Unethical Quote Of The Month: GretaThunberg

“World leaders are still trying to run away from their responsibilities but we have to make sure they cannot do that. We will make sure that we put them against the wall and they will have to do their job to protect our futures.”

—Climate change demagogue Greta Thunberg to cheering protesters somewhere or other; it doesn’t matter, and I don’t care.

Maybe the hubris-poisoned Swedish teen doesn’t know that “against the wall” is a violent and threatening allusion, but then she has forfeited the normal leave I would grant a high-schooler by going around the world pretending to know more than one. She doesn’t of course. She has just been programmed to lecture adults as a surrogate for adult activists, as they use her as a human shield against critics, kind of like when Curly of The Three Stooges would don glasses and shout “Can’t a man with glasses!”  Can’t be mean to a teenaged girl!

Greta  might as well be a Muppet, like Kermit or Miss Piggy, except I have a hard time believing that a Muppet would every threaten to line up world leaders against a wall.

World leaders have many responsibilities, among them being the duty not to pay any attention to indoctrinated children with a false sense of their own wisdom. For Time to make this obnoxious kid its “Person of the Year” is the height of pandering and unseriousness, which, com to think of it, pretty much decribes what Henry Luce’s baby has grown into in its twilight years.

Thunberg makes Cindy Sheehan look like Gandhi. As for anyone who cheers Greta’s rants, they are enabling a slow-motion tragedy. She’s a female Marjoe Gortner now, and likely to end up angry, bitter, emotionally disturbed, a drug addict, a hustler, dead before her time, or worse, a reality show star.

19 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Month: GretaThunberg

  1. I have never heard of Marjoe Gortner. I just took your link and read the Wikipedia entry. Yikes! But thanks for the information.

    Don’t forget that Leftists and Progressives are allowed to use eliminationist rhetoric. After all, their opponents are all Nazis, right?

  2. Several days ago I said Trump wasn’t punching down with his tweet that she has anger management issues , should chill out and go with a friend to a movie” because little Greta chose to be a global activist who makes demands. When adults give her an adult forum any adult pushback is on Greta and the adults who elevated her

    Since then it has been claimed that Trump “attacked this young woman who is on the autism spectrum scale”. Pure BS. This person is not an innocent little girl. She is both a demagogue and a victim of progressive abusers that use her as Jack accurately described as a human shield.

    The time has come to call out her defenders for what they are and what they are doing to these kids. For 16 year olds that want to be an activist in a world stage they better be ready to accept the fall out from their activism. It should be noted that little Greta does not go to China and condemn President Xi .

      • Very true and Sandman’s experience demonstrates the difference between choosing to be an activist as has Greta and one who does not.

        The people condemning Trump for his mild tweet actually suggested Sandman was bullying the old man with the drum. I have little use for such fools

        • ”Very true and Sandman’s experience demonstrates the difference between choosing to be an activist as has Greta and one who does not.”

          One who chose not? Barron Trump.

          My ardent hope is that Sandmann’s suit advances against WaPo/CNN and brings them to their enfeebled knees!

  3. I’d respect her more if she had more suggestions with any substance instead of vague, and now threatening words. Drunk on the attention at a minimum, her biggest concerns should bo coming of age issues: gaining a profession that makes her some combination of fulfilled and remunerative. Instead, she’s learning that rabble-rousing and impossible demands will get her attention and support from people who want her to give them easy and simple answers. Has she even heard about the increasing ice pack, or have they insulated her from that tidbit?

    I feel pity for the puppet and contempt for the parents who should be protecting her from her foolish crusade against the English, like another farm girl…

  4. I wonder if she is aware of what is happening in her own backyard.


    Now, however, even the BBC appears to have discovered that Sweden suffers from serious problems. In November, the BBC published an article headlined, “Sweden’s 100 explosions this year: What’s going on?”

