Now THIS Is “Condign Justice”: The Democrats’ Hypocrisy And Bill Clinton’s Massage

Well, as the saying goes, it couldn’t happen to a nicer party.

Yesterday, as the Democrats shook their hypocrisy before America by having Bill Clinton play Star of the Convention, confident that they have so effectively corrupted and misinformed the public (with the help of the complicit news media, natch), that it won’t see anything amiss even at their first gathering since the emergence of #MeToo.  Then, shortly before Bill prepared to bloviate, a series of photographs were published by the Daily Mail showing the ex-President being massaged by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slaves.


The Democrats got away with this before, in 2012, when they declared themselves “the Party of Women” at their convention while featuring the most notorious sexual predator President since Democratic icon JFK.  Bill was the political rock star of the night then too, a nauseating exhibit of gall by Democrats and the real life equivalent of Donald Trump’s infamous boast that his supporters wouldn’t leave him if he shot someone in Times Square. Trump didn’t shoot anyone, but Bill Clinton did use his power and position to turn an intern into his sex toy (and was credibly accused of other sexual misdeeds, including rape).  Sure enough, loyal Democrats didn’t care,

Still, that was before major Democratic donor and Hillary Clinton pal Harvey Weinstein was revealed—to everyone but Hollywood and Democratic power-brokers, who already knew—as a serial harasser, sexual assault hobbyist and accomplished rapist. This spawned #MeToo, and Bill Clinton, I thought, had been finally pushed into the dark regions of public shame where Woody Allen, Al Franken, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer and Harvey dwell. Silly me. I was especially certain that the party had to abandon its Bill addiction after its grandstanding Senators savaged a Supreme Court nominee as a rapist based on a thirty-year-old, barely-recalled tale out of school. I was super-duper certain once the national ticket in 2020 devolved into Joe Biden, who harassed women young and old on camera and who is currently accused of rape, and Kamala Harris, who was one of those grandstanding (and disgusting) Senators.

But no. The Democrats put Bill on the marquee again, figuring, as they have for four years, that if you hate  the President of the United States, nothing else matters—you’re good.

Jeffrey Epstein, however, was special. The late billionaire financier is widely regarded as  not merely a sexual predator, like Bill, but evil. After all, Bill Clinton only “groomed” one young woman to satisfy his ego and sexual appetites, thus wrecking her life. Epstein did this to hundreds, and passed them around to his friends among the glitterati.

Before his suicide or murder in August 2019, Epstein was accused of using his private fleet of jets to transport underage girls to his homes in the U.S. and across the world, often with his horny pals on board. A spokesperson for Clinton said that the former POTUS traveled with Epstein only four times between 2002 and 2003. Flight logs, however, indicate that Clinton flew the friendly skies with Epstein and others at least 26 times between 2002 and 2003. Clinton has repeatedly insisted that he never knew about Epstein’s alleged crimes….you know, just as Hillary never knew about the sordid activities of Harvey and her husband.

Just as Bill never had sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

The newly public photos show Bill Clinton getting a massage from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, Chauntae Davies,  during a plane trip to Africa in 2002. Davies’ horrible story is prominently featured in the Netflix documentary about Epstein, in which we learn that giving Epstein a massage was the traditional gateway to sexual slavery for Davies and others.

The Mail is a sleazy publication to be sure, but the distance between it and, say, the New York Times has closed rapidly in recent years, and not because the Mail is improving. Still, those Americans in whom a spark of ethics still flickers owe a debt of gratitude to the Mail. Before George Will disgraced himself by abandoning his own principles to indulge in a combination of Trump Hate and snobbery, I read him regularly, and “condign justice” was one of his signature phrases. Condign means “deserved,” and the Democrats deserved to have their hypocrisy exposed so spectacularly yesterday, not that any more evidence of hypocrisy is necessary.

The current convention will see a political party that has repeatedly insisted that President Trump should be removed from office as “disabled” nominate a candidate for the office who is already disabled, after speaker after speaker describes the current administration as a threat to the “rule of law” though the Democrats support illegal immigration, rioting, vandalism, emptying the prisons, and discriminating on the basis of race.

But maybe this latest smoking gun will lift the veils from the eyes of apathetic and gullible voters, and we won’t have to wait until Joe Biden shoots someone in Times Square to find out just how far gone the American public is.

18 thoughts on “Now THIS Is “Condign Justice”: The Democrats’ Hypocrisy And Bill Clinton’s Massage

  1. Over the last four years, every leftist in the country has turned aside arguments related to the Clintons’ corruption by saying that their time is past, that they no longer have supporters within the party. Yet here they are.

  2. Third graf from bottom: you note the Daily Mail and then mention the Mirror (an even sleazier pub) twice. Otherwise, spot on.

  3. I have to admit, when I first saw that picture, I though it was a really old picture of Hillary getting Bill ready for a rally, or something…. Maybe that’s just my “married people do things like that” bias, I don’t know…. My slow descent into realization was comical, even for me. First I was like: Naw, Hillary never touched Bill like that… Not only would she not do it, I’m not sure he’d let her. Then I was like; And Hillary never looked that good. It was only then that I realized that Bill looked *much*, *much* older than her, and I was like… Ok, Jeff, read the story, that ain’t Hillary.

