The Amazing, Depressing But Not Especially Surprising Tara Reade Hypocrisy Rolls

Amber Athey of the American Spectator did a service for  open-minded Americans who care about integrity and who were under the impression that the Democratic Party had any.  She assembled a list of 35 enthusiastic Democratic endorsers of Joe Biden as the party’s 2020 nominee, and tracked down their passionate exclamations regarding Christine Blasey-Ford’s less-corroborated allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh.

Her list is quite long, but essential reading: a more stomach-churning demonstration of grandstanding (then) and hypocrisy (now) would be difficult to find.  In some cases, it is amusing: these hacks could be so self-righteous about the holy credibility of a woman accusing a Republican, and decry the blackened souls of anyone who didn’t immediately accept her as  an unquestionable truth-teller, yet they won’t even acknowledge Biden’s equally female and more than equally credible accuser. Not only that, they are apparently certain that such blatant double-standards won’t trouble the progressive herd.

Well, maybe they are right. We shall see. we shall see just how corrupt that herd has become.

The list reinforces Reade’s words in an interview on Fox News over the weekend. She said in part,

“I’d like my history with Biden to be examined in a dignified way that’s not slanted by political bias or sensationalized. I’d like a deeper conversation about the fact that sexual harassment and sexual assault do not have a political party, agenda. “It’s an equal opportunity offender….I mean, it doesn’t matter what your party affiliation is, and it shouldn’t as far as the media coverage regarding claims.”…

“Blasey Ford, because it was a conservative candidate they were going to put in the Supreme Court, was treated with much more deference by most of the media outlets… I’ve basically had no substantive support from women’s groups that are considered liberal or Democratic. I’ve had no support from any Democratic candidate, although I’ve reached out. And I’ve received either slanted reporting that ended up being talking points for Biden’s campaign or silence from the mainstream media… what I would like to say to them at this point and some of the silence from some the candidates Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren that at this point, if you continue to silence me, if you continue to engage in protecting a powerful man without giving my case a closer look, you are complicit in rape”

Normally I’d append my observations after such a list, but this one is just too long. There is also material here for dozens of Ethics Dunce, Incompetent Elected Official, and Unethical Quote posts—an embarrassment of embarrassments, you might say. Here are a relatively restrained number of rueful observations:

  • In addition to the obvious hypocrisy, and repulsive grandstanding these quotes represent, they also raise the question of whether some or perhaps any of these people really care about sexual harassment and sexual assault at all, or if it is just mass posturing and virtue signaling for short term political gain.

I do not see how any genuine feminist or anti-sexual harassment and assault activist, inspired by Blasey-Ford’s testimony, could make the sweeping statements about victims, women, justice, and the importance of the position Kavanaugh was seeking that you read below, and then, when their party’s  presumptive nominee for President is accused of an even more shocking assault,  ignore the  alleged victim and proceed with a pro forma endorsement. How can they do that? How can they not be embarrassed? How can their supporters, or anyone, ever trust or respect them again?

  • I  raise the same question regarding the #MeToo leaders, feminists, female Democrats, and men who, like me, support efforts to take sexual harassment out of the workplace.  The feminist movement lost me–I was once a NOW member—when it reversed its position on sexual harassment by male bosses to protect Bill Clinton when he was lying about Monica. (Bill was pro-abortion, you see.) This is worse. The emotional outcries of feminist activists in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations were absolute and unequivocal. Where are the  #MeToo leaders to take up the cause of Tara Reade? Where is Tarana Burke, Ashley Judd, Reese Witherspoon, Mira Sorvino, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meryl Streep,  Patricia Arquette, Angelina Jolie, Alyssa Milano (Well, we know where she is—pretending that her continued support for Biden in light of her #MeToo fanaticism doesn’t make her, and the movement, look ridiculous), or Fatima Goss Graves  of the National Women’s Law Center? Where, for that matter, is Hillary Clinton? If they believed what they said they did, if they weren’t lying and posturing before, they would be supporting Reade.

