Nah, There Are No Race-Obsessed Anarchists Running Seattle!

The progressive revolutionaries’ latest gaslighting exercise and eye-rolling “Oh, pshaw!” is that there really are no anarchists pulling the strings in the Great Northwest—you know, like the protests are “mostly peaceful,” except for the occasional Molotov cocktail and lasers aimed at the eyeballs of those trying to keep the peace. Coincidentally, Christofer Rufu, one of the excellent writers at City-Journal, has revealed that frightening documents had been leaked to him from the King County Executive’s office (that’s Seattle). He writes,

Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights has developed a “race and social justice” curriculum for all 10,000 city employees. I’ve obtained new documents from the city’s segregated “whites-only” trainings, which induct white employees into the cult of critical race theory….I’ve received a trove of leaked documents from within the King County Executive’s Office claiming that the justice system is a “white supremacist institution” that must be dismantled. It’s explosive…The document begins by claiming that the justice system is built of a foundation of “racism,” “white fragility,” and “white supremacist culture.” They say that whites have a “need to control” and have designed “social conditions” to “oppress People of Color”…Next, they claim that the jails are designed as “a system of oppression based on race and built to maintain white supremacy.” The plan to permanently shut down the jails is centered on the obligation to “isolate race” and “examine the presence and role of whiteness.”…Next, the government defines “white culture” as one that focuses on the corrupt and racist values of “individuality,” “meritocracy,” “linearity,” “progress,” “objectivity,” and “the written word”…n the attached glossary, the officials claim that whites uphold “the U.S. white supremacy system,” “oppress People of Color,” and have “unearned power and privileges associated with having white skin,” which they call “Whiteism.”

Interesting. Reminds me of the Smithsonian’s “Whiteness” chart.

Rufo goes on…

According to my source, during the meetings, King County legal staff repeatedly called the county court system a “white supremacist organization” and even declared that light-skinned emojis in emails are racist symbols of “white approval”…The plan to close the jails is explicitly predicated on the idea that the “government [is] responsible for the problem” of crime and that criminal offenders are the true “rights holders” who must be “honor[ed] and celebrate[d]”…the executives predict that the decision to permanently close the jails will cause “stress, confusion, and a sense of overwhelm,” but ultimately “internal racism [will] come to the surface” and there will be a “shift in power structure”…This is a plan emanating from the highest levels of county government, including the senior leadership of the Juvenile Division, County Courts, and the King County Executive’s Office. They have embraced critical race theory as the operating philosophy behind “prison abolition.”

Here are the documents.

Wow, that’s some crazy conservative conspiracy theory!

Come on. Who could believe such a thing?

Sarcasm aside, it is easy to assign responsibility for such back-room plotting to undo civilization. The first layer of blame belongs to the school systems and universities, which have indoctrinated a critical mass within an entire generation to be hostile to the United States, democracy, and, frankly, reality. Within that layer are the lazy and passive parents and administrators who sat inert for decades. The second layer is the incompetent citizens who elected officials capable of being persuaded by such ideological poison.

This is one of the many dead ends Americans will be voting for or against in November. If that’s their choice, I am tempted to say the nation will deserve what it gets, except that I have little faith that most of the public will know what they are voting for, given the state of journalism today.

After all, we are still being told that the protests and riots are merely protesting police brutality.

12 thoughts on “Nah, There Are No Race-Obsessed Anarchists Running Seattle!

  1. Dr. Karlyn Borysenko has been all over this and had done more than a few videos on youtube discussing and debunking this stuff. It is worth a watch:

    This one is about the City of Seattle training

    This one is about the Smithsonian

    And this is a playlist of her discussing in depth and debunking this stuff

  2. I think I better appreciate some of the arguments Alizia has for so long a time been pushing on this forum – That there is a campaign to displace and replace the white race and white civilization in the west.
    A deeper understanding of the motivations of these protests, the Marxist ideal of BLM movement shows this clearly.
    This campaign is not recent in its origins and if something is not done to address it soon enough (by force of arguments, will and courage) it will soon be too late to fight back.

  3. Jack wrote, “Interesting. Reminds me of the Smithsonian’s “Whiteness” chart.”

    Some might think that’s a coincidence, not me. Which brings me directly back to this comment where I wrote “Like Paul Joseph Goebbels strategy with lies, just give it a little time and it will take root and become main stream “truth” for the irrational social justice warriors.”

    I keep on saying it and I won’t stop; the irrational social justice warriors have already won the battle of the minds across the metropolitan areas of the United States, they’re controlling damn near all the college campuses and infiltrating everything in society with their irrational poison. They’re being elected to local governments, school boards, and congress and this is just one more small example that piles on the evidence to prove my argument. It’s a verifiable pattern; it’s happening over and Over and OVER again and it will not stop until there is a HUGE public blow up and the shit really hits the fan because some company or University or municipality doesn’t bow to the social justice army of irrational lunatics.

    Massive social indoctrination has been going on for about 12 years but it’s been kicked into high gear since George Floyd’s death. Is this the “change” that President Obama was trying to inspire in his campaign speeches?

    The mindset of the progressives and social justice warriors…

    This is not going to end well.

    Be prepared.

    • I think it’s clear that the National Museum of African American History didn’t start this with their “whiteness chart”, they’re just parroting their version of the same indoctrination.

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