To Paraphrase George M. Cohan: “My Wife Thanks You, My Blog Thanks You, And I Thank You.”

To our surprise and delight, we just had delivered to our door, fresh from Conklyn’s Florists, a beautiful  mixed bouquet in a lovely glass vase. The card attached reads,

“Dear Mrs. Marshall, Get well absolutely as soon as possible.

[Other Bill] and the rest of the Ethics Alarms Commentariat

This was so kind and unexpected. None of my 420 Facebook friends (and relatives!) were so moved (then again, most of them hate me.) My wife was stunned, and is very grateful. (She would have applauded, but she only has one functioning arm.)

She says:  “This is very much appreciated. It cheers me up a little, something Jack has failed at completely. It is also a relief to be able to look at the beautiful flowers instead of my black-and blue face. And the vase is especially welcome, as a one armed flower arranger is like a one -armed paper-hanger, and Jack is no help at all.”

The ethics value here is generosity and kindness.

Thanks, Bill, and thanks everyone.

30 thoughts on “To Paraphrase George M. Cohan: “My Wife Thanks You, My Blog Thanks You, And I Thank You.”

  1. … I thought we agreed to sending little ‘get well’ notes!?! Small gifts to dog charities, simply to generate “someone donated in your name” postcards?!?!

    Old Bill, you went and raised the bar. Now we all look bad!

    (The sarcasm is strong here. Many wishes for Mrs. Marshall to recover quickly and to have a minimum of annoyance with Jack*)

    *The Society for Reprobate Cats wishes to thank you for your minimal donation. With generous donors like yourself, we will be closing our doors in no time at all! Have a nice day!

  2. I personally commend Other Bill for his personal attention to this and he gets a lot of brownie points for including an honorable mention for the Ethics Alarms Commentariat.

    I guess my very limited exposure to Facebook and Ethics Alarms since September, due to professional development courses I’m taking, has allow things like this to completely slip by me.

    All that said, I’m really glad she is home and I hope the healing is fast and she can get back to normal family routines.

  3. You’re very welcome, Jack and Mrs. Marshall. Thanks for the kind words. All of us in the EA commentariat are doted upon by you two with such with such ferocity it’s the least we could do. This place is so indispensable to my sanity, I couldn’t let the trauma in the Marshall household and corporate offices go unnoticed.

    Cheers. Glad your local florists did a nice job.

    • Thank you Tim, sw, Steve W, Joel, crella, marie and Glenn, inter alia. You’re all very welcome. As I’ve said before, this place is more fun than a barrel of monkeys because of not only Jack’s erudition but the commentariat’s intelligence and humor. A virtual water cooler, I guess.

        • I see Pulaski has hired an Iranian PR firm to write copy for its website:

          “The Village of Pulaski is a friendly fast growing rural community just minutes from Green Bay. Prestigiously located just 13 miles to the northwest with access to multiple highway systems.”

          Just minutes from Green Bay? 28 minutes. That would be half an hour.

          Is proximity to Green Bay a good thing?

          13 miles to the northwest of Green Bay is “Prestige?” Is that a new town?

          Multiple highway systems? Wesconsin has developed a multitude of highway systems? Wouldn’t a single highway system be better? You know, asphalt? Signed? Striped? Is there a new Amish highway system?

          Pulaski is clearly the mother of all rural communities. Praise Allah! Continue your mighty jihad against the scurrilous Vikings, sons of dogs that they are, admirable Packers!

          • Jeepers OB, don’t take too much to get riffin’!

            Anywho, “13 miles to the northwest of Green Bay is ‘Prestige?’ Is that a new town?”

            Closest thing to that would be Peshtigo, 44.1 miles/70.972 kms NNE of Pulaski, and a town which looms small in the over-powering shadow of one Mrs. O’Leary’s Bovine.

            The WESconsin Chamber of Commerce/Department of Tourism should have me on retainer…

  4. OB, well done and quite thoughtful.

    I was going to send Jack a fishing rod and shotgun then ask him if he didn’t have time to use them, if I could borrow them.

    Thanks for all the hard work Jack!

  5. Well done, OB, and thanks for including All Of Us. I hereby invite you to accept the rank of Honorary Texan, with slickwilly’s concurrence. Well wishes for Mrs. Jack’s speedy recovery.

  6. Mrs. M.,

    Belatedly (and from further West than Texas in a state with no name), a bouquet of three: one, to mend quickly; two, to do it with the least possible pain or other discomforts; and three, to be careful not to catch anyone else’s (ahem!) worry while you’re at it.

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