Unethical Quote of the Month: Speaker Nancy Pelosi

There’s Joe, being Joe Biden again!

“Here’s the thing. I have complete respect for whole #Metoo movement, I have four daughters and one son. And there’s a lot of excitement around the idea that women will be heard and be listened to.There is also due process and the fact that Joe Biden is Joe Biden.”

 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, on why Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden couldn’t possibly be true, as she responded to a question about how she justified treating Biden’s accuser differently from Bret Kavanaugh’s accuser.

“Joe Biden is Joe Biden.”

“Joe Biden is Joe Biden”????

Is there any conceivable reading of that statement that isn’t unethical?

Does she mean that Joe Biden isn’t Bret Kavanaugh, so he should be subject to a different standard? Unethical.

Does she mean that Joe Biden, being Joe Biden, is such a boon to American society that he deserves to get away with sexual assault?  That’s Rationalization #11, The King’s Pass. Unethical.

Does she mean that because Joe Biden is just being himself when he harasses women, it’s no big deal? That’s Rationalization 41 A. Popeye’s Excuse, or “I am what I am,” which “embodies the proposition that genuine unethical conduct … becomes magically virtuous and praiseworthy if it is “real,”  “sincere” and “unapologetic.”  Unethical..and stupid.

Does she mean that she’s Nancy Pelosi, dammit, she knows Joe Biden, and if she’s concluded that he would never do anything like assaulting someone (though there is plenty of photographic proof that he feels entitled to take physical liberties with other women and girls who come within his reach), then he wouldn’t? She says she believes in due process, but to Pelosi, that means she’s the ultimate arbiter, and screw due process. Unethical.

Does she mean that Joe Biden is Joe Biden, and since Joe Biden is good, whatever he does must be good as well? That’s anointing Biden with Rationalization #14. Self-validating Virtue,” in which the act is judged by the perceived goodness of the person doing it, rather than the other way around. Unethical.

Pelosi—will someone explain to me how anyone who professes to be offended and embarrassed by the President’s rhetoric can justify tolerating this vile, corrupt, semi-incoherent woman?—continued:

“There’s been statements from his campaign, not his campaign, but his former employees who ran his offices and the rest, that there was never any record of this. There was never any record. And that nobody ever came forward or – nobody came forward to say something about it, apart from the principal involved.”

Remember that the question involved applying a different standard to Kavanaugh’s accuser than to Reade. Pelosi’s statement exactly describes Kavanaugh’s circumstances, while ignoring the photographic proof of Biden’s habitual sexual harassment.

She concluded,

“So I want to remove all doubt in anyone’s mind. I have great comfort level with the situation as I see it, with all the respect in the world for any woman who comes forward, with all the highest regard for Joe Biden. And that’s what I have to say about that. Thank you.”

That’s cynical, dishonest, self-contradictory double-talk. Pelosi believes in due process and respects women who come forward, but because Joe Biden is Joe Biden, she presumes his accuser is lying, and that’s that.

She’s despicable.

6 thoughts on “Unethical Quote of the Month: Speaker Nancy Pelosi

  1. (Shrug) Color me unsurprised. We’ve known for a while now that she was in this for the power. She’s 80 and doesn’t want to step aside. She’s still declared political war on the president and there’s no sign of a let up. Of course she looked the other way on Biden. As you pointed out, all this feminist claptrap is really just a political weapon to destroy men that the Democratic party does not like. There was a lot less evidence against Kavanaugh and they tried to ruin him. This guy is on camera acting like a pig, and crickets.

  2. How about this: “Joe Biden is what we’re stuck with in our power play. If our candidate was Robespierre we’d support him.” All that matters is the Left wins. Biden is a figurehead and not much more.

  3. Nancy Pelosi will stand right there and lie to your face as long as it somehow supports the political left, they completely disregard any of their own double standards and hypocrisy. They’ve turned into the evil they once claimed they opposed.

  4. The equations are pretty simple for Nancy Pelosi…or Alyssa Milano…or Warren…or Klobuchar…or…

    Kavanaugh – abortion = destroy no matter the cost
    Biden + abortion = save no matter the cost

    Math lesson done…enjoy your recess.

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