Warning! You Never Know What Someone Is Going To Decide Is Racist…

These four Jimmy John bozos were fooling around, playing with dough. One made a noose with the dough, except that nooses aren’t made out of dough, so it wasn’t a noose. He then looped the dough-noose over his neck, as you can see. Then they posted the hilarity on YouTube.

  • They would not have done this, presumably, if they thought it was a demonstration of racism.
  • There were no African Americans present who could decide that the dough-noose was some kind of threat.
  • Nothing in the video suggests a racist attitudes or a racial motive….

Nonetheless, all four were fired. Taking full advantage of the opportunity to signal their one-ness with the George Floyd mobs, Jimmy Johns happily tarred these young employees as racists, and thus threats to civilization, saying,

“We have zero tolerance for racism or discrimination in any form.The franchisee has taken immediate action and the employees have been terminated. The actions seen in this video are completely unacceptable and do not represent the Jimmy John’s brand.”

Did the four deserve to be fired? Sure. There are lots of good reasons to fire them, like playing with the food. Sending videos of the workplace to social media. Embarrassing the company. Not having the sense to know that even a dough-noose is liable to trigger a freakout in these times of hypersensitive madness when activists are looking for people to make an example of. They should be fired for showing such wretched judgment that they shouldn’t be trusted with food preparation. Or sharp objects.

Or chopsticks…

However, I didn’t see any “discrimination,” and a noose made out of dough isn’t an indication of racism. Would it have still been racist if the four goofs had been black? Three out of four? 50%, with the employee making and wearing the dough an African American? Do you think the four would have been fired then?

Context matters. This is insane, and the citizens who still have their faculties have to  duty to keep saying so, loudly and fearlessly.


11 thoughts on “Warning! You Never Know What Someone Is Going To Decide Is Racist…

  1. Noose does not equal racism. I am not sure when that idea started, but when I hear noose I think of the old west. A noose can be a racist symbol, but on its own it is just a knot. That is like saying because the Nazi’s had red in their flags that Red is antisemitic.

  2. By now, it should come as no surprise that WESconsin will (arguably) one-up that.

    BLM Agitators Turn Minor Fender Bender Into Racist HATE CRIME.

    Be sure to click on the police dashcam recording to see the 100 % at fault/Moron Savant driver Ebony Anderson-Carter.

  3. People who aggressively attack others when they feel threatened need to be taught the art of subtlety and discretion. Why go through all the trouble of publicly humiliating someone for doing something that is in and of itself harmless, when you can simply give them enough dough to hang themselves with?

  4. If anything the idiots deserve to be reprimanded for using company owned product, effing off in the workplace, and then posting it online.

  5. This doesn’t prove these boys are racist. This proves these boys are boys engaging in the same idiotic tomfoolery that boys have engaged in time immemorial. Such juvenile hi-jinks will always include a certain quantity of intentionally offensive humor that is meant to be kept as an inside joke among pals.

    • Absolutely direct, though it does seem that we now have a generation of young’uns that is so dumb that they don’t understand that something can’t be kept “among pals” if they record it and post it on the internet.

      These four should have been fired for simply being too stupid to employ in foodservice.

      • I worked in fast food for years. I assure you that there appears to be no such thing as being too stupid to work in food service.

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