Wait, Why Was This News Not A Bigger Story? And What ELSE Have They Been Covering Up?

Apparently about  six weeks ago, the U.S. Navy finally publicly admitted that the government is aware of so-far unexplained aircraft that operate beyond mankind’s presumed technological limits, at least in this country. On September 18th, it publicly acknowledged that the advanced aircraft depicted in several recently declassified gun-camera videos are what have been referred to for decades as UFOs, though just to be contrary,  the Navy prefers to use the term “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon” or UAPs.I guess this is so they can keep saying that various conspiracy theorists and “They’re out there!” kooks have been wrong about UFOs, as in, ‘UFO’s are all fiction and swamp gas. UAP’s, however, are another story!’

Got it.


We all owe  thanks to “The Hill” for posting a story about this yesterday for those of us—like almost everybody— who missed it:

The vehicles observed and recorded by U.S. Navy fighter pilots seem impervious to altitude or the elements; they are able to maneuver above 80,000 feet; they can hover and then instantly accelerate to supersonic and even hypersonic speeds; they have very low radar cross-sections and use a means of propulsion and control that does not appear to involve combustion, exhaust, rotors, wings or flaps.Since the Navy asserts these are not U.S. aircraft, we are confronted by the daunting prospect that a potential adversary of the United States has achieved the ability to render our most sophisticated aircraft and air defense systems obsolete.

The Hill article raised some of the questions I have about this:

Strangely, this shocking announcement seems to have scarcely been noticed by Congress or the Trump administration. Is the information too jarring and radical to process? Are U.S. government officials in denial? One can only wonder, given the glaring disconnect between the Navy’s announcement and the limited government actions to protect U.S. military personnel and the nation as a whole.

I have others, though…

  • How did I miss the story? I had just returned from a two day ethics road trip, one that caused me to miss two full days blogging. On the 19th, I was scouring news feeds for stories, desperate to catch up. The big ethics story appeared to be that Canada’s leader had a fondness for dressing up in blackface. (To evoke Lloyd Bridges in “Airplane!,” I guess I picked the wrong day to stop checking the Drudge Report (I decided to start sniffing glue instead)—Matt had the story.  But I’ve been burned by Drudge’s hysterics too often, and so no longer visit there.)

The next day’s ethics warm-up was …AHA! THIS is why the news that aliens may have been dropping in all along while our government lied to us was ignored! September 20th was the day the mainstream news media was convinced that it finally might be able to get rid of President Trump!

There is one more reason the “resistance” obsession with reversing the 2016 election is destructive and dangerous: it has completely warped journalists’ priorities and sense of what the public needs to know most. Only the anti-Trump Deranged would think that an anonymous “whistleblower” reporting hearsay information about a White House phone call is a more important and interesting development than the U.S. military conceding that more than a half-century of  flying saucer reports weren’t entirely the product of insanity, lies, swamp gas, optical illusions , secret tests of experimental planes, publicity seekers and wackos.

  • OK, that explains the 20th. Why so little coverage over the next six weeks—so little that I didn’t see anything at all, nobody mentioned the matter to me, and no one dropped me a “Did you see…?” email?? I just googled UFOs, and except for The Hill piece yesterday, there has been nothing in the mainstream media about this for a month. Now think about all of the other trivial, useless stories that have been reported and obsessed over ad nauseam over the same period.

Congress has seemingly ignored the whole thing, which is strange, especially since the two most likely explanations should scare the hell out of us. The late Stephen Hawking repeatedly warned that Earthlings should not seek contact with the superior alien civilizations that he believed were watching us, since the best case scenario was that they would treat us as well as Europeans treated Native Americans. If those UAPs are from this planet, on the other hand, the United States just lost the arms race. Writes Christopher Mellon in the Hill article,

Some 60 years ago Americans were shocked when the Soviet Union orbited Sputnik, the world’s first artificial satellite. Sputnik garnered sustained front-page coverage, however, and Congress promptly acted on Americans’ concerns by approving increased space and defense expenditures and enhanced education programs for math and science. The concerns roused by Sputnik spurred America to enter “the space race”…Consider by contrast our government’s tepid response to the latest news about UAPs. Some congressional oversight committees have asked for and received briefings, but none has held a hearing, either open or closed; none has appropriated funds for collection or analysis; none has even asked for a report or a threat assessment. Nor have Congress members expressed concern over apparently being kept in the dark on this issue for years by the executive branch, a situation that changed only after a small private organization — To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, which I advise on national security affairs — made Department of Defense gun-camera footage available to the press and to Congress.

