Unethical Tweet Of The Month (And I Vow To Flag This Lie Every Time A Politician, Journalist Or Facebook Friend Attempts It): Joe Biden

Stipulated: The likelihood that Joe Biden really tweeted this is slim. Nonetheless, poor Joe is still accountable for his social media accounts and  the employees he  hires to represent him in cyberspace. This lie is his lie, and his lie is also six years old. Biden is stuck with the lie, because 1) he has no integrity and will say anything he thinks will get him elected and 2) because this lie still constitutes part of the foundation of Black Lives Matter, the organization most responsible for the riots disrupting cities across America along with the special bonus that anyone with the sense to reject their scam is immediately tarred as a racist, and maybe fired or forced to resign.

The use of the “Mike Brown was killed by a racist cop” lie is, at this point, smoking gun proof that an individual is  trying to aggravate and exploit racial distrust and hate to advance their own agenda. That makes them, to be blunt, scum.

During the depressing Democratic primary season, three Presidential hopefuls—Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, employed the lie, and I’m pretty certain every one of them knew it was false. The Democratic Party, which has cynically embraced Black Lives Matter, is, by extension, promoting the lie.

Ann Althouse, thinking like Bill Clinton, argued that cagey Biden can spin his way out of accusations like mine. She writes,

He only said “Michael Brown’s life was taken.” Passive voice. True. There’s no assertion that the life was wrongfully taken. Brown lost his life, and he didn’t give his life, so technically, it was taken. And the loss of life did reignite a movement. People were touched off by that loss of life, and that really happened regardless of whether what the police did was entirely justified. And “the work of tackling systemic racism and reforming policing” stands apart from the facts of that particular incident.

So that’s how he can defend himself if he’s ever grilled with the material in the Breitbart article. But when is he ever grilled?! But if he’s ever grilled, he has left himself room to explain his words. It’s not a mistake. It’s crafted. He meant to say exactly what he did (or rather, his people meant to say exactly what they did). They need that resonance with Black Lives Matter and are cagily constructing it.

Oh please, God, let me grill Joe—or, if he’s drooling too much—whoever wrote that “cagey” tweet.

If the tweet isn’t claiming that Brown was murdered by a racist cop, why is his completely legal, justified and non-racist death being referenced in a tweet about systemic racism?  Let’s see: Robin Williams killed himself on August 11, 2014: is the argument that Biden’s tweet just as reasonably could have started, “It’s been six years since Robin Williams died”?   On August 9, 2015, the Boston Red Sox lost to the California Angels 5-4 in 19 innings. Why didn’t Joe’s tweet start with that?

The Mike Brown lie is everywhere. Here’s the History Channel’s “This Day in History” description. True, the channel runs fake documentaries about mermaids and aliens, but this is inexcusable:

There are many different accounts of the incident, including the testimonies of Wilson and of Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, who was with Brown at the time. Many details differ, but most accounts agree that Wilson saw Brown and Johnson walking in the street, demanded they get on the sidewalk, then stopped his police SUV in front of them in order to confront them. He and Brown had an altercation through the open window of the car, during which Wilson fired twice. Brown and Johnson tried to leave, Wilson exited his car to pursue them, and at some point Brown turned back around to face Wilson, who then fired 12 shots, six of which hit Brown. Wilson claimed he fired in self-defense as Brown charged him, which Johnson denied. Many have claimed that Wilson warned Brown he would open fire, and that Brown responded with “Don’t shoot!” before he was killed.

That account is false. False. Among other crucial details, it omits the important factor that Brown reached into the police car and tried to grab officer Wilson’s weapon, which is why Wilson fired twice, grazing Brown’s hand. Officer Wilson didn’t “claim” he fired in self-defense when Brown charged him. He fired in self-defense. Those who “claimed” that Brown shouted “Don’t shoot!” were lying…just like Joe Biden.

The extensive and persuasive Justice Department report on the incident concluded in part,

The evidence establishes that the shots fired by Wilson after Brown turned around were in self-defense and thus were not objectively unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment. The physical evidence establishes that after he ran about 180 feet away from the SUV, Brown turned and faced Wilson, then moved toward Wilson until Wilson finally shot him in the head and killed him. According to Wilson, Brown balled or clenched his fists and “charged” forward, ignoring commands to stop. Knowing that Brown was much larger than him and that he had previously attempted to overpower him and take his gun, Wilson stated that he feared for his safety and fired at Brown. Again, even Witness 101’s account supports this perception. Brown then reached toward his waistband, causing Wilson to fear that Brown was reaching for a weapon. Wilson stated that he continued to fear for his safety at this point and fired at Brown again. Wilson finally shot Brown in the head as he was falling or lunging forward, after which Brown immediately fell to the ground. Wilson did not fire any additional shots. Wilson’s version of events is corroborated by the physical evidence that indicates that Brown moved forward toward Wilson after he ran from the SUV, by the fact that Brown went to the ground with his left hand at (although not inside) his waistband, and by credible eyewitness accounts.

