Comment Of The Day: “Now THIS Is Trump Derangement! Also: Ethics Dunce, Unethical Quote Of The Month, Unethical Tweet…”

At the end of crella’s plaintive Comment Of The Day, she expresses optimism that those inflicted with  Trump Derangement, as well as those who have been watching and listening credibly while the mainstream news media frames negatively every statement, every action, every policy and every moment of the Trump Presidency, will begin to realize how their perceptions of the President have been systematically poisoned, and will begin distrusting the jaundiced lens through which they have perceived reality, because it is cracked and blurred.

For the record, I don’t think so. I was just stunned by a friend who presents himself online as a civil, rational, analytical man, even as 90% of his social media followers write as if they have had Alyssa Milano tweets played over and over in their ears while they sleep. He posted a chart tracing US job losses, and commented, “Way to go, President Trump!” He’s not an asshole, but I can’t conceive of a more assholish  thing to write or say. If I have to explain why, then you’re as lost as he is.

Someone who can write something like that without soon after hurling himself through the nearest window in shame, or taking a power drill to his skull to let out the demons, anyone who cultivates associates, colleagues and friends who would respond to such an indefensible and counter-factual hate-smear by saying, “Fuck yeah!” rather than, “Dude, you need to see someone. Write this number down…” isn’t going to suddenly snap into rationality.

As for those who have made up their minds that Trump is the Anti-Christ, or at least the Anti-Obama, suddenly appreciating his public presentations, I may be an instructive test case. I find watching the President speak exhausting and infuriating. Even when he does a good job, as he did with his State of the Union address, I can only endure it from a clinical, “we will never see anything like this again, if we’re lucky” perspective.  Now, to put this in perspective, I also had trouble watching Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and both Bushes, though each for different reasons. Well, the reasons the Bushes drove me crazy was the same: they spoke English like it was a foreign language.

Well, enough from me. Here is crella’s Comment of the Day on the post “Now THIS Is Trump Derangement! Also: Ethics Dunce, Unethical Quote Of The Month, Unethical Tweet…”

Many more people are seeing President Trump speak for themselves lately, without media interference, and more people will catch on when they see the briefing they saw with their own eyes twisted beyond recognition later online. I got a very early glimpse of this when he was still on the campaign trail. My insomnia had me sometimes watching campaign events live at 3 am in my time zone. I would go to bed, and when I got up, the narrative would almost always be very different and presented in the most negative way possible. It was so blatant, but only because I saw the initial event myself did I realize how far they were willing to go. Had I not been sometimes watching, I could also have been bamboozled.

It made me wary, and I started looking at 3-4 sources or more on every story I was interested in (as well as of course, reading here) to be able to piece whole events together. It’s draining, and you have to be dogged about it. Many will look at the headlines and scroll on, and you can’t blame them. The Trump haters each posting a half dozen or more anti-Trump memes each a day drown out everything else, and have, consistently, for almost four years. It’s a daily avalanche of anti-Trump propaganda. It’s this bad for me where I am, it must be overwhelming in the US. All of the Big Lies, repeated hundreds of times daily. When I say something people say, ‘You must love Trump’. No. I love truth, and I respect the office of the Presidency, and what it stands for.

If he is on air daily, and more people see him speak for himself I’m hoping that more people catch on to the disgusting lengths journalists are willing to go to smear Trump. I just read that networks are being petitioned to stop broadcasting the briefings live, with the reasoning that they are campaign appearances. I hope people won’t fall for it.

10 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Now THIS Is Trump Derangement! Also: Ethics Dunce, Unethical Quote Of The Month, Unethical Tweet…”

  1. Excellent post Crella.

    I have to wonder why how anyone even someone with TDS can lay the current lockout on Trump. It seems to me that governors are the ones that closed the businesses

  2. I’m not sure how we as a country will ever come back from the Trump Presidency. For over 3 years, every political disagreement as ended with dismissing me as a “Trumper”, and therefore, less than the educated, enlightened left. Dismissed out of hand as too stupid to vote the way I should have.

