“Would Fredo Get In A Twitter War With Omarosa?” And Other Musings As I Rush To Get To My CLE Seminar

….Just when I become convinced that my previous assessments of President Trump’s intelligence were insufficiently nuanced, he does something like exchanging juvenile tweets with the reality show monster he created, Omaraosa Manigualt.

….For the President of the United States to lower himself and his office to engage with her isn’t just punching down, it is punching waaaay down, like yelling at bacteria, and brings to mind George Bernard Shaw’s quote, “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” 

….Has the President never heard this quote? Does he know who George Bernard Shaw is?

….Would Fredo Corleone be so stupid as to get in a public pissing match with someone like this awful woman? I doubt it, and Fredo was brain-damaged. Not only is the President’s attention exactly what Omarosa wants, but she’s also black, so MSNBC will be citing that as more proof that Trump is a racist.

…Apparently John Kelly is dead, or perhaps tied up and locked in an oil drum. I can conceive of no other explanation for why he wouldn’t be able to explain to the President why this latest feud is idiotic and self-destructive, or, in the alternative, why he hasn’t resigned.


72 thoughts on ““Would Fredo Get In A Twitter War With Omarosa?” And Other Musings As I Rush To Get To My CLE Seminar

  1. Trump’s, among other things, a media guy. Set aside he’s the president for the time being. He’s a media guy. And in the media, whoever has the attention of consumers of media rules the roost. It’s a really level playing field upon which there is no such thing as punching up or punching down. It’s more akin to a WWE ring. Everybody’s equal and the winner is whoever gets the last, best word in. Again, he’s Andy Jackson. Forget the niceties of D.C. politics.

    When everybody’s out to get you, everyone looks like an enemy. With good reason. So much public discourse is conducted in the gutter these days, it’s kind of nice seeing a president who can go down into the gutter when he feels like it. Reminds me of the gods of Greek mythology consorting with mortals, usually with mixed results. I find it a little refreshing. And I’m pretty sure Trump is not the only person who doesn’t consider these sorts of fights a mistake or bad form. After all, this sort of behavior is what got him elected. He’s the president of a nation of assholes. Maybe we need a president who confronts assholes?

    • You’re comparing…. Trump…. To Greek mythology? And you know WWE is scripted, right?

      Right now I’m making fun of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on a near daily basis, because while I can respect the gumption it takes to run for public office, and while I can respect the genuine level of work she put into the campaign, her lack of basic knowledge is… Fucking disgusting. We aren’t even talking about “What’s Aleppo” here, she can barely count past ten without taking off her damned shoes. That isn’t “refreshing”. It’s “concerning”.

      Nothing in that tape warranted a response. Nothing. Omarosa was fired? Great. It was a mistake to hire her. Kelly fired her without Trump’s stamp of approval, or Trump lied to her about knowing about it in advance? Sloppy, but who cares? The level of insecurity it demonstrates that Trump thought it was necessary for him to say a damn thing is more concerning than the meat of the conversation.

      The potatoes are interesting though. Almost the minute Omarosa revealed that she had taped discussions that took place in the situation room, even some left of center outlets started reporting on how egregious that was. Trump has defenders when he does things that are good, or when he’s attacked undeservedly.

      Which kind of puts the lie to your statement, “When everybody’s out to get you, everyone looks like an enemy. With good reason.” Not everyone IS out to get him, he has ardent defenders, exhibit A, you…. Comparing him to Greek Gods (you aren’t living that one down). At some point he needs to take a step back and worry about…. you know… doing his job in a less chaotic manner…. Maybe secondarily worrying about maintaining majorities and being elected, and spend less time muckraking with C list celebrities. That’s what you’re for.

      • Humble,

        I completely agree with your assessment, but Other Bill is absolutely correct. Trump thrives on chaos. He said he did. He also understands the media and how to use it. After all, he took down the Clinton and Bush Election Machines in 2016, which is no small feat. For instance, his position on the NFL kneelers is pointless – in reality, who really cares what anybody does during the National Anthem? Yet, Trump understands why so many people are infuriated by a bunch of highly-paid and soon-to-be-if-not-already brain damaged athletes highjacking a sports event for some ill-conceived protest. Trump feeds on that animosity and uses it to his advantage. Those athletes, and the NFL, though, are thoroughly clueless. They are doubling down, kneeling down and raising their Resistance Fists at their own peril, and the feckless owners are caught in the middle.

        I do get Other Bill’s allusion to Greek mythology, too. Trump is just as flawed and narcissistic as all those gods.


