Play Ball! Meanwhile, Major League Baseball is a Mega-Ethics Dunce, And I Hope Fans Make Them Regret It.

Only slightly more disgusting than this truncated season’s use of the abortion of an extra-inning rule that will put a runner on second base to begin extra innings in tie games are MLB’s “social justice promoting” regulations for players.

It makes me physically ill just having to post them.

Baseball announced guidelines today allowing players “to support social justice and diversity and inclusion” on the field—also on their own, but I don’t case waht players choose to do a private citizens, as long as they don’t abuse their postions as baseball palyers. “MLB supports the players’ need to express themselves,” we are told.

Yes, the NFL and NBA have poisoned baseball.

Players have no need to express themselves politically on the field, and should not be allowed to do so. But Major League Baseball, as it has been most of its existence, is run by venal fools, and they are terrified by the players union. The announcement of the green light for players to be overtly political while the game allows promotion of the racist organization sparking violent riots and vandalism across the country just happened to be announced almost simultaneously with an expanded play-offs format.

What a coincidence! The players union was withholding its approval on this (also cheapening) add-on to the Wuhan Baseball Season for leverage.  “After consulting players for guidance,”  MLB has approved:

• A Black Lives Matter batting practice T-shirt, or a T-shirt designed or obtained by a club or its players.

• A patch, which reads “Black Lives Matter” or “United For Change,” that can be affixed to the player’s sleeve.

• Wristbands featuring an inverted MLB logo where the silhouetted batter is black. Opening Day will mark the first time this logo will be worn on the field.

MLB will also allow players  to use “social justice messages” and advocacy for other causes on their cleats

Like “Fuck the Police”? Why not?

Clubs are also “invited to stencil on the back of the mound the inverted MLB logo, with either the message “United for Change” or “BLM.”

Since the latter means “Whites are racists,” I expect, and hope, that fans take umbrage at teams that put that on the field. I hope they do. I do, and I’ll soon decide what to do about it.

And when the first player puts “White Lives Matter Too” or “All Lives Matter” or MAGA on their cleats, what’s MLB going to do? What’s a manager going to do if a black star objects?

This is pure cowardice and submissiveness by the baseball brass, encouraged by the convenient absence of fans in the stands. And I pledge to do what I can to help make sure the teams pay a big price. I think they are likely to without my efforts, but I’m going to do my damnedest to help.

8 thoughts on “Play Ball! Meanwhile, Major League Baseball is a Mega-Ethics Dunce, And I Hope Fans Make Them Regret It.

  1. My baseball fandom has slowly migrated to the history of the game, so this isn’t much off my nose. I was still watching the postseason, though, so I guess that’s out now.

  2. Sports is no longer a unifying force. Baseball is no longer a national pastime. The MLB brand is dead with the addition of BLM and will never be resurrected.
    What a bunch of morons.

  3. The first player who puts “All Lives Matter” on their jersey will predictably be suspended or possibly doxxed. Freedom of expression only goes one way sadly.

  4. Insofar as I have watched way too many televised baseball games during my lifetime, I’m skipping this season in its truncated entirety. MLB and its highly paid crisis communications consultants can all take a hike. They’re as gutless as college administrators. They won’t miss me. I don’t drink any of the beer they advertise anyway.

  5. I hadn’t even noticed the inversion of the black and white in the MLB logo. Didn’t register at all. The guy still looks like a ’50s or ’60s, pre-steroids, wiry, white major leaguer like Dick Groat or somebody. And they’ll need to do something about that very non-African American nose, unless that’s Mighty Michael Jackson at the bat.

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