The Obama Justice Department was desperate to hang  Michael Brown’s death on a racist cop. The facts didn’t support that  narrative, and so Justice had to exonerate Wilson. The witnesses who created the narrative were lying, and the evidence proved they were lying. Read the whole report. I doubt Biden has. Post the link and metaphorically shake the 86 page report in the smug faces of your irresponsible, Black Lives Matter suck-up friends.

Everyone who repeats the lie that Mike Brown was gunned down in cold blood by a racist cop is either intentionally or negligently spreading a lie designed to tear the nation apart. Treat such people appropriately.

Including Joe Biden.


8 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Month (And I Vow To Flag This Lie Every Time A Politician, Journalist Or Facebook Friend Attempts It): Joe Biden

  1. That report ignores that Darren Wilson was the diversity training officer at the Ferguson PD. They got the narrative wrong from the very beginning. That, however, doesn’t matter because Democrats believe in truth, not facts.

    I do think Althouse’s comments are correct, even though the implications are clear that Brown was murdered in cold blood a racist cop employed by a racist police department that exists in a systemically racist society where unarmed Black men are hunted like prey in the streets.. Biden’s Team will be able to spin that he never accused Wilson of racial animus, just that the incident is another example of systemic racism – how they get there is beyond me. There is sufficient evidence that Brown and his pal beat a smaller shop owner when Brown stole a box of cigarillos. The police bulletin described Brown and Johnson, they fit the description of the suspects when Wilson saw them, and even the DOJ had to conclude the Wilson’s actions were not racially motivated but in fact reasonable under the circumstances.

    Biden, though, is not going to be capable of discussing the nuances of his tweet because he probably didn’t write and will have to rely on his advisors covering for him.


  2. The problem here, Jack, is that the deaths of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, etc., have achieved legendary status as part of a narrative. The narrative is that this country is irredeemably racist, built for free by black slave labor, and that law enforcement, descended from the early slave patrols, is irredeemably racist, hunting and killing unarmed young black men because that’s what they do. To those pushing or sympathizing with the narrative Trayvon Martin was just some kid wearing a hoodie and buying skittles who was murdered by a white cop wannabe, and Mike Brown was a gentle giant who said “hands up, don’t shoot!” and was gunned down anyway by a testosterone-and-hate-fueled cop. Breanna Taylor was just sleeping when she was shot dead in cold blood. These are articles of faith, the same way Moses received the tablets from God, Christ rose from the grave, or Mohammed flew into heaven on the back of a winged horse to hear from God directly. You don’t get to question them, especially not in the presence of a black person, the same as you don’t get to tell an Italian-American that Columbus was a genocidal murderer or an Irish-American that Michael Collins was a terrorist if you want to stay healthy.

    We’re still only 70 days into a revival of the anti-racism movement that is probably the strongest it has ever been, even more so than it was in the days of MLK and Malcolm X. I for one think it has gone too far, and, like a pendulum, eventually must swing back, but maybe it hasn’t reached its maximum amplitude yet. A lot of people are very angry and very triggered and not interested in discussing the nuances of these occurrences, leave alone acknowledging that maybe the facts aren’t as one-sided as they believe them to be. If you try to go against that, you’re a racist, and they punish racists. It’s almost too easy to get street justice these days. I could publish a back-the-blue article somewhere tomorrow where the general public could see it. You could publish outside here tomorrow and the same could happen. If some BLM activist sees it, he can probably find our addresses pretty easily, and one tweet later there could be a hundred or more angry black people outside either of our houses, demanding we come out and face their justice. This is no longer a justice movement. This is a revenge movement. I wonder if this movement is as strong as the blue-collar white discontentment movement that made Trump president. I think it is far stronger, and I think those opposed to it are very ill-positioned to oppose it right now. I think if this election ends up being a Democratic sweep, which I don’t think is as likely as the NYT makes it out to be, but still within the realm of possibility, there’s going to be serious danger to personal freedom here.

  3. Never be clear when the message you send will be received as intended. Just be sure to use words that allow people to create the meaning they want. Let the truth be damned.

    The American people show just how exceptional they are when they buy his tripe.

    • That is an excellent video. It has everything you want from a video. It has atmosphere. It has emotion. It has Orange Man Bad with crossed arms and contempt on his face. It has emotion, tugging at the heart strings for poor abuelita, where Trump intentionally targeted her with a terrible disease so that should could suffer and die alone. The cracking voice, fighting back tears, and general broken heart over the loss of a loved one because Orange Man Bad.

      Query: What would Uncle Joe have done differently? La Nieta doesn’t say.


  4. (Mostly) rhetorical question: IF police were actively hunting and killing black men, and have been for a couple of hundred years, and if this hunting and killing is supported and covered up by a systemically racist society, then why are there any black men left? My own county is only 4% African American, so police should have been able to handle that over a busy summer. IF this were really happening, wouldn’t there be black refugee convoys heading to our borders? Isn’t this persistent BLM argument so ridiculous and transparent that anyone with two brain cells can see through it? I will admit that I have occasionally believed things that turned out to be false, but at least they were well-constructed, plausible falsehoods. This particular “narrative” is an embarrassment to good liars.

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