Comment Of The Day: “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 7/30/2020: Fact Checks, Fear-Mongering, The Emmys, And Another Cancellation” (Item #2)

The game-playing and misrepresentations regarding police shooting data, particularly by the news media, are driving me bonkers, as I assume, yu as well.

Addressing the issue  is Chris Marschner’s in his Comment of the Day on the post, “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 7/30/2020: Fact Checks, Fear-Mongering, The Emmys, And Another Cancellation”:

What the researchers using Baysian models fail to control for – or at least fail to show how they controlled for it – is the behavior of the individual shot prior to the being killed. If unarmed whites, according to Critical Race Theory as shown in several documents presented earlier, are assumed to acquiesce to persons of authority while Black arrestees are more likely to resist such authority it stands to reason that opportunities for police involved shootings among blacks will rise.

There is a reason that marketers who rely on statistical probabilities to assess likelihood of consumer behaviors evaluate consumer groups by age, race, gender and other demographic factors. They place different values on things that affect their decisions. I can say that blacks disproportionately purchase more rap recordings than whites. Comparisons of third party interactions with different demographic groups must control for how each group views and reacts to the third party (police).

The very same statistics will show that young blacks and whites are shot far more often than people of their own race that are more than twenty years older than they. Furthermore, just how many females of any race are shot by police in any given year? Maybe the focus should be not black lives but male lives.

Statistics are nothing more than a means to try to understand relationships and perhaps provide some predictive value. Unless you hold constant the variable of participants precipitation behavior constant none of this has significant value. In this research their specious accuracy of the data is quite telling given that they pretend that all persons behave identically in the same situations and all situations are identical.

I am no statistician but I worked with inmates at the three prisons in Hagerstown for five years so I have some understanding to what younger black males respond positively and negatively. What is interesting is that part of the BLM movement’s platform is to destroy the nuclear family construct. That has been going on for years with government policy. Young black, and white, males respond positively to people that give them an opportunity to open up and vent a bit without having to worry about what others will say. Even those with the perpetual chip on their shoulder appreciate the opportunity to not have to carry the weight of projecting the persona of being a bad ass among his peers.

Most of these young males white and black have never been held to account for themselves. They have grown up in matriarchal homes as a result of social service policies and that momma has found that multiple men can augment the family income better than one. Within these homes these kids are resource drains. They grow up learning that being a man is about siring children and demonstrating a distorted view of masculinity. The foregoing is information that was shared by inmates in casual conversations I would “arrange” so it did not appear to be an official interview to which they had to be on guard..

The following is my assessment of what I learned from them and is only my conjecture.

The concept of chivalry toward women is foreign to them because they learned that women be they grandmothers mothers, sisters, or aunts were the boss of them. Females rule in black households headed by a single mother, with the oldest single mother being the decision maker. As they grew up black males developed a sense of autonomy and independence by not being tied down to any woman. As one put ~if one give me any shit I just go to another for what I want ~. That was as close to a quote as I can remember. I did not bother to ask him what he wanted.

From my observations which are partially derived from growing up in a lower middle class mixed race environment and also working extensively in primarily low income black environments, black females are more likely to make demands on others either independently or in a group while black males feel obligated to demonstrate dominance only when a group is present. I cannot determine whether the controlling factor among black male assertiveness lies with trying to showcase their masculinity within the group or if their assertiveness is tied to feeling he has backup in a group setting.

All of this suggests that the destruction of the black nuclear family is dangerous to the black man’s psychological and ultimately physical well being. So before we run off and blame cops we might want to start evaluating our social service policies that destroy families and black self worth.


7 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 7/30/2020: Fact Checks, Fear-Mongering, The Emmys, And Another Cancellation” (Item #2)

  1. Nice work, Chris.

    Am I the only person who watches “The First 48” and its non-stop parade of fatherless young black kids killing each other, and not infrequently, white people, before ending up sentenced to life without parole?

  2. Prof. Glenn Loury, in one of his many recent essays or video interviews, pointed out that in some of the most recent high profile deaths of black men at the hands of police, the outcomes seem to be conditional upon having resisted arrest. Loury is an econometrician, so in one of his video interviews I think he’s imagining conditional probability functions while constructing a sentence and verbalizing it during the interview.

    It’s easy to romanticize the Mafia. Joe Pistone, aka Donnie Brasco, said that many wise guys when being arrested would simply proclaim “God bless America” and go along quietly. Next step: Say nothing, admit to nothing, sign nothing, call your lawyer.

    So, if we wanted to raise Black life expectancy we could do this.

    Teach Blacks to swim (hat tip to Steve Sailer). Lower the number of drownings.

    Teach Blacks to never, ever resist arrest. Just smile for your friends who are watching and go along quietly with poise and dignity.

    Teach Blacks not to play with guns (as Johnny Cash’s mother warned–it’s definitely good advice). Any youth who has received firearms training is told that a gun is not a toy.

    = – = – = – =

    It has often seemed to me that suburban middle class white kids and young adults kill themselves and their friends with careless driving and alcohol–these days also hard drugs but it used to be cars and drinking, as cheap marijuana was non-lethal in any amount. Thus the endless warnings against drinking and driving, and warnings about the overconsumption of alcohol. The death toll from alcohol related accidents is still formidable, including binge drinking at parties and in college.

    With lower class Black Americans a big hazard is guns. You don’t even have to have a gun yourself, some one else in your vicinity has a gun that can pose a risk to you.

    With Working class whites the risk is motorcycles. Nothing is more fun than a motorcycle, but they lower your life expectancy.

    As Samuel Johnson put it, “Men require not so much to be informed as reminded.”

  3. Thanks Jack.
    For some reason I keep getting dropped off the notification list. I even created a WordPress account to see if that helped. It did for awhile but your EA notices stopped coming in again.

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