Saturday Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 8/4/18: Baseball And Bisons And Jerks, Oh My!

Good Morning, Fenway!

Going to make sure the Sox beat the Yankees again today?

1. Nice. The Democratic National Committee declined to play the Republican National Committee in their annual softball game this year.

You know, I now actively search for examples of Republicans behaving like divisive, snotty assholes, because I’m really sick of being accused of favoring that hollowed out, irresponsible. principle-free party. But when it comes to demonizing the opposition and bottom-of-the-barrel civility, the Democrats always seem to lap the field. Of course, this latest insult is pure virtue-signaling to the “resistance” base. Where a responsible party would be trying to lead its members and followers in the direction of comity and respectful disagreement, the DNC is taking a stand in favor of ideological apartheid.

2. This is great: I get to criticize the New York Yankees! Do say a little prayer, or something, for poor Chance Adams, the New York Yankee farmhand summoned to pitch today’s game against the Boston Red Sox with the Yankee season on the line.

The Yankees have the second best record in baseball, but also have the misfortune to play in the same division as the team with the best record, the Boston Red Sox. If the Yanks finish second, their play-off, and thus World Series chances, will rest on a single game between them and the other  American League Wild Card team, who will almost certianly have a better starting pitcher on the mound. New York has lost the first two games of a four game series in Boston, dropping them from 5 and a half games behind the Sox (not too bad, with 50 games to go) to 7 and a half games ( scary, when chasing a team with a current winning percentage of just under .700). If the team falls 8 and a half games behind, especially with its best player injured, gargantuan slugger Aaron Judge, that one game crap shoot will become the most likely scenario.

Thanks to some bad luck and some miserable management of the pitching staff, the assignment of navigating the Good Ship Yankee away from the shoals of ignominious defeat has been shifted to the shoulders of Adams, who 1) has never pitched in a major league game before, 2) will be facing the top offense in baseball, 3) in front of the famously rabid Fenway Park faithful, and 4) isn’t all that good. This is profoundly unfair. It almost seems as if Yankee management wants to use the rookie as an excuse for failure.

Meanwhile, he will become an infamous answer to a trivia question, like ill-fated Booby Sprowl, a Boston rookie pitcher who was thrust into a similar crisis by Boston manager Don Zimmer when the position of the two teams was reversed in 1978. Like Zimmer, Yankee manager Aaron Boone had other options that didn’t involve over-burdening a green young athlete of uncertain skills. For example, he could resort to a “bullpen game,” like the Tampa Bay Rays have been doing, with surprising success, all season. After all, the Yankees have the best and deepest bullpen in the universe.

Of course, baseball being baseball, anything can happen. Maybe Chance Adams will shock the baseball word with a pitching gem, and become a Yankee legend. Stranger things have happened. That, however, will be pure moral luck, and will not change the fact that Adams should not be put in this position.

Now what I really want to know is whether Chance was named after John Wayne’s character in one of my favorite Westerns. “Rio Bravo”…

3. How does some one grow up to be this big a jerk? Raymond Reinke, 55, of Pendleton, Oregon, is wanted by authorities for taunting a bison bull in Yellowstone National Park on July 31. Naturally, someone recorded it and posted the video on social media.

Apparently the same guy had been previously arrested twice in other National Parks during his family’s current back-to-nature vacation.

4. Trump’s Tweets. Today’s really stupid Trump Tweet was sparked by CNN’s Don Lemon interview of NBA superstar LeBron James, during which James told Lemon that he believes the President is using sports to divide people, while James believes sports has “always been something that brings someone together.”  Trump then tweeted,

“Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!”

Such a tweet accomplishes nothing except to set off the social media mob, diminish the office of the President, make Trump look petty (he is petty), and give “the resistance” ammunition to claim that he’s a racist, since both Lemon and James are black, despite the fact that it is undeniable that the President would send the same tweet if James were Chinese and Lemon were Irish.

It doesn’t matter that Lemon is at least one of the dumbest people on television, though well behind Sean Hannity and Lemon’s CNN colleague Chris Cuomo in that category. It doesn’t matter that James’ comment accuses the President of using sports to divide the country while he, a basketball star, is using sports to divide the country.  Trump’s tweet is unpresidential, self-destructive and foolish.

