Ethics Dunce: Representative Joaquin Castro (D-Tx) [UPDATED]

Well, unless he repudiates his brother, Julian Castro just earned himself a place on the next Ethics Alarms “Who’s most unethical Democratic candidate?” poll. An update on that: Warren well ahead, Harris is second, but with just half Warren’s “support,” and the rest far behind….

This is really slimy: Presidential candidate Castro’s Congressman brother, who also heads his campaign,  tweeted a list of San Antonio donors to the Trump campaign, along with the names of their employers, as well as the Twitter handles of several owners of local businesses in his district that donated to Trump. He added, “Sad to see so many San Antonians as 2019 maximum donors to Donald Trump. Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.’”

Assholes like Castro are why people donate to Trump:

  • Doxxing is per se unethical, and a form of intimidation.
  • Illegal immigrants are not legal immigrants, and neither the President nor anyone affiliated with him has referred to legal immigrants as “invaders.”
  • This kind of dishonest rhetoric is the mark of an open borders liar.
  • Webster’s #2 definition of “invade”:to encroach upon : infringe.” Those who deliberately cross our borders illegally are accurately described as invaders. So much of current progressive cant is based on deliberately ignoring reality of deceptively packaging it.

Some Democrats and left-leaning journalists have joined Republicans in condemning the tweet. Castro’s defenses are signature significance for someone who couldn’t distinguish between ethics and hula hoops. He said that he wasn’t trying to put anyone in danger, though doxxing obviously puts people in the cross-hairs of lunatics. This is like an arsonist saying that he never wanted to burn anybody. When it was pointed out to Castro that he was attacking his own constituents, he countered, “I didn’t make the graphic.”

With all the loose and hysterical rhetoric about how the President is fomenting hate, a Democratic Congressman does this and no ethics alarms goes off.

If nobody is harassed and injured as a result of Castro’s tweet, it will moral luck and only moral luck.

UPDATE: From the Washington Examiner…”In attempting to embarrass constituents who donated to President Trump, Texas congressman Joaquin Castro appears to have overlooked the fact that six of those he named also gave cash to him and his twin brother, 2020 Democrat Julián Castro.”



22 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: Representative Joaquin Castro (D-Tx) [UPDATED]

  1. Jack, Jack, Jack. Who cares? These people are most likely Republicans, aren’t they? San Antonio’s own Castro brothers should get a medal, si? Seguro!

  2. I find it difficult to believe that ANYBODY would for either of these twins. My belief is that they were raised in the now-gone baboon enclosure at the San Antonio Zoo. They certainly have those ethics.

  3. I could not assess which candidate is thw most unethical. Every damn on of them has implied or explicitly stated that anyone that supports Trump is complicit in advancing white supremacy and white nationalism.

    These people can go straight to hell along with all those on cable channels who have also claimed Trump supporters are dangerous racists. To a person we hear that extremist white nationalism is on the rise but never provide a single stat to back up this claim. At best they cite a claim by Christopher Wray but given his stonewalling on providing other data implicating deep state activities I don’t trust him any more than I do Comey. My research shows that these reported increases stem from increased reports of seeing literature, bumper stickers and signs from such organizations. There is scant evidence that racial animus was a precipitator of felonious assaults. Even then, the difficulty in establishing hateful motivation arises because hard evidence must be developed. Moreover, if one only chooses to look for racism among whites it is unlikely one will find it anywhere else.

    Today Biden stated in New Hampshire that Trump is fanning the flames of racism. Bullshit, he is.

    I am losing patience with all of these clowns. To a person they just solidified my support behind Trump and all Trump supporters. I will buy from them and not those who force me to listen to the DNC propoganda channels as often as I can. I am pissed off that I am required to support these channels in my cable bill or be unable to watch the non propaganda channels I do want to watch. Damn shame I will have to give up TCM and the History Channel but that will be a small price to pay to knowing that NONE of my money will find its way into any of the pockets of Scarborough, Deutsch, Stelter or Cuomo.

    It strikes me as rather coincidental that in May I disowned a brother (college professor Humanities) who publically declared I was a Nazi on Facebook and the rise of public shaming of Trump supporters. I no longer participate on FB.

    It is obvious to me that there is a coordinated effort to silence non progressives. It appears they have learned they cannot shame Trump into submission so they are turning on their fellow citizens to achieve their goals.

    • And the definition of White Nationalist is so broad that it could apply to anyone.

      I know exactly what you mean about financially supporting anti-American companies. I was in the market for new shoes lately and, rather than buy from a company that exploits low-paid workers overseas and make monstrous profits while hating our country, I bought a pair of New Balance shoes instead. So far, so good.

      • AM
        The issue for me is analogous to having my union dues being diverted to candidates I oppose.

        I would not have an issue paying for multiple outlets with differing editorial slants but when its programming is a 24/7 slander channel that is in fact stoking anxiety and fear for ratings I am done. I will not support that financially be it voluntary or coerced.

    • Yep. I’ve hardened into a supporter of Trump in 2020 after refusing to vote either for him or Clinton in 2016. At this point I can’t see any of the Democratic contenders winning my vote, not while the Democratic Party and it’s supporters have become the greatest threat to our constitutional form of government. I don’t like Trump, but I’ll gladly vote for him if it will help keep any of the rest of these snakes and imbeciles from getting into the Oval Office.