        • The difference between the NFL protests and Omarosa is that people tied the protests to Patriotism, it was easy to tie those protests to patriotism because the protestors were, obvious to everyone but them, disrespecting American icons.

          Trump is not an American icon, his staffing practises aren’t American pastimes. The only thing that Omarosa’s inelegant take on her firing has in common with the NFL protests is Trump. The fact that you think that the two are reasonably conflated is part of the damage Trump is doing to your culture. When Democrats put Obama up on a pedestal and worshiped him as a hero, it was stupid. You’re literally using divine terms. That’s insane.

          • Isn’t “divinity” a Judeo Christian term and concept? The Greek gods were the antithesis Yaweh and God. I think Greek mythology is a very useful tool for understanding the behavior or the modern world. We are an essentially pagan culture. We worship wealth and people who generate and amass wealth. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim, all the Ruskie former KGB guys who stole Russia’s economy from the Russians, er, oligarchs. These guys are our modern day Titans. If you expect them to begin acting like mere mortals, you’ve got a long wait ahead of you.

            • Regardless of the mythology in play here… Your argument defeats itself. I *don’t* expect them to act like “mere mortals” (Although, if I follow your logic, you do.). I expect them to act like *exemplary* mortals. We ideally elect our best, brightest and most able to lead us, to inspire us. We knew in advance that there was a certain amount of damage that Trump’s election would do to the culture at large, and perhaps that damage is basically done…. But I’m not going to pretend that was a good thing, and I’m not going to pretend it’s a good practise to continue.

              • HT, I think I’ve just about concluded we deceive or delude ourselves in thinking we, as a modern society, have progressed all that much and “are better than that.” I don’t see human history as an ascending line. I think it’s more circular and Old Testament. We clean up our act for a while and then we fall back into worshiping false gods. The arc of history bending toward anything is absurd. Humans are not perfectible, they’re just human. Obama was considered inspirational and aspirational. Look how that turned out. In my book, he’s actually a pretty mean-spirited narcissist, cloaked in progressive righteousness. “Just ignore the man behind the curtain” at your peril.

                  • You said you expect our leaders to be exemplary. I’m just saying you might not want to hold your breath waiting for exemplary leaders. Wasn’t there an article out a while ago that posited that almost all CEOs are sociopaths? I think my point is that if we look to our leaders to be exemplary, we end up twisting ourselves into knots. We end up with moveon.org telling us Bill Clinton is exemplary. Our leaders are just human beings, probably more flawed than most given what it takes to succeed and climb to the top of the political hill. Exemplary leaders are a nice concept, but pretty darned rare. And by the way, I assume you’ve noticed that typically everything begins with the assumption that all Democrats are exemplary while all Republicans are despicable? Is that responsive?

                    • If you’re looking for saints, the Catholic church has binders of them. Personally, I’m pretty big on keeping church and state separate. Let’s not expect our leaders to be saints.

                    • That horse left the barn around the same time Bill Clinton did not have sex with that woman. Monica Lewinsky. (I love the way he made that clarification/specification. Hah.)

                    • The day Bill looked straight into the camera and pointed his finger at the American public, I got my lifetime avatar. The instant he said it, I KNEW somehow that he was lying and would pay the price for the hubris.

                      By the grace of God and a little blue dress, I was right.

          • TRUMP is not damaging the culture further; he is exploiting the fact that it was already badly damaged, and is using the damage to his advantage, most of the time. Other Bill is right – it’s already a nation of assholes. It takes a special asshole to prevail despite such. TRUMP is neither going to improve the culture nor worsen it, no matter what he does or doesn’t do.

            • Are we worried about the timeline? Because I agree that little of what Trump does *now* drastically changes America as a whole… But his campaign and presidency absolutely contributed to the decline in political discourse.

              I mean… You can argue that it was necessary for him to succeed…. And that might even be true. But Trump’s personal success and America’s success and civility aren’t necessarily even correlated. The idea that Trump needed to succeed to save America is a fallacy.

          • When Democrats put Obama up on a pedestal and worshiped him as a hero, it was stupid. You’re literally using divine terms. That’s insane.

            The Greek gods were cruel and vindictive. They meddled in mortal business, they slept around, they doled out arbitrary punishments against each other; they’d be justly punished on occasion. They’d banish, and smote, and sends plagues and droughts.


            Comparing Trump to the tragic and only occasionally heroic tales of Greek mythology seems pretty apt.

