The Brazen Dishonesty Of Move-On.Org

If you know the background, this is hilarious…but not surprising. has been an ethics burr under my saddle since they first sullied the political scene with their emergence during the Clinton impeachment drama. The name of the organization stood for the proposition, an out-growth of the ethically corrupting Democratic defenses of President Clinton’s conduct, that we should all get along, that the President and the nation had suffered enough, it was all just a big misunderstanding over sex and “private personal conduct,” and in the interests of everyone, we should just “move on to pressing issues facing the country.’”

This was transparent and dishonest partisan garbage at the time, and I wrote about it extensively on the old Ethics Scoreboard (which will be back on-line as soon as I have the stomach to fight via-email with the cheap hosting site that refuses to allow any direct phone contact, and is improperly holding my website hostage.) The group’s underlying supposition was and is corrupt: yes, the President illegally used an intern as his sex toy in the White House, lied under oath in a court proceeding, and used his power to hide evidence and cover-up his acts, but we should just let that go because there are more important things to worry about. The “ethically corrupting Democratic defenses of President Clinton’s conduct’ that spawned the cynical Move-On efforts were 1) It’s just sex. 2) lying about sex under oath isn’t really lying, because “everybody does it” 3) the President using his power and position to get sexual favors from an intern and U.S. government employee is no big deal; and 4) Come on, lots of other Presidents did bad stuff.

The logic and argument were juvenile, facile and irresponsible, and since Move-On used its initial 15 minutes of stupidity to become a permanent advocacy organization for, well, other juvenile, facile and irresponsible—but progressive!—positions, it hasn’t moved one atom from that bottom of the barrel level of thought. Unless you were too gullible to be let out without a chaperone, you knew that the kumbaya rhetoric  was thin veneer to cover for a purely partisan support group, which is all Move-On ever was and is.

Still, its announcement that it supports “immediate impeachment hearings”—without any grounds for impeachment this time, unlike the cases of Nixon and Clinton—thus throwing the country into a degree of “partisan warfare in Washington” —in the words of Move-On’s pro-Clinton rhetoric that will make the last three years look like an episode of “This is Us” represents an unusual degree of self-revelation for an essentially dishonest organization. Of course it never cared about “moving on to pressing issues facing the country”, for if it did it would have been opposing the resistance and the Mueller investigation, both specifically aimed at preventing the President of the United States from being able to address pressing issues facing the country. Move-On’s only motivation since the beginning has been to bolster Democratic machinations to hold and expand power, whether that meant ignoring the high crimes of a Democratic President to prevent his impeachment, or supporting the impeachment of a Republican President who committed no such crimes at all.

There’s no hypocrisy. Move-On is completely consistent.

9 thoughts on “The Brazen Dishonesty Of Move-On.Org

  1. is largely funded by Georg Soros, is it not? So a Hungarian refugee from a communist, Soviet supported government, who made a fortune because of American prosperity now wants to convert the U.S.A. into that same Hungarian communist country? Sounds like the refugees from Kalifornia who come to Texas.

    • You cannot rule with impunity until you eliminate all competitors. Soros is a firm believer in the golden rule – he who has the gold makes the rules.

  2. What were the consequences of MoveOn and company getting what they wanted in 1999?

    Just consider the mental gymnastics it takes to excuse perjury in a sitting president. Consider the lack of character it takes to defend it. Consider the lack of foresight it takes to do this while avoiding the effect it could have on the republic.

    Not only was sexual harasser and liar Bill Clinton defended, but he also was politically rehabilitated by many of the same actors, by feminists and by the Democratic insiders. And the damage was done.

    Hillary and Bill and their meat puppets told us then that character didn’t matter. It was all a private thing.

    In essence, they helped give birth to Trump. You might say Hillary — protecting Bill to guard her own ambition — was midwife to the Trump campaign.

    Because without a rehabilitated Bill Clinton there could never have been a Trump candidacy. Trump would not have been conceivable, let alone possible.

    • Heh. That bolded comment is so resoundingly true, it’s incredible.

      So the Dems can thank their defense of Bill Clinton for Trump defeating Clinton’s wife. If there were any more irony in that bit of history, it would rip the fabric of space-time and destroy the universe.

  3. Did I miss something? The Mueller Report finally comes out, is a big nothing burger.And the media and the Dems still want Trump drummed out of office immediately because…. why? Did they miss the fact the Mueller Report? Nothing has changed. It’s like ground hog day.

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