Tim Conway Died Just In Time

Tim Conway, the gentle, bumbling comedian whose comedy skills formed the backbone of “McHale’s Navy” and “The Carol Burnett Show,”  died this week. As various publications were celebrating his long career, they also made it clear to me that he would have had no career at all if he had been born a few decades later.

The obituaries focused on three of Conway’s most best known and most popular characters. . One was Mr. Tudball, the inept middle manager in a bad toupee who spoke in a funny Scandinavian accent of indeterminate origin.

Accents, however, cannot be laughed at  today: it has been decreed by the political correctness police that using exaggerated accents to make people laugh is really encouraging hate, racism and xenophobia. All of the great dialect comics and comic actors of the past, such as Sid Ceasar, Arte Johnson, Danny Kaye, Bill Dana, Jonathan Winters and more: they weren’t really funny. They were hate-mongers.

Then there was the Oldest Man, whom Tim played in a white fright wig. He barely could walk, you see—just inched along in absurdly small steps.

Of course, he was mocking the vulnerable and the marginalized, the elderly and the handicapped.  The Oldest Man was obviously poor, too; why else wouled someone so old that he could barely walk or talk still be working? This was never funny; in fact, those skits were sad, tragic reminders of the kind of travails our elderly must endure under capitalism.   Those who laughed at Conway were just being as cruel and insensitive as he was.

Perhaps the worst of all was Dorf, a hapless Little Person that Conway played with shoes attached to his knees.

This portrayal, our rising generations have been indoctrinated to understand, was never funny either. It simply was another cruel way to ridicule deformed people. Indeed, most of the time Tim Conway played various kinds of idiots, and mocking them is cruel too. He was never funny, come to think of it. Thank goodness progressives have become powerful and influential enough so we will never laugh at “comedy” like Tim Conway’s again.

17 thoughts on “Tim Conway Died Just In Time

  1. “Weight Watchers has officially removed the statue of “Weird” Al Yankovic from its corporate headquarters in Manhattan and will no longer play Yankovic’s “Now That’s What I Call Polka!” in their television commercials, the organization announced in a statement on Monday.

    This follows last week’s decision by Jenny Craig to suspend the use of Yankovic’s rendition of “Dare To Be Stupid” in their latest exercise video release “Let’s Lose It 2019!” while they investigate an allegation of sizeism against the singer.”

    Humor is the enemy of the Collective

    • That’s very true, Jack, but, if you are referring to this article:

      It’s fake. Weird Al has no connection to Weight Watchers (and there are plenty of celebrities that do), I’ve never heard of a Weird Al statue anywhere, much less in New York and, finally, that article is chock full of references to Al’s movie, “UHF”. The byline writer is Pamela Finkelstein, a character from the film; the reporter in the correction at the bottom, George Newman, was Al’s character.

      It appears that this got picked up as legitimate news by some sites that weren’t paying attention.

      • Good to know.I don’t know what there is to pay attention to, though: I’m a trivia storer, I saw the film, and that name rang no bells with me. The reason it seemed genuine is that it is completely consistent with the statue-toppling and retroactive honor erasing pushed by the grwing political correctness mob. The fake story about Al is no more outrageous than the real stories we have seen and will see.

  2. The rerun channels have featured his shows as a tribute since he passed. Last night an interminable weather update preempted one of the “soldier with an attitude and the Queen” skits. (The queen is the hero of those skits.) Today, it’s been like fingernails on a chalkboard, because the skit ‘never finished’ last night like a song that you don’t hear the end of and gets stuck in your head…

    He was an amazing clown and acrobat for some characters. I admit I don’t care for Dorf as much, but videos were a creative way to make a living once the variety show and skits failed as genres. I admire that kind of resilience.

  3. When I was younger I laughed aloud at Tim Conway’s style of humor, therefore I was cruel and insensitive and I deserve to be punished severely for the rest of my life for my inappropriate laughter at his offensive stereotypical style of humor. I have evolved and repent for my sins and now I think that what Tim Conway did was….