          • When Democrats put Obama up on a pedestal and worshiped him as a hero, it was stupid. You’re literally using divine terms. That’s insane.

            Do you have any evidence that Democrats put President Obama up on a pedestal and worshipped him as a hero?

            • Are you asking me if I have evidence that the Democrats sat Obama up on top of a literal pedestal and prostrated themselves before him? Because no, I don’t have pictures of that. Although the phenomenon of life sized cutouts of him decorating the offices of certain people, such as an editor of the Tampa Bay Times, for instance, came close. When you’re done being obtuse, the adults will be having a conversation, and I encourage you to join it.

        • And the Clintons were the ones who first reminded me of Greek mythology. They float above the mere morals of the world, having fun and pleasuring themselves. The rules don’t apply to Greek gods any more than they do to the Clintons. Trump inhabits the same world, real estate development and branding sector. The Clintons have crashed to the earth, falling out of the political grifting and then present and future influence peddling sectors, to wander aimlessly in the underworld. Bill’s been so reduced and hollowed out, I’m not even sure he can get laid anymore.Tough deal for a god.

      • “At some point he needs to take a step back and worry about…you know… doing his job in a less chaotic manner…”

        I believe we commenters have discussed the TRUMP tendency to thrive on chaos. He likely will not change his style, ever – and if creating and sustaining chaos is something he has decided works for him, he won’t change. Now that he’s been in office awhile…I’m not so sure anymore that his is such an unwise approach to the job. It’s counterintuitive, perhaps – but perhaps not. I don’t see any better ideas working, other than keeping a certain chaos-as-counter-chaos gurgling and sputtering, annoying and outraging the whole fucked-up zoo amidst all its swampy-corrupt muddling-through-and-kicking-the-can that, like it or not, is perhaps the single most “reliable” feature of the overall culture and process of “government.”

        I do agree with Jack that TRUMP should not mud-wrestle “Porcurosa.”

        • Probably the best argument in play, heavily reliant on the Julie principle, with subtle undertones of “it works”.

          I think it has a really short shelf life though. I think that this kind of thing fires up Trump’s base, and might even convince a couple of moderates to lean right…. But it turns off just as many moderates and REALLY fires up Trump’s opposition.

          Running into a midterm, presidents have the unenviable task of somehow firing up their base, while not doing anything to stir up their opponents, especially in this era of hate-voting. Trump’s task was different, because his opposition is in a perpetual state of near meltdown… Trump’s task was to fire up his own base while not alienating moderates. I suppose time will tell, but I see all this as amazingly counterproductive.

          • HT, I think paid political consultants, and their political science student and teacher progenitors are the root cause of the dysfunction that has crippled American government for most of my lifetime. I doubt Trump has a single paid political consultant on his staff. I think you’re trotting out conventional plitical wisdom. All I’m trying to say is perhaps the conventional wisdom is not always wise, sometimes it’s just conventional?

              • I’m sure it’s on his to do list. Once he finishes imprisoning all LGBT people and enslaving black people and turning the U.S. into Pittsburgh in the ’50s (or present day Beijing) and becoming president for life. He’s a busy guy, but I’m sure he’ll get around to it soon enough to please you.

            • I haven’t taken a single political science course in my life (True story: I wanted to in uni, but the course conflicted with stats, and I had to choose). My prediction is based on watching politics very closely for the last twenty or so years, and in that time, I’ve observed that the party in power tends to lose seats in the midterms after a presidential swap. Why? Probably because people tend to show up to vote for the presidency because they think that vote matters, but are generally disenfranchised outside of election cycles, and the people most likely to show up are the people who are pissed off… And take a swing at who that was during the Obama years, and who that is now.

              I’m not a political consultant, I just have the ability to reason. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Wait three months. Bookmark this, come back to it, and let me know whether I was right or not. Rub it in my face.

              • Agreed. That is the standard off year behavior. But here’s what I think is likely to happen: The Bernie bros and all the members of the resistance aren’t mid term off year voters. They’ll be too busy posting on snapchat to actually vote. Republicans vote in off years. They’re older. The people who voted Trump in have been paying attention. They may not speak to pollsters or even their neighbors because they get tons of grief for not vehemently condemning Trump relentlessly. They keep their mouths shut. But I think they’ll turn out in greater numbers than the Dems. Just a hunch. I think it will be a continuation of what we saw in 2016. A big FU to the political establishment and the left. We’re relying on the same pollsters who predicted HRC’s victory to tell us who is going to win this fall? Anyway, if I were a betting man, I’d bet on the Republicans gaining seats in both houses this fall. But I’m cheap. And of course you are correct, we’ll just have to see. Cheers.