Heck, I argued in sexual harassment trainings eight months ago that women and Democrats supporting Joe Biden with his photographic record of harassment…you know…

were undercutting public support for and understanding of  sexual harassment laws. It’s more than hypocritical. It’s stupid.

  • Which of the hypocrites below deserves special contempt? It’s hard to top Elizabeth Warren, the party’s Demogogue Queen, who has announced that she would be proud to be Handsy Joe’s VP. Yet she said, “Many survivors of sexual assault choose not to speak out, for a thousand different reasons. But when they do, they deserve to be heard. The events described by Julie Swetnick, Ms Ramirez & Dr Ford are absolutely heart-wrenching.’

Boy she’s awful!

The fake complaints of Swetnick and Ramirez, now thoroughly discredited, broke her heart, but she snubs Reade as if she were a descendant of General Custer. Then there’s Virginia Senator Mark Warner, who proclaimed, “This is a serious allegation, and we have a responsibility to listen….For too long, our political system has shut out the voices of women & silenced the stories behind the #MeToo movement.” How can he look at himself in the mirror after endorsing Biden?

Well, don’t get me started,. As I said, there are dozens this bad.(But be sure you check out Rep. Barbara Lee.)

  • The words you will keep reading are “bravery,” ” all women,” “credible,” “victims,” “right to be heard,” “speaking truth to power”…all of which apply at least as much to Tara Reade as the did to Blasey-Ford. What’s the difference?

You know what the difference is.

  • It’s a silver lining, I suppose, that the fiasco chronicled below is useful as a great unmasking, although the most exposed are generally those whose lack of integrity should have been obvious anyway. Here, for example, is the hideous Senator Hirono:

“…we are standing together because we #BelieveWomen…this is why the #MeToo movement is so important, because often in these situations, there is an environment where people see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing. That is what we have to change.”

Well, I could write about this forever, and I’m tempted.  But it’s time to view the hypocrisy parade…beginning with Barack Obama (Michelle? Has anyone heard from Michelle? Hello?) , and the Speaker, who endorsed Joe Biden yesterday.

President Barack Obama (endorsed April 14): “If you support the #MeToo movement, you’re outraged by stories of sexual harassment and assault, inspired by the women who’ve shared them, you’ve gotta do more than retweet a hashtag. You’ve gotta vote.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (endorsed April 27) :”We must #BelieveSurvivors. I’m proud to stand with my Democratic colleagues in support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.” ‘#BelieveWomen

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (endorsed April 27) “Brett Kavanaugh committed sexual assault and lied about it under oath. One year later, I am still awed by Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s bravery — and disgusted that neither Brett Kavanaugh nor Donald Trump have faced consequences for their actions…. This confirms what we already knew — Brett Kavanaugh and the president that appointed him have a history of committing sexual assault — and lying about it.”

Sen. Mark Warner (endorsed April 23): “The Judiciary Committee simply cannot vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination this Thursday. There should be a full investigation, and Professor Ford deserves to be heard. This is a serious allegation, and we have a responsibility to listen. We need to listen to Dr Ford and get to the bottom of these allegations.For too long, our political system has shut out the voices of women & silenced the stories behind the #MeToo movement.”

Gov. Jay Inslee (endorsed April 22) “If the Republican Senate can delay Merrick Garland’s nomination for nearly a year to steal a Supreme Court seat, they can delay Kavanaugh to investigate these disturbing allegations. Until resolved, I call on the 30 Republican governors who have endorsed Brett Kavanaugh to rescind their endorsement immediately.”

