From The “Res Ipsa Loquitur” Files: This Is What “Jezebel” Considers A Compelling Justification For The Riots.

Feminist website Jezebel introduced a jaw-dropping interview with a New York protester, a black woman who said she was a social studies teacher, with this:

Despite escalating police violence, arrests, and city-mandated curfews, protesters are continuing the crucial work of speaking out against the murder of George Floyd by police officers and the continued violence against unarmed black people. For reasons that escape logic, protesters and activists are still being asked the same question by reporters and those who refuse to come to terms with America’s history of racism: Why are you here? How do you feel about the looting? It’s a series of questions too often forced upon black people who are expected to educate the masses while simultaneously being oppressed, murdered, ignored, and told to be quiet and “get over” hundreds of years of institutionalized racism.

How unreasonable to expect those engaged in mindless violence against their community and police to have a coherent explanation for what they think they are accomplishing!

The exchange that Jezebel thinks explains it all began with the unnamed black woman saying,“I mean, I’m a black mother and a Social Studies teacher and I’m raising a black son in America so I have no choice but to fight and walk. That’s all I can do.”

Asked about whether the looting and rioting had overshadowed the message of the protests, her response was to reference a  century-old race riot in Oklahoma in 1921. “I mean these white mobs came and rioted in Tulsa and did the same shit, excuse my language, but I’m just sayin’ like, what’s the difference?” she said.

Now there’s a compelling argument. It’s reassuring to know our youth are being taught this level of critical thinking skills.

“You gave, the government gave $1,200 to people to survive on in March, what you thought was gonna happen? You took summer youth away from the youth, what you thought was gonna happen?” she continued. “They need jobs! Feed our babies and we won’t have this problem!”

We’ll have the children, and its up to the country to take care of them.

On the looting and arson: “These are multi-billion dollar corporations that got insurance. So, no offense, but they’ll be alright.” Asked by the reporter about small businesses owned “by people of color,” the teacher responded,

“Hmmm, define owned by people of color, because the banks actually run those businesses,” she responded. “So they own, they could be a mom and pop store, but it’s probably someone else that is not of their color funding their business.”

So burn them down. How can you argue with logic like that?

“They’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and this is what sick and tired looks like,” she concluded.

Got it.

31 thoughts on “From The “Res Ipsa Loquitur” Files: This Is What “Jezebel” Considers A Compelling Justification For The Riots.

  1. Shouldn’t this fall under the naked teacher principle? If you demonstrate complete incompetence in thinking which brings disrepute to public schools you should not get mad when fired.

    • Using her logic, because black athletes with multi million dollar contracts it is ok for me to rob them.

    • Don’t be too hard on her. I watched 4 hours of the ‘protests’ on Friday night and this is the most coherent answer I have heard so far. The previous winner was “I am a black mother with children, so I am afraid all the time and that is why I am here”. Most of the others were “We need the Oklahoma City Police to get justice for George Floyd” (as if they are going to drive up to Minneapolis and arrest him) or unintelligible things.

      Oh yeah, after riots Friday and Saturday night, the NAACP decided to go ahead and have their protest on Sunday saying they didn’t see why it wouldn’t be peaceful. They burned down a charity that loaned professional clothes for people going to job interviews and vandalized the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial among other destruction.

  2. “You gave, the government gave $1,200 to people to survive on in March, what you thought was gonna happen? You took summer youth away from the youth, what you thought was gonna happen?” she continued. “They need jobs! Feed our babies and we won’t have this problem!”

    There is a grain of truth to this.

    According to psychologists and pandemic researchers, things are so bad right now due to everyone being cooped up for months during the coronavirus lockdowns that had taken place across the United States earlier this Spring.

    Historian John Berry, who has written numerous books on the subject of past pandemics, said, “I do think the pandemic aggravated things.”

      • This is, again, the “understand” fallacy. (I would visit “Alas! A Blog” to see what Barry and his merry band of knee-jerks are saying, but I don’t nee a skull explosion right now.) “Understanding” why being cooped up might make some people feel like behaving like barbarians and drunken pirates isn’t the same as excusing them, but the typical “understanders” don’t know the difference.

        • I think the stupid “lockdowns” have had a great deal to do with the spread of the protests and riots all across the country and their intensity. Literally millions of young (mostly white, ironically) people not going to work, sitting at home, working remotely and or reading things on the internet. I think it’s torqued up the “outrage” well beyond what would have occurred but for the “lockdowns.” I analogize it to Middle Eastern terrorism being fueled in part by the nasty combination of lots of young guys without good jobs and lots of readily available AK-47s. I just think the “lockdowns” are a partial answer to the question in my mind of, “what the hell is going on here?”

          And why aren’t these protestors and rioters “social distancing?” Are they trying to get people killed? Don’t they care about the sick and elderly? They want to kill Grandma?

