Saturday Ethics Warm-Up, 3/28/2020: Well, In At Least One Respect, WW II Must Have Felt Like This…

“This” being that almost every single news item and media article related in some way to a single topic, the war then, the pandemic today. That’s one reason President Roosevelt asked major League Baseball to keep playing on, despite the fact that most of the game’s stars had enlisted or were about to,  leaving the teams to field old players, players who came out of retirement, minor leaguers, and such curiosities as Pete Gray, the one-armed outfielder. 

Wait: the baseball season was supposed to start two days ago, and is postponed at least until May. In that regard, at least, this is worse than World War II…

1. Speaking of baseball: Red Sox ethics! Major League Baseball approved a pool of 30 million dollars (That’s $1 million per club) to compensate ballpark employees during the enforced suspension of games. That left out the employees of subcontractors like Aramark, the company that supplies Fenway Park with food services, among other things. The Sox announced that it would add a half-million dollars to the $1 million for Aramark, a move that is expected to shame the other 29 clubs into similar moves.

2. You wonder why America’s children are growing up to be Marxists? Well, this doesn’t help: The following articles appeared this week in Teen Vogue:

3. From the front page of the Boston Herald:

I’m not going to track down the article; it would just ruin the wonderful picture in my head.

4. All right, but at least they didn’t lick any trains...From Politico:

The federal health department kept its own fitness center open even as the coronavirus outbreak raged and private gyms shuttered their doors.Staff at the Health and Human Services department received an email on Wednesday afternoon, which was shared with POLITICO, reminding them that “the HHS fitness center remains open.”….But by 3:30 p.m. on Thursday — after POLITICO had submitted questions to the health department — calls to the fitness center were answered by a recorded message that “we are closed until further notice.” An HHS spokesperson confirmed that the gym is closed. The HHS fitness center stayed open even as gyms around the country temporarily closed after the White House last week warned against gatherings of more than 10 people and called for Americans to self-isolate. Meanwhile, White House coronavirus coordinator Deborah Birx and other top health officials have warned that the coronavirus is likely being spread through traces of the virus left on commonly used surfaces, like subway poles, and have urged Americans to take caution when using shared spaces.

The U.S. Senate closed its gym a week ago, but some senators reportedly accessed it by keypad. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) used it Sunday morning before receiving a positive test result for coronavirus, prompting Sen. Krysten Sinema (D-Ariz.) to tweet on Monday that her colleagues were “absolutely irresponsible.”

This is KABOOM!-worthy, except dead government ethics alarms no longer are capable of making my head explode.

5. I’ll use my KABOOM! for this…In an article for CNN,  Tim Breene, the CEO of something called World Relief, complains bitterly that the stimulus package that will see most Americans getting checks from the government ( as the national debt is pushed further into the red zone) to help them (a little) during the pandemic paralysis of the economy will not include—oh, guess. Can you guess?

It won’t include illegal immigrants. How cruel! He writes,

Undocumented immigrants — who are contributing taxes yet are generally ineligible for social safety net programs, such as food stamps, subsidized housing or Medicaid — are among those most at risk of hunger or eviction from their homes in the current crisis. Given that many lack medical insurance, they are also least likely to seek and receive health care if they contract COVID-19. Roughly 5 million US-born children of undocumented immigrants will also bear the weight of these impacts.
I’m not dismissing the reality that these immigrants have violated US immigration law, either by entering the country unlawfully or overstaying a temporary visa. Like other evangelical leaders at World Relief, I have opposed calls for amnesty, arguing instead for a restitution-based immigration reform, that establishes a process by which undocumented immigrants could get right with the law if they pay a penalty for their violation of law. Were Congress to take up such reforms, our experience at World Relief providing legal services to tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants suggests most would be eager to pay such a fine and make amends. But in the midst of this crisis, congressional action on immigration reform is not likely to happen quickly.
What can happen is that Congress can acknowledge that these undocumented immigrants have complied with IRS requirements to file and pay their taxes utilizing an ITIN. We should be fair to these American taxpayers, among the most vulnerable at all times but more so now. Congress should move quickly to send stimulus checks — and send them, in particular, to these uniquely vulnerable taxpayers.

