Sunday Ethics Warm-Up, 9/15/2019: Opinions, Ethical And Not

It’s a glorious day here in Northern Virginia!

Makes me feel like things are looking up, even though they probably aren’t.

1. I refer you to the most recent post about “the resistance’s” arsenal of big lies. specifically Big Lie #5, “Everything is terrible.” In the Times’ Sunday Review section, usually a resistance nest to one degree or another, though less so in recent months, Trump Deranged Times columnist Michelle Goldberg offers a long essay beginning with the assumption that current day America is a dystopian society. How does she justify this ridiculous assertion? Referencing the science fiction novel “The Handmaid’s Tale,” in which women in the U.S. “are stripped of their identities and consigned to reproductive slavery for the elite.” Goldberg writes,

“It’s hardly surprising that in 2016 the book resonated with people — particularly women — stunned that a brazen misogynist, given to fascist rhetoric and backed by religious fundamentalists, was taking power despite the wishes of the majority of the population.”

I especially like the “despite the wishes of the majority of the population” part, but the whole statement is dishonest  agitprop. Nobody “took power;” an election took place under Constitutional constraints. Goldberg cannot possibly gauge the “wishes” of the majority, since, as usual, the majority didn’t feel sufficiently concerned about the Presidential election’s outcome to bother to vote, meaning they didn’t “wish” for either candidate to win with enough seriousness or commitment to be  part  of any persuasive analysis. Meanwhile, the President was elected according to the system the United States has operated under since its inception. And describing Trump, who is about as religious as most recent Presidents, which is to say, not at all, was “backed by religious fundamentalists” is as accurate as saying that Barack Obama was backed by anti-white racists.

Read the whole stupid thing. It is irresponsible for a legitimate newspaper to publish such crap, but no more so than for one to employ a biased disinformation specialist like Goldberg as a regular contributor.

2. Once again, Andrew Sullivan finds his way toward calling out unethical journalism. In a recent essay for New York Magazine, the occasionally conservative, gay, religious, emotional but determined truth-teller—as he sees it, anyway—declares  the New York Times a publication that has abandoned journalism for activism.

Two quick reactions: a) Ya think, Sherlock? and b) THIS was your first clue?

He concludes strongly, though, writing, “To present a truth as the truth is in fact a deception. And it is hard to to trust a paper engaged in trying to deceive its readers in order for its radical reporters and weak editors to transform the world.”

Hard? The right word is “irresponsible.”

Related: This excellent essay by Peter Wood expounds further on the duplicity of the Times’ much heralded “1619 Project.”

3. Not to pick on  racist pundit Jamele Hill, but I’m picking. Here’s a recent tweet from the new Atlantic contributor (speaking of radical reporters and weak editors):

No, Jamele, the continued strength of Creepy Joe at the polls is based on the fear that sane folks won’t vote for the extremist, totalitarian whack jobs on the stage. He is only the “best candidate” in the absurdly limited field provided to voters by the incompetent Democrats after pandering to the far, far left for three years. Very few people believe he’s the best candidate, just as almost nobody believed Donald Trump was “the best candidate” in 2016. Biden is the best of may terrible choices, and the Democratic Party is 100% responsible for that. But not in Jamele’s view. Guess who she thinks is at fault? Come on, guess.

In another tweet, she explains, “I think Trump gave a lot of voters PTSD.” This is the Clinton narrative again: the wonderful Hillary lost because so many Americans are racist, sexist, and white supremacists.  The fact that the real lessons of Donald Trump’s ascension remain completely unrecognized by his opponents after all this time is an epic in denial, and the bigoted disinformation spread by fools like Hill (as distinguished from the fool ON the hill, who was at least smart enough to shut up about politics) doesn’t help.

The reality is that Joe’s “best horrible candidate” status won’t stand up, in great measure because, in addition to the fact that he’s pathetic, a large proportion of the Democratic base is bigoted against old, white, straight men.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Ethics Warm-Up, 9/15/2019: Opinions, Ethical And Not

  1. Little to say regarding the TDS crowd except to repeat they are not just the enemies of our representative republic, but of any civilized responsible governed society. They lie for power over others.

  2. 1. In 2019 women in the U.S. can access abortions (in some states) up to the point of birth, can opt out of marriage, can be lesbian, can be men apparently, and can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. While I concede women can still deal with toxic and even violent misogyny, it appears to be coming more from adherents of post-sexual revolution post-modernists.

    I’m not clear how the Handmaids Tale comparison represents reality, unless ones view of reality is based on watching Netflix shows and listening to cultural Marxists.

    • I don’t get this disconnect either to believe women are all handmaids. The people who’ve treated me worst in the workplace are almost universally female, usually ambitious females. I live in a very conservative area, with substantial Amish and Catholics, but the only families I know with more than three kids are neither. Handmaid’s Tale is science fiction, and just as likely as Logan’s Run. They focus on one idea and play with it in two dimensions at most. The real world would never be as universal and monolithic. Make fun of them if you want, but Star Trek and Star Wars both have much more varied cultural and political bents, with a more realistic chaos.

      The only way we might get one sex destroting all the other cultures is if one takes power and browbeats and educates and forces everyone into a template of goodness. [hmm?] Every earlier era had women in power, like the first known female pharoah, the Crocidile queen, that the next dynasty took names from her. A fifth of Scythian-Sarmatian warror graves were women. (Thing kind of whinging that women were always kept down denigrates the ones to did well.) So men never really succeeded to pushing down the Cleopatras or the Catharine the Greats, but will somehow make women into handmaids? By magic? Where’s my dragons or flaming swords then?

      Unfortunately we’re seeing more harm by trying to force boys to be educated in non-competitive underachieving feminine-style modern education. (I’m not convinced it’s good for all girls either) I thought the idea was to help kids to be better than our generation, not to coast on earlier generation’s accomplishments. The flip side of Handmaid’s Tale is looking to be a much more likely dystopia. No aggression also means no protection/defense. No competition means no excellence. All cooperation, means no room for rogue brilliance. No romance makes no attachment. No permanance/marriage means no security. Removing men from social and political inflence as they are promoting is EXACTLY what Handmaid’s Tale did to women.

      I’m not arguing women haven’t been badly treated. I have been at times, too. But I don’t blame those times on an entire gender or hold the other blameless.

  3. I’m holding to the belief that Creepy Joe will be “retired” at the convention. I’m still putting my money on Kamala Harris. She’s a black woman, don’cha know. Elizabeth Warren MIGHT be an acceptable alternative, but she is no longer “a woman of color”. Though I’d give a lot to hear a debate between her and Trump, who is a pretty good debater. Be interesting to see how many times she’d go off the rails and/or reverse course.

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