…[E]xamination of major US intelligence failures — from Pearl Harbor to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Iraqi WMD — shows that, in each case, we had information that, properly analyzed and acted upon, could have prevented disaster. We’re at a similar place today, with ample warning lights flashing but no effective effort to pool relevant data from the myriad services and agencies that possess it.

Now about those abductions…


Facts: Washington Post


19 thoughts on “Wait, Why Was This News Not A Bigger Story? And What ELSE Have They Been Covering Up?

  1. Actually, the footage from the gun cameras was shown on Fox in early September. Apparently, a former pilot got some of the footage declassified when he wrote a book about what he witnessed.

    Before we run up the white flag we should not draw the conclusion that because the Navy is not making a big spectacle of this they are doing nothing.

    Keep in mind how many ridiculed Trump for the Space Force idea. Trump’s persona would be the perfect vehicle for obtaining funding without causing social panic. Trump’s space force would simply seen as another way to increase defense spending and not an immediate existential threat. The development of such a force would make it easier to provide info on potential ET threats over time. My understanding of why UFOs were discounted early on was to prevent widespread fear.

  2. ‘Congress promptly acted on Americans’ concerns by approving increased space and defense expenditures and enhanced education programs for math and science.’
    This right here is the issue. Reacting to this would force both parties to get off their cherished high horses. The GOP would have to accept we are not the top dogs on earth andspending and attention will have to put a fast track on redoing educatio for the masses which will be expensive. The Dems would have to suck it up even more, that the survival of the human race takes priority over fee-fees and elitist meritocracy is needed for survival. Most of the things they’s been going nuts over are luxuries that most people outside their bubble get better. They cling to their Woke Chicken Little preoccupations.

    The really odd thing is that my muse has been expecting something like this for months as I prepped for this year’s NaNo.. It makes good story fodder, but rationally I don’t want Ming the Merciless or a Venator-class ship in orbit. World politics would truly dissolve into chaos. (and I can’t see any politician step up like Deep Impact or Independance Day) Hawkings was right to advise wariness because the planet has a lot of idiots with more influence than they deserve..

    But if we’ve been under observation for decades if not centuries, why would anything change? We’re the ant farm.and all we can hope for is some kind of congenial protectorate. Worse would be the arrival of teenage joyriders having fun messing with us.

  3. I have to wonder how many of the truly unexplained sightings have been actually confirmed as “objects”. If there are some, have they checked to see what the guys at Lockheed have been up to?

    Applicable to the issue: the “Drake Equation” https://www.seti.org/drake-equation-index

    And worth a read (yeah, it’s a book, and 40 years out of date, but it’s fairly short, and it’s Asimov!):

    Aside…On the 29th, I suddenly stopped receiving email notices of EA posts. After a couple of days I was wondering if Jack were dead again, but checked the site and found there were posts being made. Had to re-subscribe to start getting them again. Google plot or alien interference?

  4. This is not a particularly big story. The US Air Force has publicly acknowledge investigating this phenomenon for decades (USAF, 2003), and with majority of work in the 60’s and 70’s (Project Blue Book). Thus, it is not an major news that the US Navy has historically had parallel programs.

    While the phenomenon display behavior that is impossible in modern craft, neither the Air Force or Navy have any evidence that these are artificial craft rather than unknown natural phenomenon.

    • Acknowledging investigating something is not the same as admitting that they appear to be aircraft. I’ve followed the UFO controversy since I was a teenager. The government had never before conceded that these might be real, and if they are real, of course its a big story. After all those years of denials, why would anyone now believe denials about Area 51, or any other UFO-related issues?