    So what comes next? Eventually a Democrat will be seated in the Oval Office again. What happens to the “Trumpers” then? I sat quietly disgusted through the Obama years, but thankfully most comments during that phase revolved around how thankful those dolts were that he was their President. Do we believe that’s what will happen if Biden is elected? The left will turn from name calling, stop spewing hate, and suddenly become truthful again? Will the Right quietly go into the night in the hope that civility will be restored?

    I’ve lost or given up friends, family, and colleagues in virtual and real life over politics. Not because of my different views, but because the hate, lies, and constant negativity were too much. I don’t think we’ll ever be the same, or go back to civil discourse. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think we’ll be forgetting we’re the deplorables any time soon, or forgiving the mention of it regularly.

    • It is too much. 1/3 of my FB friends list is on snooze. Even if they’re not saying anything about/to me directly, the constant beating of the drum is just soooo tiring. I’ve been feeling quite tired out by it lately. The next time a Democrat is in office, I expect endless gloating and strutting, which is equally obnoxious. They won’t ever let up.

      You may be right. We may never come back. Even a tragedy of this magnitude is not uniting people. It says a GREAT deal about these people that thousands of people dying is just another weapon to them.

      They are as brainwashed as they accuse Trump voters of being
      They are as ruthless as they accuse the GOP of being
      They are as zealous as they accuse evangelical Christians of being
      They are classist and elitist (one huge reason they hate Trump, he’s not of their class)
      They’re ageist to a horrifying degree. ‘Ok, boomer’ was dismissive enough, but now in younger circles they call Covid the ‘boomer remover’
      They are in utter lockstep, a hive mind, and do not see it. They still think they are some of the smartest people in our society, original thinkers!!

        • In all fairness, I’ve also excluded several of my “friends” from my feed. I don’t need to wake up to a digital mugging from someone on the west coast I knew in college, whose idea of how to handle the religion vs. gay rights controversy is by writing a fake phone call script where someone calls a bakery asking for a gay wedding cake, then says “actually it’s just a birthday cake for my son, but I had to make sure you weren’t a piece of shit first.” I don’t need to read stuff from a former bandmate who’s a college professor but says “Clarence Thomas can go fuck himself.” I can’t sustain reading another college acquaintance’s feed (someone who went from lawyer to massage/crystal/oils therapist) who posted five attacks on Trump before breakfast. I just can’t deal with reading the same crap over and over and over again. There are people out there on social media who frankly half scare me, half make me shake my head at how pathetic they are, like the atheist zealot whose “biography” consisted of “ALL RELIGION IS SUPERSTITIOUS BULLSHIT!” and who posted nothing but religion-hating screeds and crude (sexual, scatological) anti-trump memes. How pathetic do you have to be to spend literally ALL your time insulting others’ beliefs in as crude, vulgar, and disgusting a way as possible? “Your profane insults and hate have made me change my beliefs,” said no one ever. Yes, I post my share of political stuff, but also historical articles, photographs, music, poetry, and jokes. I really do have other things in my life besides hatred of and anger at those who think differently than I do. I’d really rather talk about the right shutter speed setting to get the perfect picture of a vintage airplane in flight, the latest incarnation of Celtic Woman, some heroic moment in history that doesn’t make it into the textbooks, or what I hope is a clever new pun than about angry and intractable opinions.

          The people spewing all the leftist attack points I just talked about were the same damn people who were defending Obamacare tooth and nail, fangirling over Jill Biden’s coat at the second inauguration, saying opposing Obama was either racist or treasonous, and suggesting that the Constitution should be amended so that the Senate would have to vote on a presidential appointment within sixty days or be deemed to have waived the power to advise and consent after Mitch McConnell stopped the Garland nomination cold. Pointing this out to them, though, was as useless as describing red or blue to a man who’s been blind since birth. You just can’t do it. At least the poor fellow who’s been blind from birth has an excuse, he CAN’T perceive what you are talking about. The partisan hypocrite, though, has no excuse, especially if he’s one of those on the left who is so much smarter and better educated than those of us on the right (which is to say almost all of them, they only wouldn’t be on the left if they weren’t). He simply WON’T see the hypocrisy in his actions, or will handwave it away, or will just tell you where to go and what to do to yourself when you get there.

