“Facts Don’t Matter”: The Anti-Police Movement Has No Credibility

Instant protest!

Today’s smoking gun—literally!—evidence:

In Detroit, a 19-year old man named Hakim Littleton, was shot and killed by police. Immediately, the activist group Detroit Will Breathe called for followers to immediately report to the scene of the shooting to protest.

And indeed they did. No facts, no explanation necessary; the police are hunting black kids again. The group presumed racism, police guilt and unjustified violence.

Need I specify that calling for protests and demonstrations without knowing what you are protesting is unethical?

Yet there was a video, and a graphic one. It shows police officers arresting Darnell Sylvester on an outstanding drug warrant. He surrenders and complies with the officers’ instructions. Then the  video shows Littleton approach the officers, reach into his pocket, and pull out a gun. He can be heard saying, “You are not going to take my man,” meaning Sylvester. He begins shooting at close range,  estimated at two or three feet from an officer. (He’s a bad shot.) Then Littleton raises his gun, aiming at the head of the officer, as three officers returned fire. Littleton continues to fire even after he falls to the ground.

As we have seen again and again in other cases, the family of the deceased insisted that the death was murder,  claiming that the 19-year-old was unarmed and surrendering:

They murdered him. Shot him in his back walking down the street. Oh they told them to freeze, OK, put your hands up. And they did, and they shot him trying to put his phone in his pocket,” said Deseanae Wells, the victim’s cousin.

Damndest thing, how police can fake a video like this so quickly and effectively. Did you hear him say, “Hands up, don’t shoot” ? I wonder what the Vegas odds are on “Hakim Littleton” being quietly added to those lists of “murdered” unarmed African Americans, like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown….

12 thoughts on ““Facts Don’t Matter”: The Anti-Police Movement Has No Credibility

  1. This is why I roll my eyes every time there’s talk of the necessity of police having body cams. Sure, footage can be useful. But the facts literally do not matter to this movement. The footage is right there. They will dismiss it, rationalize the behavior of the criminal in question, accuse the police of inserting CGI weapons into the film, anything but acknowledge the truth.

    This isn’t about truth. This isn’t about police brutality. This isn’t about racism.

      • I can understand their point that they want police officers to give their incident reports from memory, without looking at the footage. Looking at the footage and then composing a report would allow them to retroactively justify their actions and give the illusion that they were immune from bias.

        However, the solution to me would seem to be to have a third party hold the footage in escrow until they receive a copy of everyone’s report.

        Even if they don’t do that, though, it seems to me the benefits of having objective footage should far outweigh the problems caused by officers’ ability to make themselves look like they knew what they were doing after the fact. If it’s footage of a situation that was escalated instead of deescalated, I’d expect the officer would look far worse if they pretend to have been calm and collected.

  2. Detroit Chief of Police James Craig is one helluva good cop. For a (too-short) while, he served as the first African-American Chief of Police in Portland, Maine; that’s when I became familiar with him.

    Portland is a largely-white city in an even whiter state, but Craig quickly gathered the respect of both the cops and the citizenry. He’s a no-B.S. guy. Tough, fair, honest, and holding himself to a higher level than he expects of others.

    Most folks in southern Maine were disappointed when he left, but understood: he was offered the Chief’s job in Cincinatti. A comparatively young man, everyone understood the move as a good step up – for him – and nobody begrudged him. And he grew up in Detroit, so when he was offered that job, why would anyone question it?

    Craig has openly advised the citizens of Detroit to arm themselves, stating that the city cannot protect them.

    And he took this incident seriously: he fully understood the potential for a shitshow, yet he rushed this video into public release just as soon as he was clear that his officers were indeed acting in self-defense. And they were.

    With CEOs, celebrities and Democratic Party all doing triple-back-flips-with-a-twist to show how woke they are, I think this post should be re-titled: DETROIT CHIEF OF POLICE JAMES CRAIG: ETHICS HERO.

  3. Damndest thing, how police can fake a video like this so quickly and effectively. Did you hear him say, “Hands up, don’t shoot” ? I wonder what the Vegas odds are on “Hakim Littleton” being quietly added to those lists of “murdered” unarmed African Americans, like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown….

    I suspect heads should roll at Detroit Can’t Breathe.

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