    “Swedish police are dealing with unprecedented levels of attacks, targeting city centre locations too. The bomb squad was called to deal with 97 explosions in the first nine months of this year,” the BBC wrote. It even quoted Linda H. Straaf, head of intelligence at Sweden’s National Operations Department, about the identity of the men behind the explosions and gang violence:

    “They have grown up in Sweden and they are from socio-economically weak groups, socio-economically weak areas, and many are perhaps second- or third-generation immigrants”.

    It is significant that one of the world’s largest mainstream media organizations finally engages with Swedish reality, and attempts accurately to describe it.

    Swedish reality, unfortunately, continues to deteriorate. Last month, a 15-year-old was shot to death and another teenager seriously wounded in a pizzeria in Malmö. That incident appears to have been a turning point. “We have seen a weekend in Malmö that is unacceptable, with an execution-like murder,” said Mats Löfving, head of the Swedish police’s National Operations Department. He announced that police would be launching a six-month nation-wide operation against the wave of gang-related violence and explosions. The operation would mainly work towards four goals.

  5. I saw a brief Yahoo News video which said that Ms. Thunberg has since apologized for the “put them against the wall” remark, claiming that she was literally translating a Swedish expression which means “to put (someone) on the spot” with tough questions. Of course, if Ms. Thunberg’s English is not fluent enough to avoid such faux pas, she ought not be making public pronouncements in languages other than her native Swedish.

    • She also tweeted that it meant “to hold someone accountable.”

      Of course, only in Sweden (maybe Norway) would that mean “tough questions.”

      What I find most amusing is that her English translation of a Swedish colloquialism was made to a bunch of Italians. If knowing your audience counts for anything, she might have watched her words when speaking in the birthplace of fascism.

      What makes her words even more inexcusable is that the world is apparently taking the lead from a 16-year old dissident with no discernible familiarity with the lyrics from The Wall, by Pink Floyd.


  6. Maybe the hubris-poisoned Swedish teen doesn’t know that “against the wall” is a violent and threatening allusion, but then she has forfeited the normal leave I would grant a high-schooler by going around the world pretending to know more than one.

    She is a minor child. As such, it doesn’t matter whether or not she knows what “against the wall” means. It doesn’t matter what she says. The words mean nothing, as their speaker is insufficiently educated either in life or in the science that is at the heart of the climate debate to add any substantive commentary to the argument.

    The big question that nobody seems to be asking is, why do adults pay attention to a minor child with a developmental mental disorder who pontificates on a subject she cannot possibly have either the experience or depth of understanding to meaningfully contribute to?

    Hubris is a province of the young. It’s both understandable and forgivable for a young woman with mental challenges to feel empowered by the attention she is being given. She’s too young to understand the correct adult response to her situation, and her parents are enabling and feeding her conceit.

    What is unethical is her elevation by a magazine that represents itself as a serious social critic to the “Person of the Year.” It’s absurd for such a vulnerable young person to be thrust to the forefront of the world stage as a spokesperson for any movement, whatever we may think of the validity of the position she’s defending.

    What Time has done is manifestly and transparently unethical. What is worse is that it is shameless, partisan, and profit-driven. Thunberg’s parents are guilty of malfeasance (some would say child abuse) in the raising of their daughter, and the environmental Left is literally using the young woman as a human shield to both defend from a reasoned response to their comments produced through her, and as a sword with which to attack their critics by using the “How dare you attack a child with mental challenges?” outrage fallacy.

    What’s even more embarrassing is that the environmental Left has absolutely no self-awareness of the idiocy it takes to elevate such a person to her current status within their movement, not to mention how wrong it is to use her so shamelessly. Most of these are among the same people who described a minor student in the Covington Catholic affair as “punchable,” in the ultimate act of enforcing a clueless, cowardly double-standard.

    Everyone associated with this corrupt ethics disaster should be ashamed. It is both risible and sad at the same time, and for once, actually worthy of outrage.

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