A Brief But Significant Addendum To “I’ve Looked And I’ve Tried And I Believe In Civility, But The Only Fair Descriptive Word For These People Is ‘Asshole'”


Mollie Hemingway, editor at the National Review, had an admirably understated reaction to this tweet from Mrs. Clinton, saying,Fully acknowledge I’m biased here, but my advice would be that if your politics are giving the impression that you’re rooting against your fellow Americans and for a deadly virus attacking them, you might want to reassess.”

My observations are not quite as understated:

  • What an asshole! But we knew that. By “me” I mean everyone who has observed this awful, awful human being’s behavior and statements since at least 1992.
  • The actual form of assholery that the spectacularly failed aspiring  first female President models here is not a variety examined in the post referenced in the title above, but in this post, item #4, in which I noted, “You can mark down any pundit (or Facebook friend) who gloats about the official U.S. tally of Wuhan virus cases making it the most infected nation in the world as fitting neatly into the topic of this recent post.” She’s not a pundit, of course (nor my Facebook friend, thank god); she is, by about 20 laps, the most ungracious, unethical, whiny, nasty, divisive and pathetic losing political candidate for national office in American political history…and she just happens to be the only woman to be on the ballot for President.
  • I wonder: does she know about Jackie Robinson, and his determination to be above reproach as a trailblazer? Does she understand the damage trailblazers do to those who would follow them when they display negative character traits that feed into negative stereotypes? Did Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater, George McGovern, Hubert Humphrey, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, even Al Gore, gleefully cry “Nyah, nyah, nyah!“from the sidelines when the men who defeated them faced reversals, defeats, even scandals? No, because there is low conduct to which decent, mature human beings will not stoop, and calling some of the men I just mentioned “decent” is generous.
  • The fact that so many members of Clinton’s party still profess to admire her and openly wish that by some demonic devices she have the chance to corrupt the American electorate a second time by giving them the opportunity to vote for such a vile mutation of a public servant tells us a great deal, none of it healthy for the stomach, about them, Democrats, and the self-destructive nature of our species.

I will only note in passing that anyone who really believes that the United States has the most cases of the Wuhan virus is either on the payroll of the Chinese government or too stupid to be allowed to eat with anything but a spoon.

46 thoughts on “A Brief But Significant Addendum To “I’ve Looked And I’ve Tried And I Believe In Civility, But The Only Fair Descriptive Word For These People Is ‘Asshole'”

  1. Agree with you about Clinton and Clintons. However, several news outlets are indeed reporting that the US now has more total cases of Coronavirus than either China or Italy, placing the US at the top of that chart. On a per capita basis, the US remains behind Italy (but Italy is still growing) and is now higher than China, where the viral infections seem to be stabilizing or receding. has more per capita and is still growing. Therefore, at least based on several reports during the last 24 hours, your final comment may (and I stress “may” because nobody can claim they know the truth of the figures coming out of China) be incorrect. I am not on the payroll of the Chinese government but I do often eat with a spoon, at least for breakfast.

      • As I said in the parenthetical of my penultimate sentence, Jack. The data that is even more unreliable is that coming out of Russia. Having spent a lot of time studying statistics before I switched to law, I don’t understand how Italy is “irrelevant”. I guess you mean on the “total cases” line, although Italy’s total cases are almost as high as the US and growing in the South now. On the per capita basis, it is by far the highest . Much like locales here in the US. New York and Seattle have far more cases than NOLA, but NOLA has a higher per capita caseload. I accept that both “total cases” and “per capita cases” are relevant, here at home and internationally. Two different but important measures.

        • We can be ten times the number of any other nation on the face of the Earth. That is not the issue. The issue is Clinton decides to mock the president’s agenda of putting the interests of America before all others. And, by all appearances she would like to see the number of cases rise her in the US just so she and the other Trump deranged people can pretend to demonstrate their moral and technical superiority which of course is not and cannot actually be tested.

          We can also say that the hot spots are all in Democrat run cities. Are the leaders if those cities to be held to the same standard. We are a Republic of 50 sovereign states not a benevolent monarchy with 50 serfdoms. What the hell was Cuomo, De Blasio, Newsome et al doing before to protect the citizens of their states and cities?

        • Michael, are any countries in the world testing in the numbers seen in the U.S? I’ve seen reports that Italy only tests people who show up at the hospital displaying symptoms. What percentage of tests done in the U.S. come in negative? I think I’ve seen reports of that number being something like 85%. How many cases are asymptomatic? All these data are like the five blind me describing an elephant by touch. Let’s not go down the Henny Penny route and always conclude the sky is falling because it’s raining.

          A huge benefit of suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome is you can be absolutely sure whatever Trump may say or think IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG and the possibility of anything turning out not so bad is ABSOLUTELY NIL because Trump! (And I’m not saying your observations are attributable to TDS.)


          • The site I look at for this reports 670k tests performed and 102k positives or about 15%

            However, on a number of the individual states, it says they don’t necessarily reports all the tests performed, or don’t report negatives. So the actual percentage of negatives may well be somewhat higher.