Rep. Gwen Moore (endorsed April 22) “I stand with Dr Ford because, as a survivor, I #BelieveWomen. Stay strong…Today’s vote to confirm Kavanaugh is a vote to silence women across the country who have come forward with their stories of survival. We will not surrender, and we will not be silenced. We will vote, and we will bring change”

Rep. Cheri Bustos (endorsed April 20): “It takes a lot of guts to talk publicly about a sexual assault. Thank you to all of the survivors who told their stories during this struggle to stop #Kavanaugh. Your bravery is an inspiration to our nation – you matter, your stories matter and I believe you. I believe you Dr Ford. Thank you for having the courage to come forward and tell your story today. The Senate must delay proceedings until the FBI conducts a full background investigation into Judge Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assaults.”

Rep. Katherine Clark (endorsed April 20): “Christine Blasey Ford & Deborah Ramirez deserved more than a rushed half-hearted investigation. And just like the over 20+ women who’ve accused the President of sexual assault, they deserved to be believed. #BelieveWomen..Dr Ford’s testimony was powerful. She was courageous, straightforward, and I believe her….We have to stop this shame and blame game that revictimizes victims when they come forward. I believe Christine Blasey Ford. #BelieveSurvivors #Timesup’

Rep. Barbara Lee (endorsed April 20): “The brave survivors and allies who walked out today inspire me. I will keep fighting for a world where ALL women are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. #BelieveWomen…When Anita Hill told her story, the Senate didn’t listen. Let’s not repeat the same mistakes of our past. The US Senate should #BelieveWomen and #PostponeTheVote on Brett Kavanaugh….27 years ago, @HouseDemWomen marched to the Senate to support Anita Hill. It breaks my heart that we are still fighting this fight in 2018. #BelieveWomen‘

Rep. Ro Khanna (endorsed April 20): “If Brett Kavanaugh gets confirmed, 2 out of the 9 people who serve on the highest federal court will be accused of sexual assault. Let that sink in.I believe Dr Christine Blasey Ford. I believe Deborah Ramirez. I believe Anita Hill. It takes bravery for women to come out with their stories of sexual assault — especially when the accused is someone as high-profile as Brett Kavanaugh”

Rep. Andy Levin (endorsed April 20): “Weekend reflection…there is a new four word definition of ‘speaking truth to power’: Dr Christine Blasey Ford”

Rep. Jamie Raskin (endorsed April 20): I linked arms w/ colleagues on the House Judiciary Committee & @HouseDemWomen to march to the Senate to tell the Banana Republicans to stop this obscene rush to install Kavanaugh on the Court after Dr Ford’s credible, sincere & compelling testimony yesterday. #DelayTheVote. ….@Senjudiciary must #PostponeTheVote on Brett #Kavanaugh and conduct a thorough investigation of Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s statements. The Senate and the people need to hear her testimony. #BelieveWomen”

Rep. Jim McGovern (April 20): “I joined 64 Members of Congress led by @RepLoisFrankel calling for an immediate postponement of #Kavanaugh hearings until a thorough FBI investigation has been completed. #BelieveChristine”

Sen. Mazie Hirono (endorsed April 18): “Today, @SenGillibrand and I accepted a letter signed by over 1,000 alumnae of @HoltonArms in support of and in solidarity with Dr Christine Blasey Ford. I will enter it into the Committee record to show that we are standing together because we #BelieveWomen…It took a lot of courage for Christine Blasey Ford to come forward to share her story of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh. Her story is very credible and I believe her. As I said during the hearing, this is why the #MeToo movement is so important, because often in these situations, there is an environment where people see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing. That is what we have to change.”

Sen. Brian Schatz (endorsed April 17): “The game that some R’s are running is that if, legally, there is reasonable doubt about the sexual assault allegations, then BK should be confirmed. That’s upside down. This is not a criminal proceeding and the Senate is not deciding whether or not to throw him in jail. We are deciding whether or not to give him a super powerful job for life. He gets fairness, but not an evidentiary standard as if his personal freedom is at stake. It is not.”