  2. Trump is his own strongest advocate and worst enemy. You’d expect the former. The latter is an indication of less than mature judgement. He should know better than to consistently play with fire and expect to not get burned…ever. He clearly does not know or does not heed this knowledge.

    To be clear, I like the results of his administration, so far. The public distractions are just that or worse in terms of long term impacts as alluded to by Humble Talent.

    In short, he needs to learn and/or stop with the obnoxious and juvenile social media retaliating.

    • I just think you’re looking at it backwards, Jim. Why does he need to be “more presidential?” Did it work for either of the Bushes? Did it work for Mitt Romney? I’m just not sure you can disassociate the results from the methods? Certainly his methods put him in a position to get the results, right? Would a standard issue Republican have beaten the Clintons or done anything different than being a Lefty Lite once in office? I just think there are tons of reasons not to expect him to become “more presidential.”

      • Campaigns for an office and governing in office are seldom closely related in terms of successful behavior. A President representing all of us to the world should behave differently from a candidate seeking votes who is playing to specific constituencies.

        Is Trump an exception to statement one to date? You bet he is. Is he likely to be able to continue this and stay in office to complete his objectives? Not very.

        That said, it does not mean he has to stop being himself. He does, however, need to consider the fallout domestically from his less than mature behavior and its effect on our global credibility.

        His act is wearing thin, especially considering the energy required to successfully tackle the issues before us.

        • Personally, I say “fuck global credibility.” If the rest of the world doesn’t know what America stands for yet, fuck ’em. But we sure as hell could use better trade deals with the rest of the world, particularly China.

          • Expert on global trade are you now? Let’s hear some specifics about those better deals we need. Got numbers?

            If the rest of the world doesn’t know what America stands for yet, fuck ’em

            We used to stand as leader and friend to free people and people seeking freedom.

            Now, you summed up exactly what we stand or. Fuck ’em.

            And on that note, fuck you.

            • Wait, everyone here is an expert on every topic upon which they express an opinion? I may not be an expert on international trade, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. But here’s an article by Penny Pritzker, a global elitist gazillionaire heiress who was Secretary of Commerce for none other than Barack Obama his own self on relations with China: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-13/china-needs-to-understand-trump-s-not-alone

              A sample: In large part, China’s progress wouldn’t have been possible without the stable global economic order that the U.S. has underwritten and secured for the last 70 years. In that time, this system has limited conflict and led to the greatest increase in prosperity the world has ever seen. Without question, particularly over the last two decades, China has reaped the benefits of this rules-based order not just by competing aggressively but, it must be said, at times exploiting the existing system. That must change.

            • ”We used to stand as leader and friend to free people and people seeking freedom.”

              OUR children are too fat, or starving to death (depending on the narrative du jour), aren’t well-educated enough, don’t get adequate health care, won’t have the life expectancy/economic opportunities of their parents.

              Speaking of the the parents: they have wage stagnation, no savings, poor job prospects, are two days away from the dole themselves, the ones that aren’t already homeless will be by the end of the month, ad infinitum ad nauseum.

              And you want the U.S. to take on mucho mas more that will need services several orders of magnitude greater?

              I’m not a math/macro-economics guy, but I learned a looooong time ago that, harsh as it appears, picking up strays isn’t a viable long-term strategy, regardless of how deftly it ramps one’s Messiah Complex endorphins.

              How much longer do you believe the leader and friend to free people and people seeking freedom can afford to continue as:
              *the world’s free haberdasher,
              *the world’s free clinic,
              *the world’s free landlord,
              *the world’s free smorgasbord,
              *the world’s free babysitter,
              *the world’s free mental health provider,
              *the world’s free jobs training/placement provider
              *the world’s free educator,
              *the world’s free transportation service,
              *the world’s free police force,
              *the world’s free disaster relief repository, etc., etc., etc.?

              And to a world that hated us long before Hope-n-Change delivered us from evil?

              Welp, hated us riiiiiight up until their time of need, [intermission] and incuriously commenced hating us riiiiiiiight after their empty hat had something in it.

              Free (frē) adverb: At _The_Expense_Of_Others.

        • Trump gonna Trump, and we knew it was a snake when we picked it up.

          Many of the ‘Trump supporters’ (your humble slick included) were NOT voting for Trump. they were voting against the Elite, the establishment now know as the swamp, who were well on the way to destroying our country as we know it.