(“Mike” is Michael Jordan.)

5. Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias...Read this Washington Post rationalization for the New York Times hiring racist, anti-male, anti-white Sarah Jeong to join its editorial staff, and see if you can keep your head from exploding. Can leftist spin get more dishonest than this? The authors refer to Jeong  writing “sarcastically” on Twitter about whites. Hmmm. Would the Post, or anybody, dismiss a comment like “Dumbass, fucking BLACK people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants” as mere sarcasm? How about “BLACK WOMEN are fucking bullshit,” to do some race and gender substitution in yet another brilliantly witty “sarcastic” Jeong tweet.

Then there’s this trick:

“At right-leaning outlets such as Fox News, the Daily Caller, the Gateway Pundit, Breitbart and Infowars, Jeong’s tweets were skewered as “racist,” “offensive” and “anti-white.”

Welcome to the Cognitive Dissonance Games! The Post chose progressive beta noire Fox News, the slimy Gateway Pundit, slimier fake news right wing site Breitbart, and slimiest of all fake news right wing  site Infowars to make the legitimate complaints about the Times endorsing a shameless racist look like they came from the loony bin. No mention of The Federalist, New York Magazine and Andrew Sullivan, or me.

Because, you see, Jeong’s tweets are racist, offensive” and anti-white.

And the Post’s attempts to claim otherwise is called “misleading readers,” or lying.


29 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 8/4/18: Baseball And Bisons And Jerks, Oh My!

  1. No.1. From the story in the Washington Examiner: The source [at the RNC] said that the DNC informed them [the RNC] that “all our players are out in the field this year,” which is why they wouldn’t be able to play.

    Out in which field? Center? Left? Are they usually in the dugout? Oh, I guess they’re all out working hard for America’s working families. That field. The metaphorical field in which they toil endlessly. At least it’s not a simile.

    But seriously, they didn’t have the guts to honestly explain why they weren’t going to play?

  2. 1 DNC — The Democrats have become the party of hate. They hate white people, any non-socialist non-SJW, anyone who voted for Trump, and anyone who did not vote for Hillary.

    Basically half the country. Maybe it will work out for them, but it won’t work out for America.

    Republicans are better in one way — they hate fewer people, and are willing to at least feign tolerance, something the Democrats are proudly refusing to do. You could say the Dems are more honest in their hate than the Republicans. I wonder if that can in any way be seen as a positive?

    3 Jerk — 55 years old, and he has not a whit of wisdom. That’s a long time to wait, and maybe he won’t acquire any before his demise. I have my doubts, based on the video. It would’ve been just if the buffalo had gored him, but I can’t bring myself to wish harm on even him.

    4 Trump’s tweets — Every time he does something like this, it makes me glad I didn’t vote for him. No matter how much I approve of some of his policies, he is personally a douchenozzle of galactic proportions.

    Even though LeBron’s using his celebrity in an unethical way, I take no pleasure from anyone in the office of president punching down like that. It’s revolting, and makes me want to slap him in the phiz and tell him to snap out of it. I’m sure Cher would approve.

    5 Mainstream Media bias — Sarcasm and race is only for leftist non-white Democrats. This is the new rule, and you will be made to like it.

    I hope Jeong does well in her new gig, but I suspect she’ll slip up and generate more evidence of her racial bias. People like her seem to be unable to put a sock in their tweets. What will happen after, and the next time a conservative journalist has a controversial tweet unearthed, will be instructive.

    Of course, it could be that no more conservative journalists will every be hired by the likes of the Times, WaPo, et. al. That would be the easy way to avoid facing this problem, and I honestly suspect that’s what we’ll see. At some point, these left-leaning publications are going to eschew any association with wrongthinkers. It’s just the path of least resistance.

    This is art and parcel with the DNC enforced death of the DNC-RNC softball game. Wrongthink can no longer be tolerated, ever.