    • In your defense, from that angle, she does kind of look like a young Hillary.

      I’m not sure if there’s some kind of psychological meaning behind Bill being massaged by a much younger woman who resembles his wife in her youth.

      • No, no, no! A young Hillary did NOT look anything like a reverse age-progressed version of HRC once she started affecting the look of a golf pro’s wife and wore makeup and had her hair coiffed every day. She looked AWFUL at age twenty-two! Haven’t you seen pictures of her graduating from Wellesley? She was clearly a total nerd, and looked every inch the part.

  4. Jack said:
    The current convention will see a political party that has repeatedly insisted that President Trump should be removed from office as “disabled” nominate a candidate for the office who is already disabled, after speaker after speaker describes the current administration as a threat to the “rule of law” though the Democrats support illegal immigration, rioting, vandalism, emptying the prisons, and discriminating on the basis of race.

    The Democrats have never suffered for this. They have consistently advocated such things as blatant disregard for the constitution and laws they don’t like, situational cancellation, the Kings Pass for favored people and candidates (even ones with multiple, indisputable offenses like Bill Clinton) outright lawlessness in the name of “equality,” confiscation of private property to serve political ends, and more.

    I don’t know where you find the optimism to believe anyone will notice this time, especially in the Age of Trump where getting rid of the current President justifies any action that will bring about that result. It is the ultimate “ends justify the means” political argument where past indiscretions may be summarily excused and those who mention them vilified as long as the miscreant is deemed important to the desired result.

    I can’t must much agreement for your hopeful conclusion, even if I attempt to suspend cynicism in defense of your pure intentions.

  5. On the other hand, as much as I loathe Bill Clinton, the woman who was giving him the massage in the photo was 22 years old at the time, not underage, and she really was a trained massage therapist. The photo was taken in a public place — an airport — during a trip to Africa for a humanitarian mission, not to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island, and they were in the company of several celebrities who have never been accused of wrongdoing and who believed they were taking part in a genuine charitable event. According to the masseuse, Clinton was charming and sweet and did nothing inappropriate during the trip. So Clinton is a dirty dog, as we all know, and he may have done wicked deeds with Epstein on other occasions, but this photo is not evidence of those deeds.

    • There is no other hand, though. This is the kind of spin Clinton has used for his whole career. (Send me the link that humina-ed this, please.)


      1. Chauntae Davies was one of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slaves.

      2. She’s called an “alleged victim” because the victims never had their day in court, except in a ad hoc hearing with no legal force after Epstein died under weird circumstances. But there is no question that she was a victim—not underaged, just a naive, dumb, poor woman of the sort that rich men have groomed, corrupted and exploited for eons.

      3. She was an “air hostess” on Epstein’s private jet dubbed “the Lolita Express,” on which Epstein’s pals were either taken to rendezvous with the women, often underaged, that Epstein had pulled into prostitution, or who were on the flights to pleasure the men on the way.

      3. If she was on a flight with Bill Clinton, that plane was the Lolita Express.

      4. Among Clinton’s traveling companions on that trip were Kevin Spacey, and “other girls” who put on uniforms—I’d love to see what those were like—for the flight. “Several celebrities who have never been accused of wrongdoing” is false, unless it is Clintonian, leaving out, “and Kevin Spacey, who has been accused of sexual assault, harassment, and rape.”

      5. Davies was 21 and a trainee massage therapist when her “mentor”, Gypsy Gita, took her to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills to give Ghislaine Maxwell a massage. She was Epstein’s’ procurer, and is awaiting trial now.

      6. Davies says “within days” she was being raped and abused by Epstein.

      7. Ghislaine Maxwell threatened the women to force them to keep coming back, to make them recruit other women, and to not go to authorities. She will stand trial next year on six charges, including child sex trafficking

      8. After Davies massaged Maxwell, she offered to fly her to Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion in Florida and give her a “staff position” as a masseuse. At her first meeting with Epstein, he forced her to perform a sex act on him and on their third or fourth meeting he raped her. She was repeatedly abused by him for four years. He also attacked her younger sister after she had introduced them

      9. Chauntae Davies has talked about the five-day trip, saying the group “started bonding” as soon as Epstein’s private jet took off from New York.

      10. The fact that Clinton’s massage was public is irrelevant. Asking a woman to massage you in public under those circumstances is textbook sexual harassment, though the kind that cannot be prosecuted. She can’t say “no.”

      The episode proves that Clinton participated in at least one Lolita Express excursion (the logs say over 20), which is per se more incriminating than anything Brett Kavanaugh did. The only way out of this is Clinton’s denial that he knew anything about Epstein’s habits or how Davies and other women came to be on the plane, and anyone who believes that is too gullible to be left alone on the street.

  6. I feel obligated to put in a good word or two for The Daily Mail. Yes, it features all sorts of annoying celebrity and non-celebrity boobage, stories about grisly murders, and endless stories about British royals and former royals, but on basic facts for most important U.S. stories, the Mail is refreshingly candid, certainly compared to U.S. outlets that massage everything. If there’s a story you’ve read in another outlet and it sounds fishy, you might check the story in the Mail for a less varnished version.

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