Comment Of The Day: “Yes, It’s Open Forum Time Again!,” And Reflections On The State of Our Democracy, Part 1

The discussion on the Open Forum this week, unmoderated, was remarkably effective in covering important topics in my absence that I would have been writing about had I not been caught in a conflict of duties. Among them: the impeachment hearings; Chic-Fil-A capitulating to public bullying; Bob Barr’s speech; the President’s pardon of several officers convicted by military courts, and several others, including the AFP news service botch of using Obama era figures to condemn Trump’s illegal immigration policies.

Excellent job, everybody. Thank you.

This may not be the only COTD to come from that Open Forum, but long-time contributor Michael R. hit on several points that I would have written about, and have before. It is important to keep the context of and motives underlying the Trump Impeachment Ethics Train Wreck before us, even if it involves returning again and again to a repulsive topic, and repeating the factors that make the 2016 Post Election Ethics Train Wreck the threat to the nation’s comity, security, viability and continued success that it has become.

I’ll be back at the end, but for now, here’s Michael R.’s Comment of the Day:

The election of Trump shows that elections of Republicans can be democratic. The treatment of Trump seems to show that elections don’t matter. The people can elect anyone they want, but if they elect the wrong person, the government will make sure that mistake is rectified. It looks like we have a Lt. Colonel who decided he didn’t like the President’s foreign policy and started impeachment proceedings against him. We have 5,6,7…I don’t know how many head FBI executives who fabricated evidence, lied, and leaked classified information, and investigated every facet of the President’s life to try to remove the President. We have how many Justice Department and State Department officials who have willfully obstructed the President’s orders if not blatantly tried to have him removed from office. The bureaucracy even raided the office of the President’s personal attorney and leaked files they seized.

How many Federal Judges have cancelled his executive orders merely because they don’t agree with them? How many federal judges have ruled that the President can’t cancel an executive order if the judges disagree with the decision? How many judges ruled that it is OK to spy on a Presidential campaign as long as they don’t like that candidate?

Democracy may not be dead, but it isn’t very healthy. I have begun to see lots of posts along the lines of “What do we do when elections stop working. What do we do when we can’t change things no matter who we elect?” Looking at the last 3 years, how many people need to be removed from the government before elections matter? 2000? 3000? 10,000? 100,000? Maybe have a poll…

I’m back.

Michael’s legitimate and important lament, if I posted it on Facebook, would immediately draw multiple comments dismissing his assessment as “Fox News talking points.” This now familiar knee-jerk tactic to de-legitimize accurate observations of objective reality has become routine, and those who employ it really think  it is ethical and virtuous, because, in their conformation bias-clouded eyes, no one could fairly and reasonably question the efforts of the Axis of Unethical Conduct (Democrats/”the resistance”/ the mainstream news media) to save the United States.

The effort to undo the 2016 election was catalyzed by the immediate, hysterical, terror-mongering that followed Trump’s shocking victory, as I wrote at the time. The “Trump is a monster/Nazi/ aspiring dictator” refrain melted the brains of people I once would have assumed were immune to such indoctrination. A brilliant lawyer and single mother I was working with in Massachusetts said she was terrified for her mixed-race son’s life. I told her that from my perspective of Presidential history, there was no justification for such concern. I intensely disliked  (and dislike) Donald Trump, but he fit within the backgrounds and range of character traits of the men who have been elected President, and the panic was being artificially ramped up by the news media and Democrats to enable and justify extreme and undemocratic measures.

“I hope you’re right!” she said, her voice trembling. “I am right,” I replied. “Saying this guy is a Nazi monster is as ridiculous as saying he’s an English Muffin. He’s an all-American man raised to believe basic American ideals and values. There’s no crisis, no emergency to justify treating him any differently than every other elected President.”

But the Nazi Monster Big Lie worked, and Democrats were happy to use it if it could block an elected leader determined to undo the progressive, globalist policies of  Barack Obama.

I’ll continue in Part II…


7 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Yes, It’s Open Forum Time Again!,” And Reflections On The State of Our Democracy, Part 1

  1. Trump Hosted Zuckerberg For Undisclosed Dinner At The White House In October

    This taking so long to surface isn’t the point.

    *You think Zuckerberg, et al, will pay a price for this unmitigated blasphemy?

    *Will Elizabeth Warren’s disdain for Facebook swell and her desire to put the screws to it grow exponentially?

    *Far more importantly, surely the subject of Facebook blocking EthicsAlarms came up; will Trump follow Facebook’s lead and block Jack from his twitter feed…?

  2. ” the AFP news service botch of using Obama era figures to condemn Trump’s illegal immigration policies.”

    Those zany folks over at The Babylon Bee are staying atop all the news that’s fit to print:

    BREAKING: White House Involved In Stunning Plot Of Murder And Bribery — UPDATE: Never Mind. It Was During The Obama Administration. Deleting.

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