Do you see the switch here? This is a straw man argument, suddenly converting what is intended as emergency aid to citizens to aid for “taxpayers.” In fact, most of those receiving the checks will have paid no money to the IRS at all. Illegal immigrants are not citizens and they are not Americans. They already cost taxpayers too much, but quite apart from that, law-abiding citizens come first, and the penalties for breaking our laws by coming here must be persistent and predictable.

[Pointer: Other Bill]

6. Finally…Can anyone give me an explanation other than  stunning and shameless media bias for the almost total embargo on reporting the allegations of Joe Biden’s accuser? Anyone?

I’ll need to write a whole post on this, but I can’t avoid the feeling that there has to be a better reason than “The news media is completely in the bag for the Democrats, and not even hiding it.” Is there? When Herman Cain, a conservative black Republican, was running for President, numerous anonymous accusations of sexual harassment were reported by the news media, driving him out of the race. During the Kavanaugh hearings, several accusers even less credible than Dr. Blasey-Ford crawled out from under of various rocks and were immediately treated as “scoops.” Former Senator Al Franken’s accusers were accorded similar immediate weight.

Yet when the presumptive nominee to run for President against President Trump is accused of egregious sexual assaultwe’re not just talking about a stolen kiss or an unconsented to hug—after #MeToo and the Harvey Weinstein scandal supposedly made the media painfully sensitive to the abuses and alleged abuses of powerful men, despite the fact of his 2018 statement that “all women should be believed,” and the fact that the candidate involved has the largest file of incriminating public sexual harassment photographs of any politician in memory, the media mainstream media ignores the story entirely?

What’s going on here?

13 thoughts on “Saturday Ethics Warm-Up, 3/28/2020: Well, In At Least One Respect, WW II Must Have Felt Like This…

  1. 2. Teen Vogue? Teenaged girls are now interested in economic theory? I guess teen boys are going to have to start boning up on their Marx and Engels.

    3. Isn’t “train licker” Beantownese for what T drivers drink?

    5. The headline calls this “Unjust.” Tells you all you need to know about the meaning of the completely new and made up out of thin air term “social justice.”

    6. Jack, Jack, Jack. Cool your jets. Joe’s a DEMOCRAT! Remember? Just say that ten times, take two aspirins, and go to bed. And think, man! The playbook just needs to have the dust blown off it. Houston, we have a bimbo eruption!

    • In the Globo-Homo culture — America’s finest export — you will notice a strong presence of radicalized POC as well as radically dedicated homosexuals. The purpose of all this is, of course, to pervert and influence young female minds. If you pervert your women, all the rest of social decadence and the destruction that follows from it, flows naturally.

      This is what you get when you stand in pro of unfettered and unrestricted inculcation of queer culture. It is sexual seduction brought to bear against children and powered by powerful money interests and media corporations that dedicate themselves to perverting youth.

      The object is to control and influence the *buying decisions* of young women. That object, in America (and in other places) is a celebrated endeavor. Marketing, PR, sales, et cetera. But then add to that instruction in sexual deviance and instilling a rebellious frame-of-mind. Do you expect that the young women who come out of this influence will be 1) good citizens, 2) good mothers, and could you even imagine that they could be 3) wives?

      Overall, these are influences which are part of an undermining impetus. To undermine, to excavate under, to pervert.

      What I am learning is that no one of you can be said to oppose this. You are, taken on the whole, part-and-parcel of these influences. I say this without any desire to offend, despite what it seems. I have to get clear about *who you-plural are* and what values and objects, in the most basic sense and in the essence, you support.

      Because you cannot in any sense act as a brake to this, you are part of it. When you decide to act as a brake to it you will have to do so through a radical self-examination. And once that is done (the Red Pill) then you might be able to function within a counter-current.