          We are no less motivated to vote after seeing how the Swamp reacted to our corrective electoral action the past two years. Indeed, Trump could vivisect a live puppy (hat tip Valky) on live television, and it would not change my vote this November. It is not about Trump: it is about a disruption to the plans of the Elites to remake this country to where common Americans are peons, powerless and controlled.

          More, not fewer, common Americans have come to the same conclusion I did: Trump pokes the elites in the eye, and they need more of the same.

        • His act may be wearing thin to some but I think he’s unparalleled among recent presidents in actually getting things done. It’s almost as if he’s doing an incredible amount of important things in his spare time. And he’s even got time to torture puppies on live TV!

          • But I do agree with you that a president doing what he said he’d do when he was campaigning is pretty darned rare. But is that a bad thing? Maybe, as Martha Stewart was so fond of saying, “It’s a good thing?”

          • OB, his act can wear thin as he is getting things done. No doubt.
            My point is he could get as much or more done by spending less energy and time on tweeting down to so many. If he focused on his ability to get things done instead of the wearing thin behaviors, we’d all be better off…including his deranged hyperventilating critics.

  3. Off-topic, perhaps: I want to see a Godfather re-make. With a plot that portrays a less cartoonishly weak Fredo. A Fredo with some actual savvy, more calculating, more muscularly sinister. A plot with a fiercer rivalry between Fredo, Sonny, and Michael, vying for succession to Don-hood. (My wishful thinking stems from being one of several brothers.)

      • Oh – I don’t identify with Fredo at all. I was only expressing frustration with a lack of rivalry among the Corleone brothers that has persisted amongst me and my brothers. Who’s weaker or stronger? The answer to that has never been clear – hence the ongoing rivalry. To one outside the family, though, it would be a mistake to consider any of us less than a force to be reckoned with.

          • What a strange, strange book that is. Even stranger than “The Idiot,” I don’t know. I have no idea what to make of Dostoyevsky. None whatsoever. Maybe it was just his epilepsy that fueled his fictive world. Or maybe Russia is just that crazy, but I really don’t think so.

    • In the original Puzo novel, Fredo is described as a legitimately tough guy, but someone who is lacking any personal force. He’s termed “dutiful,” not as a compliment. He was shipped off to Vegas because he fell to pieces after seeing his father gunned down.

      • Remember the scene in Godfather II where “poor little Fredo” as a toddler had pneumonia and Carmella Corleone burned a candle under a glass on his chest?


        I always thought that was foreshadowing his subsequent…um…issues.

  4. I suspect Trump is a trendsetter regarding presidents tweeting inappropriately. Call it a future version of the “everybody does it” rationalization. My guess is presidents from now until Twitter dies or changes form, will tweet in essence…crap (though likely Trump will be the “best” at it for some time) like most folks on there do. As my mom once said about Twitter “nobody needs to know everything you think.”

  5. “Would Fredo Get In A Twitter War With Omarosa?”

    I’m starting to think he might. He said he coveted “something in it for me…on my own” after all.

    I’d say he’d do it for all the wrong reasons, but would then feel compelled to explain what the right reasons, if any, would be.

    With The Donald, to allow oneself to be one-upped/not have the last word is to be both defeated with the brand being demeaned on top of it; something every fiber of his being resists.

    Fredo’d do it to get laid…or to feel important, which the former might bring about.

    • “With The Donald, to allow oneself to be one-upped/not have the last word is to be both defeated with the brand being demeaned on top of it; something every fiber of his being resists.” Cue the Vern Lundquist “Yes Sir!”

      It’s the grade school playground before the bell rings in the morning and everyone has to go in to class. The last smart aleck standing wins.

      • OB

        The real question is why the last smart alec standing wins.

        I am beginning to think that far too many of us look to find ways to disparage others rather than offer positive reinforcement.. Disparagement sells because it never requires people to think critically or take personal responsibility.

        One can easily see this when others use epithets to characterize the opposition and they successfully create a persona for their opponent based on the epithet.

        We brought all of this on ourselves.

