Boy, This Guy Must Be One Hell Of A Lawn Mower!

This is going to be uncharacteristically short, but I feel the story deserves its own post

The Ohio Supreme Court has indefinitely suspended lawyer Austin Roan Buttars of Dublin, Ohio for transferring more than $147,000 from the accounts of a mentally ill client though the lawyer and his law firm were only owed about $19,000. Buttars acquired the other $128,000 by stealing from  or overcharging the client

Not that he didn’t work for his money. For example, the Court found that Buttars  charged his legal hourly rate for mowing her lawn.

I just thought you should know.

5 thoughts on “Boy, This Guy Must Be One Hell Of A Lawn Mower!

  1. Maybe the client had the temerity to ask him why he charged her so much for mowing her lawn and he went all Edward Bennett Williams on her?

  2. The lawyers are in the worst position when petitioning for fees, because the judge was a lawyer and knows their little tricks. If a landscaper was petitioning for fees in a bankruptcy case or some such, the judge wouldn’t blink at attorney rates because he’d figure the guy who mows his lawn must be worth more than his law clerk is.

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