  4. I had a hard time, too, but I chose Bob O’Rourke. I don’t know how much he and his shameful comments are being played in other markets, but here in Houston, he is shown almost hourly saying stupid things, accusing Trump of pulling the white supremacist’s “assault-styled” weapons’ triggers targeting Latinos (whom Trump believes should be exterminated, or something), with exaggerated hand gestures and wild head swings. It is embarrassing watching his flailing campaign use these tragedies for his own political purposes. I didn’t think he get any worse but his cynicism surprised me. But, wait! He is going to Mexico in the next few days to comfort relatives of Mexican nationals killed or injured, skipping the Iowa caucuses. Apparently, that decision had nothing to do with him polling at 1 percent.

    As for the Castro Brothers, they are idiots, and shameful hacks. They have a history of pulling these kind of stunts. Julian won’t be the Democrat candidate but he and Joaquin fancy themselves power brokers in Texas politics. They have no scruples and will do anything to advance their careers. Joaquin said of the donors, that unless you support white supremacy then they should think twice about donating to Trump, doubling down in doxxing his own constituents. Got that? If you support Trump you are a racist and if you don’t agree with the Left you are a Nazi, you are evil, and must be destroyed.

    And, then there is CNN. Ah, yes. CNN. Don Lemon is mystified Tucker Carlson over on Fox doesn’t believe there is a dangerous rise in white nationalist violence. Fox’s Shep Smith disagreed with Carlson, asserting Trump bears some responsibility for what happened, to Lemon’s grand approval. Carlson did not back down, instead he played MSNBC pieces about Trump’s subliminal and numerological messages to Neo Nazis. Lemon did not mention those, though. Odd. Carlson thinks heroin and narcotic deaths, a fading middle class, national debt, and the like are the real problems. He also doesn’t think the nation is racist. He thinks Americans are by and large honest, decent, kind, and considerate people. The horror! Apparently, Carlson’s views and comments didn’t earn him a good old fashioned Fox firing but a long-planned vacation.

    My wife thinks the nation is on the verge of tearing itself apart. She is observing this from her experiences growing up in Mexico. I am afraid she is right.


  5. Webster’s #2 definition of “invade”: “to encroach upon : infringe.” Those who deliberately cross our borders illegally are accurately described as invaders.

    Dictionaries often include figurative or metaphorical meanings. In a literal sense, illegal immigrants are generally not invaders; they do not physically fight for entry, they do not hold hostile dominion over territory by force. An invasion force does not consist of unarmed roofers, landscapers, day laborers, and domestics. It needs at least a sizeable core of fighting men. You could say it’s figuratively an invasion, but so was the “British Invasion” of the 1960s music scene.

    I find the term “illegal immigration” suffices. It’s reasonably brief, and neither hides the problem nor exaggerates it.

  6. I chose Kamala Harris. There are many examples of mendacious and otherwise unethical behavior on her part I could cite, but I’d like to call attention to something she did as CA Attorney General. In 2007, California passed a law requiring any new handguns sold in the state to imprint a permanent mark on two locations on a cartidge case when that cartridge is fired, called “microstamping”. The law was to become effective as soon as the Attorney General certified that the technology to do so was available and unencumbered by patents, which Harris did in 2013.

    The thing was, the certification was a lie. Harris had never seen a production-ready technology that could satisfy the law’s requirements. At most, she’d seen prototypes for stamping one location on the cartridge case (the law requires 2 places). Since her certification that the technology was available, the number of new handguns produced incorporating this supposedly freely available technology is zero. She lied. She lied in her official capacity as the chief law enforcement officer of the state, for the sole reason of infringing on a guaranteed constitutional right. That is signature significance, and earned my vote for most unethical.

  7. The Castro brothers never surprise me, given who their avowed communist mother is.

    Local San Antonio politics are better of with them off the stage. That they are impacting everyone else in the country just means… sucks to be you.

    Arkansas was never so relieved as when Clinton (the rapist, not the unconvicted felon) was elected POTUS, and left their state alone.

    Unethical? You bet.

  8. Like johnburger2013, I also chose rich, lying Robert Psycho, Fake-o, Fraud-o O’Jourke. He should know better than to attempt to smear entire classes of people. Because, after all, that’s what he says Republicans, political right-wingers, and TRUMP do. You know: hate speech.

    It amuses me that he’s whiter than I am (or at least, have been, when I’ve been rich enough to become as tanned as him), and he’s obviously seeking the highest office in a nation – so, how, again, is he NOT ALSO a “white nationalist?”

    As of his most recent attempts to impose collective guilt and criminal culpability on certain of his political enemies, I am just tuning him out from hereon. There’s not enough there that’s worth paying attention to. He’s just a rich, lying leftist noise-maker and wannabe hit-hack. I pity the people of his Congressional district. But then, they let him walk over them to boost himself. If their gullibility and overall lack of wisdom presages the future of the U.S. electorate, then the U.S. is truly doomed.

    • Don’t tune him out – he needs to be humiliated into oblivion. It must be made expressly clear to him that he has no chance in politics beyond El Paso city council. He knows he has no chance for the Democrat candidate. He is setting his sights on John Cornyn’s senate seat, which comes up in 2022. Can you imagine what damage he could do in the Senate?


  9. Thank you for exposing this extreme abuse of power for what it is. These people whine day and night about Trump’s rhetoric then put out hit lists on private citizens. Shouldn’t this be investigated as an abuse of power as well as misuse of government funds because he used his government account to tweet it? The fact he is the campaign chairman for his identical twin brother’s presidential campaign while he unleashes voter intimidation is something you would find in Mother Russia. Well, I don’t think Putin is so brazen. This is absolutely sickening and the media that constantly says our democracy is at risk are defending it with the flimsy excuse it is public information, despite the slander spin Castro added to his hit list by saying his victims are racists.

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