            • Thank you, DG. Makes one wonder about the criteria for needing to be tested. “I don’t feel well?” And the number of cases requiring hospitalization is a fraction of the positives. And the recovery rate is…?

              • Other Bill,

                Here’s a real-life answer to your curiosity…

                My wife has been quite sick the last couple of days…fever, sore throat, hoarse voice, headaches. She has a compromised immune system and a couple other risk factors. She called our doctor’s office yesterday and spoke with the doctor (not her normal doctor), who assessed her over the phone and insisted she be tested for WuFlu. The doctor made the call to the urgent care center and everything got set up. At 2:45, my wife walked into the clinic. Fifteen minutes later she came out. Her temp was “just” 100 and she wasn’t wheezing heavily, so she didn’t even qualify for the test.

                She probably just has the regular flu, but what’s really frustrating is that she was told to get tested by a doctor, we drove 15 miles (one way), the urgent care met her at the door wearing “PPE” gear…and then wouldn’t test her. Why? If for no other reason, they had already “burned” the PPE gear, so just run the test to confirm that she is negative. Wouldn’t that be valuable information, for them AND us?

                So yay that an urgent care technician THINKS my wife is WuFlu-free, but wouldn’t it better to KNOW?!?

                For disclosure, we live in the Des Moines, IA area.

          • Certainly hope you don’t think that I suffer from TDS. Never have. My comment about numbers was simply a response to Jack’s final para.

      • …This just in: as you, I think, we’re almost certain and I was suspicious (guess I am still not as cynical as you, although Maureen prefers the term “realistic” to “cynical”, the huge number of funeral urns have been ordered in China in the last few days indicates China is continuing to lie about the extent of deaths there.

    • I’m going to have to side with Jack in this-it would be unwise to trust any information currently coming out of China given that:

      1. The PRC government tried to cover up the existence of the virus from the very start, going so far as to destroy samples, destroy or suppress any information about said virus, and jail scientists and researchers who tried to blow the whistle and warn the public.

      2. The Chinese government actively attempted to spread conspiracy theories and propaganda blaming the United States military for introducing the virus to China.

      3. The Chinese government has expelled ALL American journalists from their country, citing their reasons for doing so due the American press being ‘prejudice’ in their coverage.

      China has lied about the virus from the very start, and are directly responsible for spreading it to the rest of the world. Had they been more forthcoming with their information, it is very likely that the global effects of this virus could have been lessened, if not outright prevented.

      The moral of this whole story is, once again: DO NOT trust Chinese government.

      • It looks like the Chinese government bought up vast amounts of medical supplies in January, while still not admitting there was a problem. They managed to acquire “3 million protective masks, 700,000 hazmat suits and 500,000 pairs of protective gloves” and ship them to China.

        Yeah, the shortages were all Trump’s fault. Also because someone used up the CDC’s supplies and didn’t restock even thought they were warned numerous times… coughObamacough.

  2. And then there’s this. Mom always said I would amount to nothing sitting on the couch watching TV. Yet, here I am, saving the nation.

        • And pot outlets!

          (Can you even imagine the impact of closing down beer, wine and liquor sales? Might as well close down production of beer cheese soup and cheese curds in the Dairy State! Can you imagine the chaos if Packers camp doesn’t open on time? Can I get a Keith Jackson, “Whoa Nellie!” or “Katie bar the door!”)

            • WHHAAAT? Are they going the close down the “world’s largest hamburger” festival in Hamburg, Wesconsin? They’re not going to have the melon catapult competition even? Are Minnesotans covertly running things?

              • You’re familiar with the Marathon County…um…Burg of Hamburg, where I have clients? You never cease to amaze me!

                What would trigger America’s Dairyland freakin’ the heck out?

                Postponing or (SHUDDER) cancelling the WESconsin State COW CHIP THROW & Festival…

                The Pies have it!

                • Having done a tour of duty in upstate NY during undergrad, I’m fully aware of the ongoing controversy between Hamburg, NY and Hamburg, WI.

                  Guess we’ll just have to let the chips fall where they may this year. And really, who needs televised sports when we could have more chip tosses in every community? Who even needs midget tossing?

                • Ya know, Hamburg, (just nortwest of Little Chicago-n-Naugert, once), isn’t even consequential enough for inclusion on the oversized WESconsin reference map we keep on the staircase wall

                  And anyone worth their Schlitz or knows that the Outagamie County town of Seymour is THE Birthplace of the Burger!

            • Just clicked on the link. Reads like an Onion article from the days before the Onion went bad. Makes me long for those days and the world before the Great Kung Flu Panic of 2020.

          • In Portland they’re delivering “essential” beer, wine, and weed. We may have a lot of smug deranged socialists but at least we know how to party like it’s 1999.

            • Q, I’m going to assume the beer is locally sourced and bottled in bottles requiring a substantial return deposit. Or have the bottle deposits been waved due to the Coronavirus Crisis?