Rep. Ted Lieu (endorsed April 16):  “Remember: this is not a trial. It’s Brett #Kavanaugh’s job interview for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land. He’s not entitled to a seat on the Supreme Court, and his judicial record and these allegations cement that his nomination must be withdrawn….When #AnitaHill told her story, the Senate didn’t listen. Let’s not repeat mistakes — the Senate must give Dr Christine Blasey Ford the respect she deserves and investigate the serious allegations against Brett #Kavanaugh before it’s too late. #PostponeTheVote #BelieveWomen…I believe Dr Christine Blasey Ford. Watch the entirety of her compelling testimony and you will too. I believe Christine Blasey Ford. This is a series charge [sic], one that Mrs Ford privately told her therapist in 2012. The GOP must reopen hearings and have Brett Kavanaugh questioned under oath.”

Rep. Julia Brownley (endorsed April 16): “These accusations about Judge Kavanaugh are incredibly serious. Survivors deserve to be supported when they come forward, not ignored. We need the truth now. Women and girls around the world are watching, and we need to show them that we support survivors and #BelieveWomen.”

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (endorsed April 15) “For too long, women have stayed silent about sexual harassment and assault. The #MeToo movement is starting to change that, and I’m proud to stand with women across this country who are speaking out ..Believe women.”

Rep. Gary Peters (endorsed April 15):”These allegations against Judge Kavanaugh are extremely serious. Professor Ford deserves the opportunity to have her voice heard and tell her story before the Judiciary Committee acts on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.”

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (endorsed April 15): “I just met with brave survivors who are committed to efforts to make sure sexual assault in all its forms is understood and stopped. So inspiring!”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (endorsed April 15): “Another disgusting attempt to discredit Dr Ford, who has risked her own safety and reputation in coming forward. Many survivors of sexual assault choose not to speak out, for a thousand different reasons. But when they do, they deserve to be heard. The events described by Julie Swetnick, Ms Ramirez & Dr Ford are absolutely heart-wrenching. The idea that the Senate would continue this confirmation process without an FBI investigation is even more revolting”

Rep. Adam Schiff (endorsed April 15): “Some people think that even if Dr Ford told the truth, committing sexual assault in high school shouldn’t disqualify Kavanaugh. I am not one of them. Others would rather not know the truth. I am not one of them either. In the face of a credible claim of sexual assault, corroborated by a therapist’s notes, the Senate must stop the rush to confirm Kavanaugh and look into this serious allegation. To elevate him to a lifetime appointment without doing so would be reckless and unconscionable’.”

Rep. Mike Levin (endorsed April 15): “Since the #MeToo movement took off two years ago, countless women have come forward to share their experiences of sexual assault and harassment. I’m deeply grateful for their courage. Now we need to keep fighting to protect and empower survivors. #TIMESUP…How many more Kavanaugh victims need to come forward before McConnell and Senate Republicans stop plowing ahead? Dr Ford’s extraordinarily brave and highly credible testimony today requires that the FBI conduct a thorough investigation into the multiple allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. This must be done prior to any vote on his confirmation. Anything less and this process is a sham.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (endorsed April 13): The revelations today confirm what we already knew: during his hearing, Kavanaugh faced credible accusations and likely lied to Congress. I support any appropriate constitutional mechanism to hold him accountable.’

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (endorsed April 13): “Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations must be taken seriously and investigated fully before the Senate Judiciary Committee proceeds with Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. On this day two years ago, #MeToo went from a moment to a global movement of solidarity and action against sexual assault. We owe the brave women and men who’ve spoken out on cultures of harassment and assault a debt of gratitude.”

Tom Steyer (endorsed April 9): “Dr Ford is immeasurably brave. I thank her for her patriotism. We must stop Kavanaugh. It was an honor to meet Judy at our town hall in Florida last week. In her words, “We must support women, we must believe women, we must elect women.”‘

Oregon Governor  Kate Brown (endorsed April 8): ‘I’ve already said that Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed because he will be a threat to women’s health care. Sexual assault allegations are always serious. I urge the Senate to respect the rights of the survivor as they investigate this allegation and reject Kavanaugh. I stand with Dr Christine Blasey Ford. Today we walked out in solidarity with victims of sexual assault everywhere. #BelieveSurvivors #StopKavanaugh”

Rep. Diana DeGette (endorsed April 8): “Christine Blasey Ford is a hero….How brave of her to come forward. In light of this development, the scheduled vote on #Kavanaugh’s confirmation should be delayed so these serious allegations can be investigated.”

