposed front-runners, but I’d guess the pretty lady is the more conservative of the two. Thus, CNN is against her. If CNN is against her, I’m for her.

  8. Democrats May Fail To Take Over House, Lose Seats In Senate.

    That is the most likely scenario, yes. I won’t cast a vote – no crystal ball – but I don’t think I’ll have to. We’ll see the results.

    Especially if the shenanigans about Immigration ‘losing’ the records of Naturalization of citizens in Tennessee plays out. Oh they’ll fix it – but until it’s fixed, they can’t confirm citizenship for the purposes of voter registration. Which ended today. Gosh, shucks.

    When the number of Democrat electors who have voted in previous elections, but through various pretexts find out they can’t vote now, reaches a critical number, then no good can come of it.

    Add that to an increase in the proportion of Democrat votes, despite the shenanigans, but a decrease in seats gained, and they will be as ticked off as Republicans would be in the same position ,(as they are in Maryland)..

    Make change through the ballot impossible, and we know what inevitably comes next.

  9. One reason that a fracturing of the DNC should have a higher possibility is because the DNC’s propaganda wing, the MSM, has been preaching about an inevitable split in the GOP for over a decade now.

    One rule of thumb that seems to be proven many more times than not is that if the Democrats are blaming the Republicans of a certain behavior or are claiming something will be the result of Republican conduct, that in reality, the Democrats are already engaging in that behavior OR are setting the stage for them to engage in that behavior.

    • But, we’ve seen time and again since 2000, evidence of an inevitable DNC break up and every election cycle they keep themselves together, mostly via a wild careen further Left.

      So that, really, should outrank the split up option.

  10. In theory, and according to history, the Democratic party should do pretty well in the 2018 mid-term elections. But, there may be a problem.

    Trump was an unlikely presidential candidate and an even more unlikely elected president. Trump, for all his flaws, bad grammar, and irritating mannerisms, has consistently foiled his critics and opponents, has consistently exceeded expectations, and has consistently out performed his poll numbers. And in spite of overwhelmingly negative media coverage, Trump’s approval numbers continue to rise. This is not to say that the Trump legacy will end one way or another, only that the old “rules” no longer apply to U.S. politics.

    It seems to me that on the morning of November 9th, 2016 the nation’s left leaning faction had a mental breakdown. “Everybody” knew: this was not supposed to happen! Since that time substantive policy work has been suspended and most of the political energy has been focused on destroying the “evil” Trump who has an uncanny skill to see through the nonsensical clutter and boil issues down into clever, simplistic, sometimes wrong-headed and always provocative sound bites. And, so far, his batting average is not so bad.

    Consequently the left seems to have been provoked to reveal in glaringly bright clarity some formerly disguised thinking favoring big government, higher taxes, open borders, expanded entitlements, more gun control, free/taxpayer funded college, guaranteed taxpayer funded government jobs, more government regulation and generally more central government control over our everyday lives. This is not such a great platform for the mid-terms… especially when Trump provokes the left to become so strident and transparent.

    In November 2018, expect that the Democrats will lose a few seats in the Senate and pick up a few seats in the House. No “Blue Tsunami”… and maybe not even a “Blue Wave.”

    And the next morning after the election, expect the left to keep doing what didn’t work in 2016 and 2018, only louder and more strident. On to 2020! Viva la resistance!

  11. ‘Claiming the election was rigged’ is already happening. (Sigh) Good luck, America…you’re going to need it.

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