              It’s times like these that have to make all of us, even lefties, really appreciate that great lefty whipping boy, the all powerful liquor lobby. Can I get a “Thank you Jesus!”

              • On my three trips into town last week for physical therapy, the ONLY full parking lots I saw were at the liquor store

            • Pennsylvania, the prohibition limitations linger for harder liquors, though beer and wine finally hit convenience and grocery stores this decade. There still are caps on liquor licenses, like the local Costco still can’t sell wine even if it’s rated well elsewhere.

  3. Can the Democrats be prevailed upon to choose a more transparent brand name? Say: Anti-American or Pro-Communist or Enemies of Western Civilization. Perhaps a poll with a series of choices would be entertaining.

    • The “We Hate America Party?” The “We Have Serious Problems with our Fathers and other Authority Figures Party?” I think “Communist Party of America” would be fine.

        • Speaking of names, I think it’s time we confer the moniker “Hanoi Hillary” on the most qualified person to ever run for president of these United States. She’s always wanted to look like Jane Fonda or a tour golfer’s wife rather than a dumpy, bespectacled Wellesley valedictorian. Mission accomplished, Hanoi Hillary! All those face lifts and hair dos and makeup have finally paid off. You look, and SOUND, just like Jane Fonda! Congrats! Good job!

          • Hijab Hillary works too. She wants to ally with the Squad and the villainous, anti-Semitic, anti-American Ilhan Omar she can accept the same mark as her.

  4. I am not at all surprised. I’m also not surprised at Joe Biden’s recent tweet in which he said that when he was president he would put science first, implying what many have stated outright, that Trump disregards science and is afraid of smart people (which all liberals are, of course, they only wouldn’t be liberals if they weren’t). Basic decency went out the window on the left when Trump was elected, although it had been hanging out the window for a while.

    A lot of the open rudeness and contempt seemed to start in the Clinton era, maybe together with the rise of the internet. Now anyone could say anything he wanted and send it around the world in a few seconds. A lot of people did just that, no matter how dumb, how rude, or profane, or how unfair what they had to say was. Then the refrain was that your character didn’t matter as long as you were successful and had the right views. The other side of that, though, was that if you had the wrong views you were beneath contempt.

    As we moved into the administration of Bush the younger a whole “anger industry” developed. I know, because my bookshelves are groaning under the weight of a huge number of anger-based books that I gleefully devoured at the time to feed my contempt of the other side. I’m not just talking Ann Coulter, either.

    David Horowitz’ “Left Illusions: An Unholy Odyssey” and “Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left,” Daniel J. Flynn’s “Why the Left Hates America” and “A Conservative History of the American Left,” John J. Miller’s “Our Oldest Enemy,” and a lot of similar materials have all made my night table. On the other side there’s Al Franken’s “Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them,” Michael Moore’s “Stupid White Men,” and so on. People paid money to have their anger stoked and their reasons for being angry confirmed.

    After that we moved into the blogging age, where angry people on both sides could not only post their thoughts and add whatever anger-stoking they picked up, but they could build whole sites devoted to pushing their own point of view, sometimes liberally spiced up with trash talk, yelling, insults and profanity. Then there’s the issue of every single article on yahoo, youtube, or whatever having a comment section where anyone could and can say anything, and usually did or does. If someone, or several someones, isn’t willing to go low, then someone else usually is, resulting in the usual downward spiral, which we’ve seen a few times here, and which I will plead guilty to sometimes being a very big part of.

    Given this climate, where no one really respects the other side, and someone is always willing to work blue or drag the discussion into the gutter, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that this kind of behavior has bled over to the people who are supposed to be setting the tone. Why make an articulate response when a snarky insult or a sarcastic poke will do just as well? Why be polite when cursing someone out will hit three times as hard? And WHY on this green earth would you be even a little respectful to those you don’t agree with, when they hate you and you hate them right back? After all, your hatred of them is fully justified, because they’re not just people you disagree with, they’re not just people who have a vision for the future you don’t share, they’re not just people who interpret things in a different way than you. At best, they’re idiots, because anyone who CAN’T see things your way is an idiot. At worst, they’re evil, because anyone who WON’T see things your way is evil. Either way, you have no use for them, you have important and significant things to do, and you don’t have time to teach idiots or deal with the evil and obstructionist. All they merit is a quick dismissal, or an attack if they can’t be dismissed.

    • 1. Great comment, and a COTD
      2. Anyone who says something fatuous like “I’m going to put science first” is just grandstanding and advertisng ignorance at the same time. Oh, put WHAT science first, Joe? The statement is meaningless. In fact, it’s res ipsa loquitur—no one who is actually literate in either science and public policy would say or think such a thing.

      The statement isn’t senile Joe, it’s good old-fashioned stupid, pandering Joe.

  5. Just a quick note. I was listening to the CBS news radio hourly headlines early this morning. They led off the broadcast by saying something along the lines of “…from the world’s leader in Covid-19 cases”

    It’s as if this were a sporting event and we had forged into the lead……….no doubt by dint of hard work and sacrifice or something.

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