      This post connects to other exchanges you and I have had that deal on the power of sexuality in social seduction. These are tactics aimed at control. And then you wonder “Dear me! How did all this come about!”.

  2. 2. This is what happens when journalism students (indoctrinators) are turned loose on editorial policy of any publication. Saul Alinsky is alive, well, and on the editorial board at Teen Vogue and thousands of other outlets.

    5. Citizenship is for losers and dinosaurs who believe in rights AND responsibilities in relatively even measure.

    6. See 2 above. It’s the easiest way to get Kamala or Fauxcahontas into the White House pronto. Help Joe win, then kick Joe out. Then Pete can be VP to either of the aforementioned.

    Regarding 2,5,6…anyone seen John Galt or know where he is holed up?

  3. 5) So if he’s talking about people who have ITINs (which are typically ID numbers assigned to nonresident aliens, who may or may not be legally here — think people on a teacher’s visa, for example), they would be filing tax returns on the income earned here.

    The rules for claiming earned income credit, child tax credit, and American opportunity (education) credit are fairly complex. Some can be claimed, some require that you have a Social Security number. It can be a difficult determination.

    So if we’re talking people who have an ITIN and file tax returns, we can’t simply lump them all together.

    That said, I do assume — from the tone of his column — that he’s primarily talking about illegals.

    I would guess that, if they really have filed a tax return, they probably will get the stimulus checks.

    • I don’t see how you get there. The bill uses SS numbers as a qualification for the checks. And after engaging in the usual “immigrant-illegal immigrant” ambiguity, he says he’s talking about illegals.

      • Does it use SSNs or tax returns? You don’t have to have an SSN to file a 1040, you can have an ITIN. I don’t know and it’s not a question I’ve been asked so far. But I imagine we’ll get some guidance on that.

        So far, what I’ve heard is tax returns. Now it would be easy enough to exclude those tax returns that have ITINs — ITINs all start with a ‘9’.

      • OK, so here’s the scoop, at least as far as we know it so far.

        The stimulus payments appear to be being done as a refundable, advanceable tax credit. The refundable part means that you get it even if your tax liability is zero (or less). The advanceable means that the IRS is issuing these payments now. If you don’t get it you can claim it as a refundable credit on your 2020 tax returns that you file next year.

        IRS will be looking first at 2019 tax returns, then 2018 returns, but also social security or railroad retirement payments will qualify you if you don’t file tax returns.

        People who are not eligible for the credit would be nonresident aliens, anyone claimed as a dependent, and taxpayers who do not have SSNs (with an exception for the military spouse if either spouse has an SSN).

        The IRS will offset any past-due child support debts, but not any other federal or state debts.

        So…….illegal aliens who have not been issued SSNs are not eligible. Legal aliens here on temporary visas such as students, teachers, etc may or may not be eligible, depending on how long they have been here. Legal aliens here on work visas are more likely to be eligible if they have been here the better part of a year or longer.

        Note that nonresident alien and resident alien are TAX terms. They do not mean the same thing as legal and illegal alien status. I.e. a legal alien could be either a resident or nonresident, depending on a complicated array of factors.

  4. 2. I read this somewhere…maybe here…? Marxism comes to power with ballots. It is removed from power with bullets.

    6. The one huge blessing…no, HUGE blessing that has come from a Trump presidency is the complete unmasking of most media outlets. His administration has revealed them to be completely biased, completely unfair, completely inoculated to any serious form of truth, and completely unwilling to address it. It’s tragic.

  5. So which example are we looking at?

    The ability of communist China to contain the virus and keep it from spreading to the world?

    Or socialized medicine doing a bangup job in Italy and Spain?

  6. “I’m not dismissing the reality that these immigrants have violated US immigration law, either by entering the country unlawfully or overstaying a temporary visa.”

    “However, I am totally dismissing that reality by proposing that we reward them for their lawbreaking.”

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