From The Ethics Alarms “Presidential Flat Learning Curve” Files…

Sitting on the sidelines watching the party that has been calling him a traitor, a liar, an imbecile and a Nazi for over three years explode into self-destructive but nicely revealing internecine, generational, ideological warfare, with key leaders calling each other racists and other uncomplimentary things, President Donald J. Trump decided that the most responsible course was for him to tweet this:

This is gross incompetence and stupidity.

I did like the Red State headline regarding this inexplicably self-destructive behavior:

“As Democrats Fight a Civil War, Trump Strips Naked and Runs Onto the Battlefield.”


16 thoughts on “From The Ethics Alarms “Presidential Flat Learning Curve” Files…

  1. I got a big laugh out of that Red State headline, too.

    The guy doesn’t just have a flat learning curve — it’s a freaking dotted line. Every time he tweets garbage like this, he makes everyone who reads it dumber and a Democrat apocalypse more likely.

    • Well, one thing you can say for sure is that every time Trump jumps the shark, the Democrats react by trying to jump Moby Dick.

      If it’s a strategy, it’s an unorthodox one — “If I make myself look bad, the Democrats will make themselves look far, far worse.”

      By luck or skill, it has worked almost every time.

  2. I heard about this earlier today, from a person saying that this was Trump coming out as a racist. My understanding of the tweets was that these Congresswomen identify very closely with the countries their families are from as well as the countries that the illegal immigrants are coming from. I stated that I thought the tweets were stupid for him to make, but that they weren’t racist. In the end, I was told that I can think what I want and that I should shut up. Now I’m apparently John Bolton. This seems to be a hilarious joke, but I can’t get an explanation for it.

    Essentially, yes the tweets are stupid, but they aren’t racist. They might be used to try and convince people that he is, but then again, it’s more background noise. I don’t think it will have much of an effect.

    • I won’t even call them stupid. One shouldn’t call one’s current country a racist pile of deplorables and identify with another country entirely and simultaneously maintain that it’s wrong for someone to suggest leaving with a bit of verve. If a member of my household criticized how I run the place and frequently made those criticisms while identifying with members of another, clearly-disordered wreck of a family, I’d make a suggestion to the same effect but laced with a great deal more pompous language to the effect of “we’re clearly better than those mongoloids, and, to the extent you’re one of them, you.” I’d swirl my snifter of Napoleon brandy with indignation, and throw it into the fireplace for melodramatic effect.

      Pseudo-Marxist grievance politics is nothing but sedition, and we’re long past the expiration date of its plausible deniability. Speaking to one of these gremlins as though they’re anything but an invading army without the courage to wear a disparate uniform only makes the public take the speaker less seriously. We all know. We’re stupid, but not to see this would require something less than the intelligence natural to plant life. Boorish, crude honesty may be a failure in style, but it’s honest and only insulting toward a target which doesn’t deserve our honor (and calls what honor our craven dignitaries do offer ‘racism’ anyway – why even bother anymore?).

      Our rude aunt is urinating on the family dog in full view of the party guests again, and we’re chastising our goofy uncle for telling her to leave. “Don’t bring it up”, we say. “She’ll be done in a minute! You’re so rude!”

      • I don’t think many people have an issue with the sentiment behind the Twitter posts. I think it’s more a nostalgia or sentiment to return to the good old days when politicians didn’t really insult each other. I don’t think there actually was a time. I think they’re better now. We don’t hear of senators beating each other with canes on the Chamber floor anymore.

        • Funny, I’d be heartened if that practice resumed. Some people are overdue for a good caning. Maybe that was the secret to the civility in the “good old days”.

          This is, of course, humorous self-contradiction, but I’ll ruin my joke to mention the serious idea it just gave me. Maybe civility is best understood as a willful compromise agreed upon mutually by both parties. The reality of coming to blows if that compromise is breached might have been a social adhesive. Our absolutist prohibition on all (non-Democrat) violence may be the key to the unraveling of civility. Perhaps the art of dueling wasn’t a backward, barbaric practice best left in a purportedly benighted past.

          [I should ask how you acquired that thumbnail in the next open forum. I’m usually able to resist asking, but yours is just so cool.]

          • Perhaps you’re correct about the whole violence thing. You wouldn’t be the first person I’ve heard saying that. Violence is definitely an option. One that should be held in reserve until all other options are exhausted. Where that point is will probably be a debate all on its own. Just War theory has been discussed for at least 1600 years.

          • People, Jack, not drips. Mainstream media is loud, yes, but I don’t think they represent anywhere close to a majority anymore.

        • Agreed. What right thinking voter hasn’t had a similar reaction to AOC’s Squad? And to someone saying, “Yeah, but saying it isn’t ‘presidential,” I’d say, “So what?”

          Here’s another: If diversity is so wonderful, why are all these people fleeing these wonderfully different countries and coming to the bland, monolithic, white supremacist United States to seek asylum and sanctuary from their persecutors? They’re fleeing their countries, which are an embodiment of their cultures, but they want to recreate that culture here, rather than adopt the culture that’s already here? Makes not sense. Trump’s tweet makes sense. The pot shouldn’t be calling the kettle black. (I’m sure that’s a racist thought. Hah.)

    • No, they aren’t racist.

      But Trump’s opponents desperately want every word out of Trump’s mouth to be “racist,” so they characterize it that way.

      The problem is, when everything is racist, nothing is.

      • Sounds a bit like what Syndrome said. I digress a bit. I do agree with that sentiment. It’s the whole crying wolf issue. We just have to do our own research into every claim. Read as many sources as possible. Get as full a picture as possible. And sort out what makes no sorts of sense.

  3. This is a funny headline, I’ll give you that.

    The best thing the President could do is sit back and watch the Left devour itself. But he just can’t do that. It’s not in him.

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