Rep. Katie Porter (endorsed April 8):”Things the Kavanaugh appointment and hearing made crystal clear: The GOP doesn’t care about survivors. The GOP doesn’t care about women’s rights.We must take *all* c laims of sexual assault seriously regardless of party or political connections.”

Rep. Deb Haaland (endorsed April 8): “Mr. Kavanaugh’s confirmation sends a clear message to women and girls: you don’t matter. #BelieveSurvivors #TakeItBack…The latest allegations against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh proves that he does not represent our values and he should not be appointed to the highest court in the land. I believe women. #BelieveSurvivors…I believe Dr Christine Blasey Ford, and as a result I believe we need to do everything we can to stop Brett Kavanaugh from reaching the Supreme Court. Women deserve better than this.”

Sen. Michael Bennet (endorsed April 8): “The Senate should not move forward w/ Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination until the Judiciary Committee conducts a full investigation into these serious allegations. This is a lifetime appointment to one of the most powerful positions in government. We owe the American people no less. The Senate should not vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination until the FBI fully investigates all of these allegations. For her courage alone, Dr Ford deserved far better than the casual dismissal we saw from members of this body”

Sen. Tom Udall (endorsed April 8) “I watched today’s @SenJudiciary hearing. I listened intently to Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s harrowing testimony. I believe her. The Senate should halt all proceedings on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination until a full and independent background investigation has been conducted by the FBI into the serious allegations against him.”

Rep. John Lewis (endorsed April 7) “I rise today with pain in my heart. There is not any room in a civilized society for the abuse of anyone, but especially women and girls. I’ve seen and known women who are victims and survivors and violence. Mothers, sisters, and daughters must know that their pain is our pain.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown (endorsed April 7): “Dr Ford’s testimony was a powerful moment for our country, and I am grateful to her and all the brave women who were inspired by her to speak out and share their own stories. It’s because of their courage that the FBI investigation is going forward.”

Rep. Jared Huffman (endorsed April 1): “After hearing the poised, truthful and compelling testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, it is inconceivable that Republican senators could jam through a vote on Kavanaugh without conducting an FBI investigation. If they choose to do so, they will pay a heavy political price. Kavanaugh’s angry defiance starting to look unhinged – not the choirboy temperament he previously tried to project. If he’s this aggressive while sober, imagine stumbling drunk at 17. I believe Dr Blasey Ford & the other accusers. This man does not belong on the Supreme Court. Choosing to just “believe” probably the biggest liar in American history, and to summarily dismiss credible accusations of sexual assault & rape, is the same thing as saying ‘we don’t care about sexual assault & rape.’ That’s the reality of today’s GOP.”


27 thoughts on “The Amazing, Depressing But Not Especially Surprising Tara Reade Hypocrisy Rolls

  1. There’s even more serious hypocrisy here, these people and many many more believe the laws and mores of our society are only meant as a method to punish their opponents, justly or unjustly, while they do quite literally nearly anything they like.

    I’ll take Vice President Biden and Ukraine for a $1,000, Alex. And the answer is…

  2. You’re beating this drum pretty loudly, Jack, and that’s admirable.

    Unfortunately, the silence is deafening in the media. I was listening to Fox (sorry, but the alternatives are worse) try to understand the roaring silence on the Left and in the media, but the only answer they could come up with is that they are cheerleading for Biden and that requires ignoring as much bad stuff as possible, especially a #MeToo violation.

    Well, maybe they are right. We shall see. we shall see just how corrupt that herd has become.

    I can tell you in one word: utterly.