    • Minor quibble on no. 4, Glenn: Who’s punching down on whom? In our celebrity and jock addled culture, who’s a bigger deal, LeBron James or the current President of the United States? Who has more gravitas? What percentage of population would say LeBron James is a bigger deal than Trump? Trump’s just the president. LeBron James is a really highly compensated basketball player. And he used to live in South Beach (Miami, actually, but to the sports media, all of Dade County is now South Beach [a district in the City of Miami Beach which is across the Biscayne Bay from the City of Miami and the arena in which the Heat play]) and now he’s playing for the Lakers in LA. Who’d you rather be? LeBron James or the President of the United States? It’s like saying Trump could punch down to any of the Kardashians.

      • For me, the presidency is the pinnacle, and the occupier of that office is always punching down against private US citizens, regardless of popularity.

        That’s my opinion. Your point is not trivial, but on balance, the power of the office of president has no equal, or even close comparison, in the USA. I don’t mind Trump whacking other politicians, but he should not be attacking private citizens, even superstars like James. YMMV.

          • Granted, however, perhaps things have gotten so out of whack with everyone feeling entitled to take really vicious swipes at a sitting president with complete and utter impunity (or with cheers?) that this president hitting back is appealing to voters and a way to restore some equanimity? I’m not sure people like anyone being a punching bag or having to fight with both hands tied behind his back. It’s not a good situation. Maybe it will stop when Trump gets re-elected in 2020? Beats me.

            • OB
              At a visceral level I agree with you. The rational me says I wish he would ignore what these actors, athletes, or pundits say because it weakens him.

              Growing up I was a heavy kid and subject to tremendous verbal abuse from other kids. Invariably the other kids were smaller and when I lashed out because I had had enough hurt feelings the adults BLAMED me because I was bigger than my tormentors. The Lebron James’ Michelle Wolfes’ or Don Lemmons of this world probaby grew up as tormentors and learned how to pretend to be victims.
              Fortunately they are merely gnats on a bugs ass whose opinions have as much value.

              • But Jesus H. Christ, they’re annoying because they act as if they are superior, among other reasons. And I think you’re right about the visceralness involved. I really think the voting public is paying attention. Are they going to vote for Trump or whomever Kathy Griffin or Alec Baldwin or Steph Curry tells them they should vote for? I know who I’m placing my bet on.

                • OB
                  I would not bet against you.

                  They are definitely annoying as hell.

                  Trump should get a writer to help him fend off the attacks more eloquently.

            • Well, look, people took swipes at Bush. Also at Obama. And Clinton. What’s really unusual here is that the media is cheering on anyone willing to take a swat at the president, and putting them front and center if they have any celebrity at all in hopes of damaging his presidency.

              But the president is still the president, no matter how unfair or unethical everyone else is. It’s his duty to take that abuse. He can find plenty of targets to serve as proxy’s for LeBron, and others.

              The one thing that bugs me, and this goes to your point, is that the Left is using people like this for the express purpose of assailing the president, like they did during the Bush administration. Bush failed to punch back at any of them, and the result was very unfortunate. Trump should choose more general targets, though, not personal ones.

              Trump seems determined not to let Bush happen, but he’s trying too hard. Let LeBron and the other sports and entertainment idiots take their shots. He’s right to take on the Left generally, and Democrat politicians and their proxies particularly. But leave the private citizens alone.

  3. 3- Fuckin’ idiot! Anyone that thinks this is how one makes lasting memories, (apparently Reinke does, and but for the luck of the draw it might just have been his last memory) all I can say is watch this:

    5- Had some career Righty done this, not only would they have been summarily flayed & quartered, they, and their families, would have to be placed in protective custody.

    • Peta would be marching in black hoods around his home, muttering the aging spell from the movie Warlock:

      Tout, Tout, through and about
      your callow life in dismay.
      Rentum, Osculum, Tormentum
      a decade twice over a day.

  4. We should simply ask the WAPO if they consider all of Trump’s tweets simply sarcastic responses to the Resistance’ daily harrassment.

