Reddit’s Approach To Addressing “Systemic Racism”: Rig The Rules

I have  a larger post on this topic in the works, but Reddit’s recent actions deserve special exposure.

Yesterday, the platform banned the subreddit devoted to President Donald Trump based on what the company said was the influential subreddit’s repeated policy violations. A Reddit executive told reporters that the huge group allowed people to target and harass other people, and reddit does not believe in hate. “Reddit is a place for community and belonging, not for attacking people,” Steve Huffman, the company’s chief executive, said. “‘The_Donald’ has been in violation of that.”

Hate-hating Reddit also unveiled its new anti-hate policy yesterday, which is, the platform says, intended to protect groups from based on their race or color, religion, national origin, gender, identity, and sexual orientation, among others. Victims of “a major violent event” are also protected, as are their families.

However, “While the rule on hate protects such groups, it does not protect all groups or all forms of identity…For example, the rule does not protect groups of people who are in the majority or who promote such attacks of hate.”

I hate to be lawyerly here, but does that mean that a minority participant who promotes “such attacks of hate” on majority group members is or isn’t in breach of the policy? And what is the definition of “majority”? Some wag asked, based on that ambiguous language, if hateful speech directed at women is acceptable, since they are more plentiful than men. Wouldn’t that make men a minority, regarding gender issues?

Details, details. The message is that hating whites, and harassing them is just fine with Reddit. After all, they deserve it.

If whites and men submit—maybe women? Nah!—submit to this transparent discrimination and censorship, they deserve the second-class citizenship being constructed for them. They, as well as those who have any regard for fairness, equality and free expression, should flee Reddit like Tokyo residents fleeing Godzilla, and those who don’t are establishing their membership in two other apparent majorities: fools and cowards.


18 thoughts on “Reddit’s Approach To Addressing “Systemic Racism”: Rig The Rules

  1. Now you’ve got it. We’re on our way to Utopia Island, where women and people of color are the rulers and white men (“blancos”) are treated like servants. No blanco may speak unless he is spoken to first, and no blanco may disagree with a woman or person of color, on pain of flogging. A blanco must walk in the gutter while his betters use the sidewalk, and defer to them in all things. No blanco may take a meal or drink at the same table as a woman or person of color. No blanco may hold any authority save over other blancos. No blanco may serve in the military or the emergency services, save as a supporting laborer who all others outrank. No blanco may practice medicine, law, or any other profession. No blanco may own land, any dwelling or building, any weapon, any vehicle, or any funds save for the use of a woman or person of color. No blanco may write, read, or possess any literature unapproved of. No blanco may vote, nor hold any public office. No blanco may establish a relationship, either straight or gay, save he be chosen by a woman or person of color, in which case he may not refuse, although the woman or person of color may dissolve the relationship at any time. No building or institution may be named after a blanco. No monument may be built to a blanco. No holiday may be celebrated to the memory of a blanco. Those blancos who are not part of a household led by a woman or person of color shall sleep in a spartan barracks built for that purpose, to which they must return immediately upon completion of their duties for the day, and from which they may not depart until it is time to begin the next day’s duties. Each day must begin with a pledge of obedience to the new order and an apology for being a white male. Each day must end with giving thanks for the ability to work for their betters and a promise to continue atoning every day for the crimes of their race and gender. When they grow old to the point where they can no longer work, they shall be euthanized.

  2. If you flee like those in Tokyo, never look back because you will become toe jam at the moment you scream.

  3. Or I could just continue to ignore things like Reddit and Facebook and twitter and wait for all these dopes who spend their lives on them to just grow up and get real jobs?

  4. I admit this is a personal hobby horse of mine, but I can not stand the current use of “community.” The word now indicates any enraged group of people who considered themselves aggrieved and justified in lashing out at any other group or individual for any reason whatsoever and in any manner they deem fit. It is the height of passive/aggressive belligerence. Whenever you see the word, it doesn’t mean anything else. It is complete and nasty misdirection. Its use brings into question the integrity of anyone using it. Grr.

    • In a way, it has become like the word, “racist.” When everything is racist, nothing is. When everything is a “community,” the term is meaningless.

  5. The Reddit CEO is actually being more duplicitous than it would first appear. R/theDonald has been “quarantined” for over twelve months now. This means that it was placed in a limited state, so that it was hidden from search results and any user trying to read the message board had to acknowledge a pop up menu that tried to warn them off.

    However, what the news reporting has also failed to mention is that by the time it was banned this month the board was already dead. Though not by an authoritarian hand but by the sub’s moderators themselves. Posting abilities had been restricted to approved individuals and strictly community moderated in an attempt meet Reddit’s new draconian moderation policies. These came into being in March this year. The reasoning behind this is pretty easy to ascertain once you realize that the huge majority of pro-Trump memes originated from this sub in 2017. However, it was an obviously an impossible battle to win as the rules of engagement were selectively enforced with a hard liberal bias, eventually culminating in this month’s ban. Even more egregious is that they were retroactively punished for past offenses, which is an emerging tradition of the left apparently.

    Even more astounding is that all the major news reporting has furthermore left out that after the changes to Reddit’s moderation in March, the entirety of the r/theDonald migrated to a domain created exclusively for them (an analogy to the early Americans escaping England to the promise of a new beginning would be fitting here…). That site is

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