    Wait just a damn minute, what the hell am I doing?

    Hell no, I can’t do it! It is not within me to follow in the steps of completely irrational political correctness and flush my common sense down the porcelain God. Tim Conway was hilarious!


    I, Zoltar, declare that anyone that condemns Tim Conway’s style of humor is off their friggin rocker.

    Zoltar Speaks has “spoken”.

  4. This article is a complete waste of space. Comedians of the past were geniuses…unlike the foul mouthed racist pigs who have the gal to even consider themselves to be comedic entertainers. They have no morals, ethics, compassion, or common sense. To say that Tim Conway died ‘just in time’s says the same of the moron who wrote the article. Don’t like my opinion??? Kiss my Tim Conway comedy loving ass. Oh….by the way I (and I can assure you that many, many, many, many more people like me) have permanently blocked your ‘news feed’ from all phones & computers in my home. Will do the same to all computers in the office I manage on Tuesday. Good riddance.

    • Does anyone want to try explaining to Pam why this comment brands her as a moron? I’m pretty sure my ironic and sarcastic tone wasn’t so convincing that anyone of normal intelligence mistook my meaning. Was it? Really? “Thank goodness progressives have become powerful and influential enough so we will never laugh at “comedy” like Tim Conway’s again.” Is that how a real progressive censor and “Not Funny” agent would put it?

      I’m just not going to write the blog for stupid people, even though I know the Pams of the nation run thick as tadpoles in the spring. Boy, it looks dumb when you erupt into indignation over a post you completely misunderstand. I was almost embarrassed for Pam. Doing minimal research on a writer and a blog so you have some context before you leap at conclusions is a good idea. For example, among my credits as a professional stage director was a revue called “Laughter at 10 O’Clock,” a tribute to the Carol Burnett show, including Tim Conway.

      Stay away, Pam. Please Dummies are not welcome here.

    • Pam,
      Over the years I’ve apologized for writing some embarrassing things as a result of not knowing some of the people around here and my own misunderstanding of the sarcastic point that others tried to make but I’ve never shoved both my feet down my throat so I could chew on my own kneecaps. You should publicly apologize for your entire comment.

      In general I was going to give Pam the benefit of the doubt until I got to this section of her comment…

      “Oh….by the way I (and I can assure you that many, many, many, many more people like me) have permanently blocked your ‘news feed’ from all phones & computers in my home. Will do the same to all computers in the office I manage on Tuesday. Good riddance.”

      At first I thought that Pam just might be personality ignorant, like I was when I first came on the scene, then I realized after reading that section that Pam is an irrational internet troll the a warpath to attack Ethics Alarms and her obvious bias caused her to completely flush her intelligence and ethics right down the shitter. Pam used the word “moron” to talk about others but she has completely failed to peer into her own mirror and see the moron staring back. Yes Pam, you’re a troll and a moron.

      Lastly; even though I personally don’t think Pam is intelligent enough to manage an office but it’s Tuesday now, will Pam follow through with her idle threat to suppress Ethics Alarms from being accessed in the office she claims to manage or will she suck up her idiotic pride and apologize for her ignorance? I’m guessing that she doesn’t have the balls do do either.

      #19 in the Ethics Alarms Comment Policies clearly states…

      19. Grandstanding: If you make grand and indignant exit, and announce your permanent withdrawal from the blog, you are gone for good. An e-mail to me with an appropriate apology and a request to be reinstated will occasionally work if you change your mind. Maybe. Don’t count on it.

  5. Don’t be too hard on Pam even I was taken aback at first by a few passages; they were terribly inconsistent with most of your essays. Fortunately, I recognized it for what it was.

    Pam’s comment reflects a growing frustration among the otherwise rational unoffended populace to leap to the defense of a valued entertainer currently being chastised by those whose cowardice is illustrated by the fact they waited until after his death to ridicule his work.

    Eventually, this type post mortem social commentary will really trigger someone to actually pull a trigger on these social justice virtue signalling idiots when they try to destroy some other iconm

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