Unethical Tweet Of The Week

My late master, Rugby.

I know this is too stupid to even comment on, but since my mind is still very much on my recently departed Jack Russell Terrier Rugby, and because this tweet really meets the definition of racist, unlike some other recent tweets being labelled as such, I won’t resist posting on it. I could resist, but I won’t.

Here’s the tweet:

What an idiot. Also…

  • Twitter hasn’t suspended the account.
  • Nobody who has actually owned a dog would ever analogize the relationship to slavery.
  • Nobody who thought for twenty seconds before tweeting this would make that analogy either.
  • What about all the African-Americans who own dogs? Oh, right: slavery was practiced by African tribes too. I guess that explains it.
  • Human Events Managing Editor Ian Miles Cheong tweeted back, “Listen, I just wanted to thank you for driving more people towards the right.Trump wouldn’t be president without people like you.”

All right, that’s enough stupidity for one day. Between the anti-manspreading chair and this, I’m way over my limit.


23 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Week

  1. I’ve read in a couple of places that it might be possible that ancient wolves contributed just as much impetus to the current human dog relationship as ancient humans. Do dogs keep us around because they’re the ones that miss slavery? Is the dog human relationship actually the oldest evidence of slavery we have? Is this twitter post so full of itself that it’s bursting? At least one of these is very likely.

      • I have suppressed the first three (count ’em, THREE) responses to that question and your answer, Jack, in the interest of maintaining a semblance of decorum and civility here at Ethics Alarms. I have paid a great price, here, to take the ‘high rode.’ (pun intended)

        This leaves me with the simple observation that horses are treated far more like slaves than dogs.

        You’re welcome.

  2. “What about all the African-Americans who own dogs? Oh, right: slavery was practiced by African tribes too. I guess that explains it.”

    And Native Americans, too. But, shhhhhh, we’re not supposed to talk about that.

  3. Apparently, the author of that tweet has absolutely no concept about dogs. Sheesh. You get them when they are small and fuzzy and cute and awesome. Then, within six months they are fully grown behemoths demanding of every frickin’ hour of your free time dedicated to their entertainment. They teach us to play “Fetch the Ball” where they bring us a ball to see if we are smart enough to throw it so they can bring it back, repeat ad nauseum. Oh, and the stupid “Give me your Paw” games where they allow us to humiliate ourselves into thinking they like giving us their paws. They let us think this way because their paws lack a middle finger to communicate their disdain for our stupid pet tricks. Then, there is expense of vets, food, chew toys, beds, idiotic costumes and grooming habits. You know what they say: “A groomed human is a happy human”. Walks, all those walks, which are really thinly disguised squirrel chase sessions. Stupid humans.

    Man’s best friend indeed. With friends like that who needs enemies. Give me a cat any day of the week – at least the cat does not feign its contempt for us.



    • Lucky used to scratch at the door when he needed to go outside. Sometimes, though, he would scratch so that I would get up and go over there, giving him enough time to jump on my seat and search for crumbs.

      They definitely own us.

    • If a dog is a slave, as comic book guy from the simpsons would say, “Worst. Slave. Ever.”

      I just left for work with the dog sleeping in my spot on the bed.

  4. In all fairness, she did preface her tweet with “unpopular opinion,” which I usually take to mean “hey I’m about to talk out of my ass.” Twitter is basically a giant digital public restroom for shitty thoughts.

    But I’ll bite anyway…first off the person tweeting this appears to be white. One could say this white woman is speaking for people of color, which is a form of white supremacy.

    Next, truth be told, Americans by and large don’t actually have a master or dominant relationship to the their dogs. Working in the dog industry, I encounter coddled dogs who are treated like “fur babies” rather than treated like actual dogs. Having discussed this w/ dog professionals and animal advocates from a number of countries, most dogs here are terribly neurotic because they don’t know their place & live in a calm submissive way. A great part of my business is helping owners retrain their dogs because these pets are literally at times ruling the home.

    Dogs are happier when they know how to submit. People on the other hand are not. Therefore, as stated above, @ladypalerider, is talking out of her ass.

    Lastly, the only thing I see as of late, are woke warriors trying to control the thoughts and behavior of anyone who doesn’t parrot their nonsense, especially so called minorities.

    We don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice. We don’t need black faces that don’t want to be a black voice. We don’t need Muslims that don’t want to be a Muslim voice. We don’t need queers that don’t want to be a queer voice” -Ayanna Pressley

    • In all fairness, she did preface her tweet with “unpopular opinion,” which I usually take to mean “hey I’m about to talk out of my ass.” Twitter is basically a giant digital public restroom for shitty thoughts.

      This. Cubed. Well said.

      I was an early adopter of Twitter back when it began, and in those days, discourse was much more polite. People cared about what they said, cared about how they looked to their followers, and hadn’t yet become addicted to re-tweets and likes.

      Like all things that start out good and innocent, it was corrupted by the ethics-free idiots spewing their bile, both from left and right perspectives. @jack and his minions picked a side, silenced the opposition, and what we have today is exactly as you describe it: A digital public restroom wall where people write shitty (mostly leftist) thoughts.

      In fact, this has become a metaphor for social media generally.

    • Yeah, my family once had a Middle Eastern house guest who was freaked out that our dog slept inside, let alone on my parents’ bed.

      People today can be overly obsessed with their dogs, but I think that’s often because they’re lacking human connections in their lives. Not slaves.

      • I agree that the human connection thing is an issue. What I see mostly is people projecting onto their dogs what they wish for themselves. An example is excessive petting because the human doesn’t receive (or didn’t receive) enough healthy touch and affection. Another roadblock to a healthy relationship is pity. So many owners feel sorry for their dogs, which creates a weak state of mind. When the human is weak, the dogs have to take control. This is why you see dogs pulling their owners on walks or dogs biting their owners when trying to give meds or barking excessively at home. Owners need to claim their space and be in charge by being a calm & assertive (not mean) top dog. The behavior of dogs changes radically when this happens.

        The problem is dogs don’t really want to be pitied or used an affection mechanism. They want humans to demonstrate safety by utilizing boundaries. They want to enjoy the calm that comes with not having to be in charge. I believe if humans sought to fulfill dogs needs, rather than making dogs fulfill theirs, we’d see more functional individuals, families & communities.

  5. Seems to me that women that treat fetuses and unborn babies as property that can be disposed of at will is a better comparison.

    • Great movie.

      Seen ‘A Dog’s Purpose?’ Be warned, tears will flow if you were raised by a dog* like I was.

      *Literally. As a young child, my master and I roamed the countryside together, and the lab/border collie mix was in charge. Saved my life a couple of times.

      • Had a Norwegian Elk Hound/Chow mix once who appointed himself a wife’s bodyguard. Smartest dog I ever owned.

  6. IMO, dogs are the only other species on earth that people can truly claim as friends. Except for the occasional sociopath (wonder if Bill Clinton had a dog?), most owners treat them like children of a sort. I think my grandson is being raised by his “dog-brothers”; he sometimes barks to them.

  7. Cats believe they own us. Dogs submit to pack hierarchy, cats only understand naked force.

    Recently I offered my animals treats. I told the first dog to sit, and gave her a treat. Told the second dog to sit and gave him a treat. Knowing better than demand a cat sit, I just extended my hand to the little assassin who had just watched me give treats to the dogs. She waiting until I was three inches above her head, then clawed my hand to make me drop the treat, whereupon she grabbed it and ran. Drew blood, too.

    I deserved this treatment, upon reflection. How dare I treat Her Majesty like a mere dog?

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