Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 1/10/2020: Clean Up On Aisle Ethics!

Good morning.

1. Poll report! In the “just what is Pete Buttigieg?” poll, “panderer” and my personal favorite, “asshole,” are running neck and neck:

The previous poll on fat-shaming isn’t close, with about 90% siding with fitness guru Jillian Michaels

The poll asking which idiotic statement about the U.S. blowing up the Iranian terror chief produced a landslide for Rep. Omar:

2. Baseball Hall of Fame Ethics. MLB’s sportswriters who made public their votes for the Hall of Fame (the results of the election will be announced Jan. 21) all voted for #1 steroid cheat Barry Bonds and almost certain cheat Roger Clemens. This depressing revelation reflects the fact that they are young, and also that they have the ethical analysis skills of marmots. Chris Haft, for example, wrote, “I initially refused to vote for Bonds or Clemens, but they are guilty for their alleged wrongdoings only in the court of public opinion. That’s not damning enough not to vote for a guy.” I don’t even know what he thinks that means. That there wasn’t a trial? Former Washington Post writer Richard Justice wrote, “I weigh the ethical questions of the so-called “Steroid Era” every year. My essential position has not changed. Unless a player has been suspended by MLB for PED use, I give him full consideration.” In other words, if he wasn’t caught he should continue to get away with it all the way into the Hall. There is absolutely no question that Bonds played the last half of his career so loaded with PED that they were coming out of his ears. This is like saying that you are convinced that O.J was innocent because he got away with it.

3. One “Arrgh! World War III!’ note...Stephen Kruiser, a conservative blogger, commented on the Democrats apparent disappointment that the President de-escalated after Iran’s symbolic attack on U.S. facilities, saying,

If you’re wondering whether I am implying that Democrats wouldn’t care if American troops were in harm’s way if it would help them defeat Trump in November, I am not. I’m saying it outright.

Then there was this telling piece in The Root, which was somehow posted with approval by an African American Facebook friend, proving State 4 Trump Derangement. The headline: The President of the United States Just Publicly Went Out Like a Bitch. And That’s Fine by Us.

Got that? If the President is bellicose, he’s a dangerous madman. If he is diplomatic and works to defuse the situation, he  (quoting here): “completely bitched out. In fact, before the president stepped to the podium, Managing Editor Genetta Adams called it, noting that the president ain’t about that life. “He’s going to pussy out like he did with [Speaker of the House] Nancy Pelosi and the [government] shutdown. He’s really a chicken when someone punches back.”

It literally doesn’t matter what the President does to the Deranged. It must be wrong.

4. On the good side, it could mean the end of awards altogether. Diversity accountants are getting an early jump on complaining about the upcoming Oscar nominations being too white and too male. Bias can’t be removed from such subjective awards, but the closer they get to being determined by quotas, the less they serve their alleged purpose. ” [T]his past week suggests that other awards bodies still have a lot of soul-searching to do, and that this issue may require a total shift in what’s considered weighty and worthy,” writes Times critic Kyle Buchanan. “Total shift,” as in “if it’s directed by a white man, it is less “weighty and worthy” that an equivalent work by a woman or minority director. The injection of tribalism into the process has infected awards other than in the performing arts.  The Romance Writers of America, a trade group with more than 9,000 members that administers the annual RITA Awards, announced Monday that so many writers and judges had pulled out of its 2020 competition that it had no choice but to cancel the contest entirely. Many of those who dropped out had “lost faith” the competition would be administered fairly, the group said in a statement, and their refusal to participate meant the contest would no longer “reflect the breadth and diversity” of writing published in the past year. Previously, much of the group’s board had resigned after a controversy over a board member calling a novel “racist.”

The only practical value of any awards program in the arts is marketing and publicity, but once an award is perceived by the public as being governed by intentional and explicit, rather than subconscious bias, it will lose all credibility and public support.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, now that I think about it.

5. Nah, Democrats don’t support open boarders! From the LA Times: “Democratic lawmakers expect Gov. Gavin Newsom to embrace an effort to include seniors without legal status in the state’s Medi-Cal program — either in his new state budget or with his signature on legislation.”

A nation cannot announce rewards for those who break its laws and credibly claim that it wants those laws enforced.



4 thoughts on “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 1/10/2020: Clean Up On Aisle Ethics!

  1. 5) I think there is a global electronic conspiracy. Every single autocorrect…MS Word, Twitter, facebook, etc, autocorrects “borders” to “boarders”. EVERYONE has fallen victim to this plot.

  2. 4: I learned about the RWA scandal only days ago, and it is not about quota stuff, but is becoming clears that its procedural and closed door decisions by a group that has been open before. Like banning a serving officer for an ethics breech, when the ethics rules had already exempted social media from being evidence of barred behavior. (Ie a flame war or dumb tweet is not enough to impeach) Also other irregularities about overpaid speeches and huge profit on the Rita award submission fees for a non-profit. (Submission fees are now warned against by Writer Beware, who has a large collection of citations).

    The original complaint was related to representation, but the response has been totally out of proportion to a scholarly critical review. (that’s where it echoes progressive snowflaking) and the mass of the organization has been rebelling. Authors, publishers, agents, etc have been resigning or dropped being involved this year. The whole thing is a fascinating display of snowflakes and secretive actions vs evidence demands by members and officers. I believe it is a simlar convulsion as the Fandom Menace’ collective in the SF genre and lots of authors have been jumping ship…

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