Unethical Poll Of The Year: The Trump-Pence Campaign. But Funny! Or Depressing. Frankly, I Don’t Know What To Call It…

The link is here.

If this is a hoax, let me know. if so, it’s a pretty funny one. I fear it is not, however.


Pointer: valkygrrl

20 thoughts on “Unethical Poll Of The Year: The Trump-Pence Campaign. But Funny! Or Depressing. Frankly, I Don’t Know What To Call It…

  1. I object to the redundant descriptors used in front of the word ‘Democrat’. They clutter up the poll and inconvenience too many electrons. However, I don’t feel any of these descriptors are deceptive. Unlike the ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ labels all the Democrats have attached to Trump, these labels seem to accurately describe the positions of the Democratic presidential candidates. If the leading Democratic presidential candidate was pro-pedophilia, listing ‘a pedophile-loving Democrat’ would also not be deceptive. It is rude, it is dirty politics, it would be better if this wasn’t the current political strategy, but that is where we are.

    However, I am worried this is going to be used to list a ‘90% of Americans prefer Trump to the Democrats” and THAT is deceptive. I am not that upset about the poll if it is used to plant the Democrats’ policies in the minds of people and the ‘results’ will never be used (such as if the results are not actually recorded by the site). If the Trump campaign tries to use these ‘results’ to prove Trump’s popularity, that is really dirty, a move worthy of CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times,…. (in other words, journalism).

  2. I went through the TOS and a few things seemed amiss. The only link I found functional was the TOS link.

    The privacy policy was linked to The Trump Organization, NewYork but the contacts were all Godaddy persons. The link donaldjtrump.com was first registered in 1999 and the nameservers seem like they are on someones home computer( megan.ns) There is no listing of any known person associated with this domain. This has the hallmarks of a cybersquatter and now a scam to get people to send money to donald trump for president, inc. The questiom for me is who are the principals listed on the corp. Documents for that corporation. That will settle the issue.

    The other issue was that it stated that federal law required name, address and organization will be reported to federal election officials for contributions in excess of $200 in aggregate. That seems exceedingly low but I am not versed in such matters.

    Why would the Trump campaign create a website to sell Trump for President merchandise on a competing site. I can’t say who runs the site but I have no belief the real campaign is involved. There is a reason that DJT has to use the word real in his twitter handle.

      • I couldn’t resist checking, especially after I could find no reference to it anywhere else. The problem is does Snopes rating it true make it more or less likely that it’s a hoax?

      • The TOS from the poll page is dated as of July 2019. The TOS from Donaldjtrump.com is dated 2013.

        The site donaldjtrump.com TOS indicates the controlling organization is the Make America Great Again campaign. The TOS page linked from the poll states the controlling organization was Donald Trump for President, inc.

        It took me less than a half hour to do some rudimentary checks to compare the pages.

  3. This is not a poll. It’s a transparent campaign ad dressed up like a poll.

    I think it’s pretty creative, and it’s designed to simply highlight what the Trump campaign sees as the differences between him and his generic opponents.

    Is it ethical? Well, no we all know it’s not, because it has the potential to be deceptive to a person with a low IQ or unfamiliar with how polling is supposed to work. Anything with that much potential to be deceptive can’t be ethical.

    But it is a very clever campaign ad.

    • I know it’s an ad, not a poll, but it’s an ad pretending to be an extreme push-poll, which is unethical, and it’s intentionally obnoxious and uncivil. I don’t think it can be clever for a candidate to link himself to such conduct, even if the candidate engages in such conduct regularly.

      • I think we agree it is unethical. I don’t think it really qualifies as a push-poll, Jack. Push-polls don’t use transparently off-beat answers like “MS-13 Loving Democrat” and “A Corrupt Democrat.”

        Push-polls actually use poll language arranged to look authentic and yet lead to a specific result. The reason I know this is that I used to work in opinion research for a living.

        So this is not unethical like a push-poll. It’s not really intended to deceive anyone with an IQ above room temperature. It’s just a simple campaign ad dressed up like a poll, but with very little discernible intent to deceive.

        • “It’s not really intended to deceive anyone with an IQ above room temperature.”

          What % of the voting public doesn’t have an IQ above room temperature, Glenn? I’d guess 20%, minimum.

          • As I said, I think we generally agree. My comment stated that too many might be deceived. More’s the pity.

            But it’s not a push-poll in any meaningful way.

  4. Now all the links seem to direct me to the links from the poll.

    I have no idea what idiot thought this poll up but we need fewer of them.

    Everything about this poll appears to be a scam.

    You have to ask why do the links on the poll page go to what appears to be the real thing but I can find nothing on the real pages pointing me to the poll. That is a favorite technique for people trying to slander another; create a counterfeit page and create aliases to make it appear as if it is a page on someone’s website.

  5. I’m poking around on Whois, and previous domains hosted at the same IP address are ‘actualyhitler.com’, ‘bryanfuehrer.com’ as well as ‘donaldjtrump.com’. The first two don’t exist anymore. The poll is hosted on Cloudflare.com, the domain is registered in NY, IP is in CA, and has had 14 IP addresses over 12 years, and was created in 1997.

    I could see more if I pay for a service that would give me access to all IP addresses and domain names it’s had, but it’s not worth $49 . Looks scammy.

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