    • Michael T; This is just another plea for special circumstances that doesn’t hold water. Young people’s summer jobs have dwindled drastically for the past three decades, worse in the past three months. A lot of the Young People’s Dads and Moms have had salaries reduced or jobs gone altogether, the very income that was feeding the angry, violent, conscience-less young people. Her argument is not without merit (when applied in general) … IF the subject were going-nuts-under-lockdown (aka shelter at home), BUT IT IS NOT THE SUBJECT UNDER DISCUSSION and has nothing to do with it. The police aren’t responsible for youth employment, the $1,200 was meant to prick the economy — slightly, and make the recipients and their families feel like something was trying to be done (which would’ve happened if “woke” folk hadn’t used it as a political hammer).

      I certainly am ‘hard on her.’ What she had to say may have sounded better to you, but what it actually did was to confuse the issue further. Jezebel is a site for woke women, those who are sitting back in their living rooms,drinking nopal juice and crushed senna pod cocktails, having orgasms at the sight of each new flame, or gush of blood on either side. They don’t care what started it or why or who’s getting hurt (preferably not someone who looks like them). They just want it to go on long enough for them to get their hands on leaders or apologists like this, flatter them silly, feed them the latest pc lines or rules, and turn them loose to infect everybody else black, white and sideways.

    • I was thinking a couple days ago that rioting or unrest of some kind almost would have to mark the end of the shutdown. People have had their various social interactions and personal liberties squashed- in some places more than others, but still affecting everyone Even in towns that didn’t have the active virus presence you still got the nagging and big brother for-your-own-good oppression in large swaths of our daily lives. Like any panicky response to a nebulous problem by authorities like governors and mayors, many reactions proved ineffective to dangerous,

      But like we often talk about for reactions to citizens regarding Bill of Rights issues a populous reaches a breaking point and reacts, Here we usually discuss about free speech, religion and guns, but the right to peaceful assembly, to meet with and associate with the people we work with, like, and love has been restricted much longer than the medieval quarantine of 40 days. And governors and mayors would be just as happy to keep extending the lockdown and continue destroying small business, more likely to be conservative. The French Terror in history, and moon in a Heinlein fiction, show what happens when the common people are put under too much pressure. The pressure cooker’s been on us since Valentines, and we will be hearing of the side effects and deaths that could have been prevented, as long as the censors let the governors’ dirty laundry get out.

      My question now is how inevitable that it was one of the current hot buttons that rabble rousers love would have triggered these riots? It almost had to be BLM, Looking back at the tension for months, only something more exciting to the media than watching Disney and the movie industry slowly collapse would suck the media away from circling like vultures. Angry and violent racism I should have bet on a month ago. All the people worried about their jobs and kids and future would have to snap at their ‘oppressors,’ instead of the more vague jobs and future in a damaged economy. Burning a Starbucks made them feel better, even if it does nothing and destroys jobs and mom and pop businesses that invest more in the community.

  3. Social Studies: various aspects or branches of the study of human society, considered as an educational discipline.

    About that Social Studies teacher; think about it, there is a school district somewhere that allows that imbecile to be a social studies teacher, go ahead and wrap your head around that.

    • Mr. Ngo said Antifa supporters have spread disinformation that it is white supremacists and nationalists who are to blame for the rioting. So far, no evidence has emerged linking right-wing extremists to the violence.

      Hah! The governor of Minnesota is a communist insurgent! Hmmm, the sound of that sentence would ordinarily cue the reader to roll his eyes at whatever reasoning led to the conclusion, but (if Jack will forgive me for saying so) these are not ordinary times.

      Great article. If only the FBI hadn’t been so focused on un-electing the president… Perhaps they’re all compromised as well. One can experience Gulliver’s wide-eyed bewilderment at strange illogical creatures and peoples these days without ever leaving one’s home country. What a miracle modern Progress has been!

    • EC, please get with the program. Reason is a white supremacist construct used to oppress people of color. Are you really that dense?

  4. “Feed our babies and we won’t have this problem!”

    So wait: are you having babies in order to hold the rest of America hostage?

    Don’t answer that.

  5. Not all that many people over at Jezebel commenting on that piece. Time to go over and confuse them with rational thought.

    • That almost makes break the oath I made to my darling mama on her deathbed never to have anything to do with social media (she was fatally injured by a drunken troll fleeing the Thought Police ).

  6. It’s been over a week and no brave, hard-boiled journalists have managed to dig up officer Derek Chauvin’s political affiliation. Haven’t heard a word about it. I think if he had ever so much as suggested anything positive about Trump it would be all over the front pages by now.

    What are the current odds that months or years after this all blows over it quietly becomes known that he was a Democrat? 80%?

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