Now Entering The Ethics Alarms “Bias Makes You Stupid” Hall of Fame: James Hohmann

His bio says that Hohmann is a Stanford University grad and a national political correspondent for The Washington Post, as well as  the author of The Daily 202, the Post’s political newsletter. Here is his recent tweet:

I wonder if he had the same math teachers as Mara Gay and Brian Williams (Item #2)?

The reporter was so eager to mock the President that he concocted a  cheap gotcha! and made himself look foolish. Or maybe not at the Post: this is similar to a lot of the alleged “lies” on the Post’s Trump Lie list, and about as well reasoned: “The President said that he had seen gas selling for 91 cents a gallon, when the average price was $1.94.”

Again I ask, how can the public trust journalists like this to do political analysis? Why would they, unless readers want biased reporting?


Pointer: Instapundit

Aside: A commenter at the Instapundit link above writes,

I may have shared this story on here before, but I remember in my Latin American History course at college, a journalism major raised her hand and asked the following:

“I’ve been doing the reading like you assigned, but there’s one thing I don’t understand. They keep talking about the Andes, but they never say what that is. Are they like some sort of political group?”

True story.
I got more, too.


Comment Of The Day: “Now THIS Is Trump Derangement! Also: Ethics Dunce, Unethical Quote Of The Month, Unethical Tweet…”

At the end of crella’s plaintive Comment Of The Day, she expresses optimism that those inflicted with  Trump Derangement, as well as those who have been watching and listening credibly while the mainstream news media frames negatively every statement, every action, every policy and every moment of the Trump Presidency, will begin to realize how their perceptions of the President have been systematically poisoned, and will begin distrusting the jaundiced lens through which they have perceived reality, because it is cracked and blurred.

For the record, I don’t think so. I was just stunned by a friend who presents himself online as a civil, rational, analytical man, even as 90% of his social media followers write as if they have had Alyssa Milano tweets played over and over in their ears while they sleep. He posted a chart tracing US job losses, and commented, “Way to go, President Trump!” He’s not an asshole, but I can’t conceive of a more assholish  thing to write or say. If I have to explain why, then you’re as lost as he is.

Someone who can write something like that without soon after hurling himself through the nearest window in shame, or taking a power drill to his skull to let out the demons, anyone who cultivates associates, colleagues and friends who would respond to such an indefensible and counter-factual hate-smear by saying, “Fuck yeah!” rather than, “Dude, you need to see someone. Write this number down…” isn’t going to suddenly snap into rationality.

As for those who have made up their minds that Trump is the Anti-Christ, or at least the Anti-Obama, suddenly appreciating his public presentations, I may be an instructive test case. I find watching the President speak exhausting and infuriating. Even when he does a good job, as he did with his State of the Union address, I can only endure it from a clinical, “we will never see anything like this again, if we’re lucky” perspective.  Now, to put this in perspective, I also had trouble watching Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and both Bushes, though each for different reasons. Well, the reasons the Bushes drove me crazy was the same: they spoke English like it was a foreign language.

Well, enough from me. Here is crella’s Comment of the Day on the post “Now THIS Is Trump Derangement! Also: Ethics Dunce, Unethical Quote Of The Month, Unethical Tweet…”

Many more people are seeing President Trump speak for themselves lately, without media interference, and more people will catch on when they see the briefing they saw with their own eyes twisted beyond recognition later online. I got a very early glimpse of this when he was still on the campaign trail. My insomnia had me sometimes watching campaign events live at 3 am in my time zone. I would go to bed, and when I got up, the narrative would almost always be very different and presented in the most negative way possible. It was so blatant, but only because I saw the initial event myself did I realize how far they were willing to go. Had I not been sometimes watching, I could also have been bamboozled. Continue reading