    No I don’t think Trump should have made the referenced tweet but as long as Americans repond positvely to attacks on the opposition irrespective of side people will see his responses as either terrible or a sign that he will not simply roll over and take it. Many see him willing to challenge what they consider attacks not on Trump but on themselves. LeBron James may do wonderful things on and off the court and he is entitled to his opinions but who does Lemmon bring on to rebut James’ claims. No one. This is how gangs work not journalists.

    • We should simply ask the WAPO if they consider all of Trump’s tweets simply sarcastic responses to the Resistance’ daily harrassment.

      Hah! Indeed.

      Or even better, the New York Times.

  5. If we use the progressive definition of racism that would mean both men and women that control the levers of power in DC, state and local governments CEO’s including those of GM, IBM and Pepsico are racists. Therefore if having the power to oppress is the basis for such claims then only legislators and people with vast wealth can be racist. Consequently, none of those in Charlottesville, or Skokie can be called racist as they have little power over anyone either financially or politically.
    Moreover, given that women control 60% of the wealth in the U.S. they must be adrophobes as well.

    I challenge Ms. Jeong to adjust her definition of racism and who can be a bigot.

    • Nope. Because you’re thinking about individuals. You have to think about groups but not just groups, their historical standings as well. That’s why some rodeo clown in the middle of nowhere wearing an Obama mask is a a racist oppressing arguably the most powerful man in the world(at least nuclear weapon-wise) because his father happens to be a Kenyan.

      • I know your response is tongue in cheek. If not:
        You can’t have it both ways. The groups are the wealthy and the leadership irrespective of race or gender because by their definition racism can only be ascribed to those with power and control. One cannot define historical standing for a global definition of racism. If we are to define it as such Hispanics are racists for killing, raping and enslaving the Mayan and Aztek people. The Commanche and other tribes took slaves from other tribes – (ever wonder what happened to the prehistoric Mound peoples of the Ozarks) as did various African nations enslave members of other nations. What of the history of the Moorish people, the Hebrews, or the Chinese at the hands of the Japanese? If all these subgroups that might claim racism are lumped together they are theoretically oppressing persons of white European descent today by pushing legislation giving them preferential protections because of claims that whites are solely responsible for the current issues facing them. Intersectionality by definition creates the power to change social, economic and political dynamics, ergo they are the oppressors.

  6. What the Washington Post and others defending Jeong are doing, at this point, is just straight-up gaslighting. It’s not even “Orwellian” it’s fully realized Orwell.

    “Don’t believe your own eyes, reality, or reason. Believe us. Otherwise you just have a ‘skewed, right-wing’ perspective.”

    Oh and FYI, it turns out that Jeong hates police, all of them, as an institution, just as much. Is she going to claim that police were also invisibly harassing her on Twitter, and she was just “counter-trolling?”

  7. 1. “He serves his party best who serves his country best” ~ Rutherford B. Hayes. I was just at his Presidential Library on vacation.

    Maybe the DNC is using the same playbook as Lebron (and the various football players) about using sports to divide people

    • It seems to me that everybody is using sports to divide people. Trump uses the NFL, LeBron and the NFL players hunt every camera they can find to take shots at Trump. It’s all a mess, and both parties and the individuals tied to them are blameworthy.

      The press most of all, though. They camp out trying to get sound bytes and quotes from celebrities knowing Trump is going to punch down and make himself look bad. It’s a game for them, and an evil one.

  8. Blech to all of them. Trump idiotically feeds the outrage machine. The outrage machine and its media mouthpieces feed the idiotic resistance. And, as my adult daughter says regarding so many other comments and incidents,”People, what a bag of shit.”

  9. 2) Or perhaps the Yankees can be knocked out of the wild card altogether and leave that to the AL West. Surely as a Red Sox fan you couldn’t object to that?
    It is interesting to note that, as I write, there are 3 teams in the AL wild card race separated by 6 games in the loss column. In the NL there are 9 teams also separated by 6 games in the loss column. The situation will resolve itself over the next few weeks, but it is another indication that MLB somehow really got it right in the current iteration of their playoff system. Just my opinion.

    4) And, of course, Trump is a racist because he is tweeting ‘I like Mike’, right?

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