Comment Of The Day: “OK, I Give Up: What IS This?”

Believe it or not, one of the main reasons I write Ethics Alarms is to learn things, and the things I learn sometimes come from researching an issue, and sometimes come from you.

Since a prime starting point for ethical analysis of an event or someone’s conduct is  answering the question, “What’s going on here?”, Joe Biden’s statement that if you believe Tara Reade, the ex-Biden staffer (who Joe says he doesn’t recall) now accusing him of sexual harassment, assault and indeed rape, you shouldn’t vote for him genuinely puzzled me, and I asked for assistance in figuring out what Joe was doing.

In a neat, concise, Comment of the Day, Rich in CT answered my question. I had never heard of the phenomenon he identified, being constitutionally resistant to economic theory from childhood. Above is a video that further elaborates on the topic, the Pareto Optimality or Pareto Efficiency, “a situation that cannot be modified so as to make any one individual or preference criterion better off without making at least one individual or preference criterion worse off.”

Got it. Now I know what that is. Thanks, Rich.

Here is Rich in Ct’s Comment of the Day on the post, “OK, I Give Up: What IS This?”:

It is called a Perato Optimal response from Game Theory, for a guy who is trapped by his party’s “believe all women stance”.

He has 3 options, and his potential voters have 3. Only certain combinations get him elected.

* 1 – He is innocent – and professes it
* 2 – He is guilty – and denies it
* 3 – He is guilty and admits it

– A – Voters Vote For Him Anyways*
– B – Voters Believe Him
– C – Voters Don’t Believe Him

Combinations that get their vote:

1-A, 1-B
2-A, 2-B
3-A, 3-C

Combinations that lose their vote:


Based on these combinations, he has a 2/3 chance of getting the Democratic vote. So, what is his strategy?

To Punt!

He tells them to do exactly what they were going to do anyways. He tells them to not vote for him if they believe Ms. Reade. By extension, he is telling them to vote for him if they believe him. And, importantly, he doesn’t not tell people to vote for him anyways. He gets to look like he has integrity with his cheap statement, banking on most of his voters not having any.

*Ladies and gentleman, the Democratic Party as of 2020!


2 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “OK, I Give Up: What IS This?”

  1. OMG !! Why did I have to wake up at 2:30 in the morning and check my email …only to click on Jack’s blog and get suckered into listening and watching this video !?! Now my head hurts and I can’t sleep. Thank Rich, in CT. Thanks a lot Jack !! If only my brain would explode and relieve the tension !!

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