        • Personally Chris, I’m not into collective guilt. Even as a seventh grader, I didn’t have any feeling or belief I had killed John F. Kennedy. It wasn’t you and me, it was apparently Lee Harvey Oswald. I think the newspapers and other media, now overtaken by social media and the internet, have fueled this cat fighting. But I think it’s nothing new. Watch “Citizen Kane” if you want to get an idea of how the newspapers have always worked. It’s yellow journalism and it’s always been with us but since Walter Cronkite, the media have been all dressed up to look legitimate. All the news that fits the print. Media only lasts as long as it’s profitable. Trump hate sells. They don’t give a rat’s ass about whether or not democracy dies in darkness. They just want their next pay check and the owner families want their next dividend. Things get better and they get worse. But things won’t get any better as a result of unilateral disarmament by the right.

          • But things won’t get any better as a result of unilateral disarmament by the right.

            In fact, my entire life time has proven that this does not work. The left is not interested in compromise. They want total control, and none of that bothersome Constitutional nonsense to hinder them either!

    • @Fredo_C Donkey Tape is Fake News don’t trust lying New York Times. #MAG

      @Fredo_C Worthless Attorney General refuses to indict Michael and his 13 Angry capos. Witchhunt! #MAG

      @Fredo_C Never knew @GreeneMoe Glorified coffee boy. Made Vegas great single handed. #MAG

      @Fredo_C Spending weekend at luxurious Corleone fishing lodge. Best fishing in the world. Everyone wants to join.

  6. It does not matter what Trump does. If he is silent they will say the silence is evidence of guilt. If he calls her out as a deceptive witch then he will be skewred for that.

    They are now attacking his latest tweet in which he used the word dog as evidence of his racism. What do you call a non performing investment? A dog. What does the idiom you dog mean? A person that uses deception to achieve personal gain. What does dog eat dog mean? Simply, people will do whatever it takes to get ahead so do unto them before they do unto you. Any of these are a fitting description.

    Should he temper his remarks? Yes. Should he simply let the attacks continue without response? No. In today’s social media environment it is the larger number of repeats that wins the argument in the population. Retweets, suggest greater acceptance of a POV even if the facts do not bear out that acceptance of truth people will make decisions based on their perception of truth. That is what makes social media dangerous. Far too many simply want to be associated with winners and not those that appear impotent. It is why celebraties garner so much attention. It explains why some have stopped interacting on this site. It is this human psychology that got Trump elected. Enough people were fed up with being ridiculed, villified, and marginalized. When that happens people find that person who mirror their ideas and is willing to fight for them. Trump is a marketer as much as a developer. He lives in the world of idiomatic easy to relate to expressions and superlatives Diplomatic speak never got the best deal or even come close to calls for action on the part of target market.

    John Kelly need not resign. He is doing what he was hired to do. Find stars and eliminate the dogs.

    • Sentence structure screw up.
      Should be: Retweets suggest greater acceptance of a POV even when the facts do not bear that out as truth. People will accept what they believe as truth based on personal bias providing they feel they have the backing of many unknown like thinkers.

    • You’re behind, they’re talking about one of his talking heads denying any conversations about Trump’s use of racial epitaphs followed by Manigualt-Newman producing a recording of said conversation.

      • Not behind just not spending a lot of time following Omorosa on the cable networks. She should be required to turn over all tapes to the the DOJ to evaluate authenticity and whether or not any sensitive info exists. They are required to be part of the archives under law as she made the recordings as part of official business.

          • Er, I think you meant to use the word “epithet?” Epitaph is defined as a phrase or statement written in memory of a person who has died, especially as an inscription on a tombstone. Epithet is defined as an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the person or thing mentioned. But racial epitaph is a good malapropism. I used to collect them, starting with “it’s a mute point.” They used to be everywhere on call in radio back before the interweb.

          • If I agree that words you find offensive are never to be uttered then here are the words I find offensive to describe someone else


            Applying these terms to an individual because that person’s ideas are antithetical to you is no different than using a derogatory term to describe ethnicity, race, or gender

            You can use them to describe a objectively proven statement or behavior but to use as a categorical statement to describe a person or class of person is as bigoted as the other.

  7. Every criticism to Donald Trump is the same. It doesn’t matter if it comes from Nancy Pelosi, the media, Omarosa, or a single Yersina pestis bacterium. He answers them all the same way, like a 12-year old boy would if it came from a classmate. It’s the proverb, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” The difference is, Trump has way more than a hammer, but he loves that damn hammer so much he wants to use it for everything.

    It’s this kind of thing that lends moment to the suggestions that Trump might be mentally unstable. More likely, he thinks his fans love it, and perhaps he’s right. I think it’s the sign of some kind of crazy, frankly. Or maybe he just loves making us all think his emotional maturation stopped just short of his 13th birthday.

    Either way, it’s a Bad Thing.

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