Now THAT’s Trump Derangement!

A 46-year-old woman in Palmetto, Florida (her name is being withheld, presumably to spare her shame, or perhaps so she won’t be lined up as a speaker at the Democratic National Convention), stabbed herself three times in the stomach with a kitchen knife. She then called the police, and when they arrived to find her covered in blood,  told them  that she did it becauseshe did it because, “I’m tired of living in Trump’s country; I’m tired of Trump being President!”  Evidently she was not so tired that she wouldn’t call the police, or try stabs #4,5 and 6.

We are told that the woman has been involuntarily institutionalized before, and will be again. It would be enlightening to ask her what it is exactly that made her so tired. As far as I can see, substantive conditions in the U.S. are much improved over the past administration. The deficit is a problem: would someone stab herself over the deficit? Obama promised to take a stab at reducing the deficit, but never did.

Perhaps the woman violently objects to Trump’s tariffs.  I remember reading somewhere once that tariff opponents used to hold stab-ins. Maybe I’m confusing this with something else, like the Manson Family. The kitchen knife might have been anti-gun statement, I guess.

Now, me, I’m tired of vulnerable, gullible, emotionally fragile citizens like this poor woman being bombarded by constant fear-mongering, Big Lies, and propaganda from the news media, the “resistance,” Democrats and social media hysterics about how horrible everything is. What is primarily horrible is the oppressive, relentless, three-year partisan siege against an elected President for the purpose of undoing the election, eroding the public’s trust, and undermining his efforts to govern. No wonder people are going nuts, and, like this woman, blaming President Trump because he made everyone else talk, write and act almost as crazy as she is.

I’m really tired or it. Really, really tired.

In fact, I think I need to stab myself.

Right after the Red Sox game.

10 thoughts on “Now THAT’s Trump Derangement!

  1. This woman sounds like your garden variety Facebook commenter.

    What a gwate Marween Detrwick send up. Incwedibwee obscene. Love the Prussian Army chorus. God, Mel Brooks loved making fun of Germans (and Hollywood musicals). I guess the fact they showed up in a wild west saloon musicale makes them even funnier.

  2. This one guy I know who’s a cop in Gettysburg, PA posted on the Irish Defence Forces’ page to thank them for their assistance in Presidential security during the recent diplomatic mission. He was answered with expletives and statements that they should have assassinated him instead. 😮

  3. I was looking for the recent story about the Trump protester setting himself on fire, and the first search results were from another time that a Trump protester set himself on fire. Never would have guessed 3 years ago that a President who is, in substance, a moderate Democrat from 1995 could get this kind of reaction.

    • Because he beat someone who was, in substance, a moderate Democrat in 1995, as well, but who deserved to win more because she has embraced the Left’s dogmatic principles and because she has different private parts.

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