    In response to some of your other comments:

    1. Do they care about sexual assault at all?

    Hewing closely to my conclusion that Hanlon’s Razor may no longer be applied to the Left, we can exclude simple incompetence, which leaves some kind of malicious behavior.

    My thinking is that they do care, but they don’t care to die on that hill. They have sacrificed one or two of their own on the altar of #MeToo, but when it comes to the one guy they can legitimately put forward to defeat Trump, and one who is leading in many polls, the cognitive dissonance is just too much.

    In some ways, I can understand this thinking. When your mind has been rendered spongiform by TDS, your only focus is removing the source of your encephalopathy. Consistency, honesty, and fairness become secondary considerations to the immediate problem.

    Nah, that’s too logical for a Leftist, so it’s probably wrong. Applying Occam’s Razor, they just want to use #MeToo as a political weapon against their opponents, and that has always been their objective, at least among the political class. They don’t want to use it against their presidential candidate, so they aren’t going to and they’ll ignore it until the country moves on. “Move on” is kind of their thing, you know…

    2. Who deserves special contempt?

    I pick someone who’s not on your list: Kamala Harris. She spoke out specifically against Biden’s unwanted touching during the campaign, unlike anyone else you named. We all know how she acted as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Kavanaugh hearings, so I won’t regurgitate that.


    During a virtual forum Monday to promote Joe Biden’s campaign — an online gathering that also served as Harris’ latest veepstakes audition — she implored his supporters to “do everything we can to elect” the former vice president because the November election is “literally going to be about our health and whether we live or die.”

    Kind of speaks for itself, n’est ce pas?

    • Harris is truly horrible, a kind of dumber version of Elizabeth Warren. Even Democratic voters were able to figure that out. I don’t know what she wasn’t on the list.

      On drumb-beating…There’s another Bad Biden post on the way too. The thing is that it’s not a campaign on my part. It’s just THERE. I posted this one of Facebook, knowing I would lose 20 friends and have to really slap down some people, but as soon as I think, “You, know, if you post this everyone is going to say you’re a right-wing, Fox News following Trump supporter,” I know that way madness lies. And disgrace.

      • The thing is that it’s not a campaign on my part. It’s just THERE.

        Heh. Yeah, I feel you. You’re in a tough spot.

      • These comments to your Facebook post explain it all:

        “I do not condone Biden’s behavior – but this administration is so sickening and frightening that we can’t afford to be picky. I’ve become a yellow dog Democrat … any Democrat, even a yellow dog.”


        ” . . . right? It’s come to that? But let’s tote it up: climate change. International relations. EPA. Education. Minority rights. Immigration. Economy. Public health. Koko the gorilla would do a better job.”


        “I haven’t heard the Tara Reade details. For me, Kavanaugh ruled himself out by his actual behavior and his record.”


  3. It’s disgraceful as it is. What’s more disgraceful is that it’s going to be ignored by both the mainstream media and the 50% or more of Democrats who would vote for a cardboard cutout if it had a D next to it. I wonder if Christine Blasey-Ford grasps that she was nothing more than a blue pawn, to be used or sacrificed as the Democratic chess masters decided. That’s really all any of these alleged victims are. The Democrats are for the Democrats. I’ll say it again, the Democrats are for the Democrats. They aren’t for the blacks, the browns, the women, the Muslims, or the gays except as far as they can use them to attain power and keep it. The Southern Democrats had no use for the blacks until LBJ said his social programs would have them voting Democrat forever. The Catholic Church was the Democratic Party at prayer until the party found they could get more votes by pushing abortion. The Democratic Party once had plenty of patriots for a strong dense like Sam Nunn and Henry Jackson in Congress and presidents JFK and Harry Truman, but they found there were more votes to be had by kissing up to the America-haters. The fact that they now turn on someone who they would be all over if she were accusing a Republican is par for the course.

    • Blasey-Ford knew exactly what she was doing and why she did it. Her lawyer stated after the hearings that Blasey-Ford intended to derail Justice Kavanaugh out of fear that he would be the critical vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, the sacred cow of the Democrat party – which is beyond me.


