Follow-Up: To Be Fair To Alyssa Milano, Some Professional Pundits Aren’t Any More Competent Than She Is

In the previous post, I pointed out that Milano’s recent column on Tara Reade’s allegations about Joe Biden was devoid of effective critical thought, as well as soaked with crippling bias. I feel that I should note that many actual pundits are not much better at coherent analysis than the ex-TV starlet turned social media auteur.

Consider, for example, Bill Palmer, the self-described political journalist who writes The Palmer Report, more or less a left-wing equivilent of The Gateway Pundit which is banned on Ethics Alarms.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes broke ranks this week by mildly suggesting that “personal admiration for the individual or their work, or political admiration, someone on our ‘side'” should not keep the news media from treating allegations like Tara Reade’s against Joe Biden seriously. The Horror. Hayes’ statement was basically an affirmation of what was once known as “journalism,” but the progressive mob immediately demanded that Hayes be fired. The last time an MSNBC host dared to buck the channel’s agenda, Chris Matthews had a Tara Reade of his own suddenly surface, and he was forced into retirement.

What a coincidence!

Enter Palmer, who wrote a blog post every bit as intellectually lame as Milano’s, and more dishonest. Read it here; I don’t want such junk on the blog. But here are some bottom of the barrel scrapings:

  • ” She keeps claiming that she told various people about it at the time, but most of them say she’s lying.”

No, they say they don’t remember, or won’t confirm parts of her story. It shouldn’t be too hard to guess why that would be the case. Meanwhile, several individuals have said she did tell them about the incident.

  • “To give you an idea of how uniquely non-credible this accusation is, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand – who has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual misconduct and led the charge in taking down Al Franken – says she believes Joe Biden and doesn’t believe his accuser. That tells me all I need to know.”

That fatuous reasoning tells me all we need to know too: Palmer is a master-hack. We shouldn’t believe Reade because an ambitious, self-promoting hypocrite like Gillibrand, who would love to be on the ticket, says she doesn’t believe her?  This is the same woman who believed Mattress Girl! Palmer is outing himself: never mind thinking, just pick a partisan you like and assume their position is correct.

  • “The New York Times spent weeks digging into the woman’s claims and couldn’t find anything credible about them.”

I covered this Biden camp talking point yesterday, which the Times specifically denied. The paper said that its investigation neither confirmed nor disproved Reade’s claim.

  • If Hayes were pursuing an uncomfortable but important and credible story, one could applaud him for being willing to anger and alienate his audience in the name of truth. But this is the opposite of that.”
Here Palmer uses the Ethics Alarms rationalization, “It isn’t what it is.” (#64. Yoo’s Rationalization). Of course it’s an important news story: the Times even admitted as much while it fumbled its explanation of why it took the paper three weeks to acknowledge it.

Reade’s story is certainly “credible” by the generous standards used by Democrats, like Palmer, in assessing Dr. Blasey-Ford’s conveniently-timed attack on Brett Kavanaugh. In fact, it is both more credible and more serious. Reade is alleging sexual harassment and rape by a U.S. Senator. Blasey-Ford said a kid at a party she couldn’t place tried to jump on her.

I have three problems with Reade’s story myself. First, she took so long to make her accusation. Second, as I wrote at the time, it arrived just as Biden was about to clinch the nomination. It looked and felt like a politically-motivated attack. Third, such accusations are always suspect when they are alone.

Biden is a harasser; we have plenty of evidence of that (though Palmer seems to have missed it all)  and that evidence alone would disqualify him from leading the “party of women’s” ticket if the Democrats had any integrity, which they do not. However, workplace sexual predators don’t do what Reade alleges only once. I‘m waiting for another accuser to come forward on the record.

None of which means that the the addled logic and intellectually dishonest arguments of Bill Palmer or Alyssa Milano are any better than incompetent.

10 thoughts on “Follow-Up: To Be Fair To Alyssa Milano, Some Professional Pundits Aren’t Any More Competent Than She Is

  1. I was actually surprised that Willie Geost pressed him and questioned a “double standard” that could be problematic. Mika, who had (to her credit) already questioned him more than I, frankly, expected, looked very uncomfortable when Willie went back to press it.

  2. “I have three problems with Reade’s story myself. First, she took so long to make her accusation. Second, as I wrote at the time, it arrived just as Biden was about to clinch the nomination. It looked and felt like a politically-motivated attack. Third, such accusations are always suspect when they are alone.”

    is this true though? There are witnesses (and maybe her mother) who say she did tell them about the attack. Maybe now she is just getting someone in the media to listen to her. I still agree that it might be politically motivated.

    • I don’t know if she is telling the truth about what Biden did to her. We do have a lot more evidence than we did for Hypnosis-woman Ford, however.
      (1) We know that Reade did work for Biden and was fired by him. So, we know she was in close contact with him, so opportunity is known, unlike for Ford.

      (2) I think there is a lot of truth that she accused him of doing that at the time. Several co-workers confirm she told them about it contemporaneously. Her mother may have even complained about it on Larry King live. The fact that the episode in question has been ‘hidden’ is strong evidence that this is the case.

      This isn’t proof that he did it, but it is proof that he had opportunity and she accused him of it. It is remarkable that we do not have such evidence from Ford.

      As for other women coming forward…. would you? I mean, look at what is happening to Chris Hayes for suggesting they should consider Reade’s allegations. If Reade’s body was found tomorrow and ‘nobody saw nothin’, every security camera in the area ‘malfunctioned’ or was ‘accidentally deleted’, and they ruled it a suicide, would you be shocked?

      • I was referencing Jack’s comments as they pertain to telling people/surprise bombshell. My point is I don’t think this was a coming out on her part as much as it was a media using her for the timely issue.

  3. The mainstream media has refused to book her on their tv shows. This, even though she considers Fox biased and does not want that to be the network that covers her and her story, the coverage will be Fox. Meanwhile, Ben Smith, who is definitely not on the right and is the media columnist for the NYT after several years with BuzzFeed, wrote a column concluding: “ Journalists cannot predict how viewers might react to television interviews with Ms. Reade, or where their reporting on her claims will lead. They don’t have to. They should just make sure their audience knows they’re reporting hard, and doing the work with an open mind”

  4. Jack, have you seen the long interview that Mika from MSNBC’s morning joe show did with Joe Biden?

    She holds back NOTHING.

    I was shocked actually. However I think this is part of the plan to get rid of him to their other chosen one can come forth.

    It’s seems Noble, but I truly think it’s part of the plan to deceive us. She seems soooooo honest and seeking after truth, something the MSM desperately needs to be seen as. So now this heavy handed interview to distract us and lead us to think “oh wait, they aren’t biased at all!”’

    While they are as ever and this is part of the ongoing deception.

    What do you think?

  5. Guess I was hoping this would be about the late, great ROBERT Palmer. And now, the quintessential MTV video from the golden age of MTV and music videos (and Mrs. O.B.’s and my children):

    Maybe Tara was simply irresistible. Maybe Joe and Hunter and Joe’s brother should consider this line going forward: “There’s no tellin’ where the money went.”

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