          Arrogance, self-certitude, hatred, hostility and obsession make for a pretty toxic combination, and, frankly, anyone who allows these to be their hallmarks is a toxic person. No they WON’T stop being toxic people when their guy is in the White House. They’ll just use the power at their fingertips to crush, smother, and silence everyone who thinks differently than they do while they reach out to grab more. What other kind of people would create a compact that would render the electoral college a nullity and middle America de fact serfs? What other kind of people would publish and applaud an article that advocates creating 127 new states out of the District of Columbia precisely to stomp the other side into the political ground? What other kind of people would float a proposal for the West Coast to split off into the independent nation of Pacifica, where they could go far left and not worry about what those rubes in flyover country thought? People like Hillary, who said it didn’t matter that Americans were killed on her watch who she had the ability to prevent from being killed, and then blamed it on an obscure Youtube video think and talk and act like that. People like “vicious, conspiracy-minded, hate-filled jerk” Ted Rall, who wrote a very truthful but completely tactless and borderline rude article that boiled down to “yes, we liberal people on the coasts DO feel superior to you flyover country peasants, because we ARE superior,” talk and think and act like that. Idiots who put a mock PSA that says “spay or neuter your Republican for the good of society” as their profile pictures think and talk and act like that.

          Worse still, these kind of people are also the same people who accused Brett Kavanaugh of being of a temperament unsuited to the Supreme Court when he dared speak up in his own defense like someone who was honestly fighting for his career and reputation. They’re the same people who acted surprised and indignant when Elliott Abrams had the temerity to push back at Ilhan Omar’s clumsily worded attempts to dredge up things that happened thirty years ago. They’re also the same folks who pointed up that President Trump was dining on ice cream while American forces blasted Iranian terror master Qasem Solemani, responsible for 600+ American deaths, so badly that he could only be identified by the ring he wore. They don’t just want, they EXPECT those who disagree with them to maintain a dignified silence, no matter what outrageous accusations are hurled against them. They can’t understand why anyone who defended what he did thirty years ago when he did it would still defend it now. They really and truly believe, that somewhere, somehow, everyone who does something they think is wrong must know it’s wrong and feel the shame and guilt that goes with it. They couldn’t POSSIBLY just pull up the covers and say “the world will sleep better tonight” before turning out the light, or turn right back to Jackie Evancho belting out the National Anthem before the ball game with a quip about the rockets red glare, or raise a glass to the demise of an enemy of freedom. Somewhere, somehow, John Negroponte must secretly have confessed himself to his parish priest, William Barr must be going to confession regularly and maybe his priest refused absolution, and Bush the Elder must now be turning crispy brown right now in Hell. Why can’t they all be like David Frum or Colin Powell, who turned on their own party (and found their way into irrelevance)?

          The left doesn’t just not want to play fair. They don’t want to play at all. They want the other side to either surrender or go away completely. To them, that’s just how it should be, and they see nothing wrong with it.

  3. [Repeating, the first one *disappeared*]

    Michelle K wrote:

    I’ve lost or given up friends, family, and colleagues in virtual and real life over politics. Not because of my different views, but because the hate, lies, and constant negativity were too much. I don’t think we’ll ever be the same, or go back to civil discourse. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think we’ll be forgetting we’re the deplorables any time soon, or forgiving the mention of it regularly.

    It is a curious and unsettling thing: that since the election of Donald Trump — the anomaly — it seemed that it became impossible to predict the future or answer the question: What will happen next?

    Would he perhaps die in office? Might there be a real coup? Would there be some huge terror-event? Would *they* create an economic crisis that would cause everyone, temporarily, to retreat away from political expression? Would a civil crisis deepen? Even the certainty that DT would win a second campaign was not something that one could count on because of the uncertainty factor.