      • They had her in reserve in 2012, in case Romney should win, because there were rumors Kavanaugh was one of his possibilities for SCOTUS too.

  4. This does not surprise me.

    I have been aware of their hypocrisy for over twenty years.

    Here is a comment on another blog.

    The worst thing that ever happened to Feminism was Bill Clinton. Prior to the Monica Lewinsky hearings, feminists were taking down CEOs of fortune 500 companies because they had affairs with their secretaries. The movement was quickly speeding into the sort of SJW gender-diversity that we are at today. But this was in 1996.

    But then Feminists had to sell out their cause for a man. They had to get on the news and explain why Bill Clinton was different. How a creepy old person who happens to be the “Most Powerful Man in the World” doesn’t have some sort of power dynamic over a young intern. They sold out their cause, and it has taken 20+ years to recover.

    Indeed, you can probably put Harvey Weinstein down as being enabled, if not caused by the fallout from feminism’s kao tao to Bill Clinton. Weinstein and others like him learned that they could do all the stuff that feminists accused conservatives of doing, and get away with it if they only said the right things about abortion and other feminist nonsense.

  5. This kind of reminds me of the Hans Christian Anderson tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. All the players realize that that is a good chance that the rape allegation are true but for their own purposes, they will ignore that they likely have merit. Oh, for one of them to step out of their selfish cowardliness and demand a serious investigation of Tara Reade’s credible charges.

      • Whoever wants to go into a different line of work? Tulsi Gabbard? She’s pretty enough and young enough to work at Fox. And sufficiently articulate and seems determined. Roger Ailes would probably recruit her.

  6. Surely the Trump campaign is licking its chops over this. The media may continue to play possum, but I can only imagine the fusillade of campaign ads that will be generated with the material cited above.

    Fool me twice, shame on me, but I continue to be astonished by how really stupid our elected leaders are. At heart, they’re all absolutely clueless blowhards who could best be played to maximum comic effect by W.C. Fields or Leslie Nielsen.

    • There’s also Hunter Biden in Ukraine and China and Joe’s brother in Iraq (I believe that’s where he got some juicy construction contract). Adam Schiff may be able to suppress that sort of thing, but the Trump campaign will hit those sorts of things relentlessly. Joe has any number of Achilles heels (more than two, which is where the metaphor breaks down). The Dems are whistling past the graveyard at a very slow pace.

    • Or by Charles Durning, the guy who played Pappy O’Daniel in “O, Brother, Where art Thou?”

      Interesting factoid: I hold each and every political campaign in light of the campaigns on “O, Brother”. The more they look like those campaigns, the less I will have anything to do with them.


  7. “In addition to the obvious hypocrisy, and repulsive grandstanding these quotes represent, they also raise the question of whether some or perhaps any of these people really care about sexual harassment and sexual assault at all, or if it is just mass posturing and virtue signaling for short term political gain.”

    The second one! 100% unequivocally the second one. And I’d really love it if we could have these conversations without all the kabuki theater, giving these guys the benefit of the doubt, or acting confused about the motives involved. They don’t care. They don’t care about women, minorities, sexual proclivities, social or economic class… They care about power. This is all a zero-sum power accumulation game for them, and they think that providing lip service to those causes over time will bear fruit. This is no more deep or complicated than that, if it were, you’d have people like Rose McGowan in the political sphere calling real balls and strikes. We don’t have that. It’s all bullshit.

    I don’t even know if they know their own end games…. Really: Think about it, if they somehow won the game, and had total and complete control of all levels of government and there was no chance of a Republican being elected anywhere… I have no idea what the hell these people would do with themselves. I honestly think that they’d be really afraid. Afraid that they might actually have to follow through with what they’ve said they have to do, afraid that all the political donations would dry up, and perhaps most critically, afraid that they’d have no one left to blame.