      • The Navy acknowledged that these are authentic videos of “unidentified aerial phenomena.” That term is better than “unidentified flying object” because the reality is that we don’t know that the phenomena recorded are actually “flying objects” in the first place. I don’t see where the Navy has acknowledged in any statement that these are unidentified aircraft, and if they are aircraft, the descriptions seem to defy the laws of physics. The history of UFO sightings over the past 70 years has shown us that such sightings can usually be explained as misinterpretations of mundane phenomena, and that seems a much more likely explanation for why our government doesn’t do more to investigate them. Alternatively, if these are aircraft or artificial objects of some kind, it’s possible that our government is unconcerned because they are own top secret experiments.

  5. This story with gun camera footage appeared on Zerohedge.com about a month ago. It is perplexing. Perhaps it further explains 2 Space Force flights of a top secret nature exceeding 700 days each.

    Yes, that’s-about 2 years per mission.

    No idea, but might be worth investigating or considering.

  6. If those UAPs are from this planet, on the other hand, the United States just lost the arms race. Writes Christopher Mellon in the Hill article,

    I’m neither alarmed nor surprised. The armed forces and politicians, for decades, have assumed that this knowledge would do more harm than good, and perhaps provide aid to our enemies. Perhaps they were right.

    But what I do know is that the objects’ capabilities, as described, violate the laws of the physical universe as we currently understand them, assuming the objects contained organic life. Their acceleration rates alone would reduce life as we know it to protoplasm, and their power distribution curves require a source of energy many orders of magnitude more dense and miniaturized than even the most optimistic dreams of engineering and science.

    So at minimum, their energy production is so far beyond our capability that it can’t be reasonably theorized, and assuming there are organic life forms on board, would have to have gravity control at the very least in addition. That would serve to explain their means of “flight,” if you want to call it that.

    In other words, there is no science on this earth that can produce these objects’ reported capabilities. There is no extrapolation of existing science, or respectable theory, that would provide a plausible explanation. That removes a local Earth-bound opponent as a possible cause.

    What remains, in the words of Sherlock Holmes, must be the truth. A reason to be concerned, for sure, but if they possess such capabilities, we couldn’t resist them if they decided to turn hostile. At least, not until we achieve a radical advance in technology that looks to me to be at least several hundred years away, or manage to reverse-engineer some of their tech.

    Perhaps we’re already doing that reverse-engineering, and if so, it would be a damned good reason to keep it secret.

  7. Maybe one of these UFO/UAP things can help Greta Thunberg to some climate change summit. She set sale for Chile in a sailboat (see, she refuses to fly because of greenhouse gasses) to attend the summit where she was supposed to give more unchallenged pearls of wisdom but due to civil unrest in Chile, the summit was moved to Spain. Now, she is stuck in the middle of the ocean somewhere and needs help to get to the summit. Otherwise, we will miss another opportunity to listen to her deride the international community for ruining or taking her childhood from her.


  8. Has anyone else noted that, as the majority of the world’s population has come to carry cameras in their pockets, how the sighting of UFOs has diminished?

    What does that mean?

  9. Aww, Jeez. I did see the Navy aerial videos recently. That “overloaded” me. I was still stuck on pondering the ICBM-disabling “phenomenon” that hovered over a missile base, back in the 1960s. And the U.S. enlisted Air Force men, Penniston and Burroughs, and their observations in Rendlesham Forest (United Kingdom) in late 1980.

    All I can do is beg and plead ever more persistently and loudly: “ET, phone ME!”

    At least, it does not seem like the entity or entities (if any) in control of these latest “phenomena” are “hostiles.”

    I am not so sure that the proliferation of cameras in pockets correlates to a diminished number of sightings…I am not sure, but I believe I just saw on some TV program during this last week, a cell phone video of a couple of “UAPs” hovering over one of the sites of Mayan (or was it Aztec?) pyramids, while crowds of tourists visited. The Ps were visible one moment, invisible the next. To my eye, they (well, the nearest one of them) actually looked a little like what the Navy pilots caught on their cameras. Either I didn’t catch from the TV, or it didn’t say, exactly when that cell phone imagery was taken.

    All of this “U” business has me more convinced than ever that humans, as a species, are woefully ignorant of the physics that so many of them think they know so well. I will go ahead and dare to say that it is not unreasonable to think that there may be some physics all around us that we are simply incapable of ever understanding, or even perceiving or “experiencing,” let alone “exploiting.”

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