    How odd it is that it has now gotten 100 times worse. The notion ‘things will never be the same’ is spread. Everything that people may have been working toward, all plans effectively, have run into a wall.

    The only thing that seems really predictable is that government will be forced to intervene. There is an opinion-article in the WSJ by Henry Kissinger which alludes to this:

    The sur­real at­mosphere of the Covid-19 pan­demic calls to mind how I felt as a young man in the 84th In­fantry Di­vi­sion dur­ing the Bat­tle of the Bulge. Now, as in late 1944, there is a sense of in­choate dan­ger, aimed not at any par­tic­u­lar per­son, but strik­ing ran­domly and with dev­as­ta­tion. But there is an im­por­tant dif­fer­ence be­tween that far­away time and ours. Amer­i­can en­durance then was for­ti­fied by an ul­ti­mate na­tional pur­pose. Now, in a di­vided coun­try, ef­fi­cient and far­sighted gov­ern­ment is nec­es­sary to over­come ob­sta­cles un­prece-dented in mag­ni­tude and global scope. Sus­tain­ing the pub­lic trust is cru­cial to so­cial sol­i­dar­ity, to the re­la­tion of so­ci­eties with each other, and to in­ternational peace and sta­bil­ity.

    Na­tions co­here and flour­ish on the be­lief that their in­sti­tu­tions can fore­see calamity, ar­rest its im­pact and restore sta­bil­ity. When the Covid-19 pan­demic is over, many coun­tries’ in­sti­tu­tions will be per­ceived as hav­ing failed. Whether this judg­ment is ob­jec­tively fair is ir­rel­e­vant. The re­al­ity is the world will never be the same af­ter the coro­n­avirus. To ar­gue now about the past only makes it harder to do what has to be done.

    Curious that he would describe the atmosphere at that faraway time as ‘inchoate’ or even make the comparison. What in that time could have been understood to be ‘striking randomly’?

    But skipping over that, I think that we might have to face a discomfiting truth: there is absolutely no ‘national purpose’. It may be interesting to some who read here that Richard Weaver noticed that the so-called ‘national purpose’ of America at that time showed very definite nihilistic aspects. One could say that it was at that time a ‘fabricated purpose’, not truly one that arose out of the people themselves.

    There is now however a romantic longing for such a purpose, but really no genuine purpose exists. When that is stated it seems to make things more clear. If a person does not have a ‘life purpose’ one must look for artificial purposes: diversions or complications. If a nation has no sense of purpose, and if a people has no articulatable sense of purpose, what then? Something must intervene to provide it I guess.

    And that is why his statement about an ‘efficient and far-sighted government’ stood out for me. In the absence of a genuine national purpose, and in a situation where ‘unity’ does not exist — and it must be stated that it certainly does not exist — it will have to be manufactured. Or, in the absence of a manufactured purpose government and military will have to step in and assert control. Thus the one predictable thing would seem to be a state of martial enforcement. In many posts here over the last days numerous people have spoken of this.

    Nations do not cohere and flourish when their government can ‘foresee calamity’, they adhere when there is a genuine, a felt, national purpose. Which means that individuals have to feel, substantially, that they have purpose. At present there is a crisis of disunity that is developing along political and sociological — and ethnic and racial — lines. The radical-left factions are, predominantly, among the POC. The Conservative factions are generally among, well, white people.

    That is, if my reading is correct, the causal factor of national disunity. All of this began a century ago. The 100% Movement that developed in the 1920s has striking parallels in our present, though to *see* that would make many people very uncomfortable (because of suppressed *identify* factors). But I know that many people, and most people who participate here, do not see it that way. This is a truth though that cannot be stated openly. Yet it functions under the surface.

  4. In about 3 weeks, most of us will have received a $1,200 directly deposited in our bank account. Since nothing had to be done to receive this, it stands to reason that many of the approximately 50,000 expected to die over that time period will likewise receive the deposit. The press will have a field day interviewing the family of those who died, asking how it feels to receive a Trumps death check, and wouldn’t you rather have your loved one alive than a $1,200 check from Trump? They will actively search for these families to interview. Depravity on parade.

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