    • As to your second point, I might disagree with you. They might not know what to do with themselves but the people pulling their strings know exactly what they are doing and what they want to accomplish, which is absolute, total control of every arm of the government, the schools, and the economy.


  8. From a couple weeks ago:

    “President Barack Obama has endorsed Joe Biden for President. The endorsement comes after Bernie Sanders dropped out, Tulsi Gabbard became mathematically impossible and a potted plant with a sign on it saying “vote for me” was run over by an out-of-control forklift.

    In a speech made in an irritating, self-satisfied voice that was almost impossible to tolerate, Obama said quote; “I am pleased and proud to have no choice but to endorse the last person left in the race, picking Joe Biden as my vice president was the best decision I ever made… Alright, that isn’t saying much, since I was the guy that decided to give Iran $150 billion dollars and a nuclear bomb. All the same, picking Joe was better than my decision to have rocky road ice cream served for dessert at the White House on Thursdays. Although… come to think of it, that was pretty tasty, so maybe picking Joe was my second best decision.”

    Obama may have gone on to praise Biden’s character, but after a while that voice of his just sounded so much like an ailing rhinoceros apologizing to Arabian tyrants for our traditions and history that most Americans zoned out and aren’t entirely sure what all the guy said. When it became impossible to listen to that ceaselessly depressing drone, Obama told the nation, quote; “With Joe Biden, we will turn away from the divisive politics of self-dealing politics and misinformation, and towards the divisive politics of incompetence and abject stupidity, and that’s why I feel honored to be forced to finally break down and confess that this is what we’re stuck with.””

    One slightly mitigating thing, and it’s so slight it basically doesn’t mitigate anything, is that of all the quoted individuals listed by Athey, all but three of them waited until after Bernie dropped out to actually endorse Biden. One might almost think that none of them, Obama included, actually wanted to endorse him. And really… What does waiting until literally every other option. save the broken potted plant. packed up and went home signal except that those people are massive cowards who thought there was something wrong with Joe? I mean, were they afraid of his cognitive decline, his inevitable #metoo-ing, or something we haven’t even seen yet?

    • The selected comments clearly show hypocrisy, and pure gamesmanship.* Yet, what do their Biden endorsements really mean? There is no one else running with half a chance of winning – and Biden isn’t really up to a half a chance. I read that his self-selected running mate will be none of than Stacy Abrams, fresh off her defeat in a run for the Georgia governorship, but still claiming victory a lâ Hillary Clinton. Abrams told Biden she will be the best choice and let’s see if his campaign has the strength to pick someone else. My wife is terrified that Michelle Obama will be his running mate. Whoa.

      I saw that same endorsement made by Barack. I was compelled by the passion in his voice, the bold political stand St. Obama took, endorsing his former running mate and VP, with so many qualified candidates in the field and on that dais. There were Sens. Warren, Sanders, Klobacher, etc. Yet, as a man of courage and commitment to the Greatest Experiment Ever in the History of Politics, St. Obama put politics and friendships aside, thought long and hard about the needs of the nation, and fearlessly endorsed the one candidate he knows will save the Democrat party and the countr . . .

      Wait. What? Biden was the last candidate standing? There’s no one else? REally? Huh. . . What happened to Tulsi? She’s still running, right? And she’s from Hawaii, too, so Barack and she have that going for them.


      *Ed. Note: I am surprised that the author didn’t talk about Sen Gillibrand’s nonsense.

      On Kavanaugh: “This process is sending the worst possible message to girls — and boys — everywhere,” Gillibrand said in her speech. “It’s telling American women that your voice doesn’t matter. It’s telling survivors everywhere that your experiences don’t count, they’re not important and they are not to be believed. We are saying that women are worth less than a man’s promotion.”

      On Biden (March 19, 2020) “I’m proud to endorse @JoeBiden today,” the New York Democrat tweeted Thursday. “Our country needs a president who will provide steady, honest leadership, and I believe Joe has the right experience, empathy, and character to lead. I’m excited to help him defeat Donald Trump in November.”

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