It’s Snowing In Hell, And Stephen Colbert Is An Ethics Hero

Well, Bill Clinton was an Ethics Hero once too.

The talented host of the Late Show, who has betrayed his profession by taking the opportunity to do a nightly comedy talk show for all Americans using it almost exclusively  to take the cheap and all-too-traveled road  of  spreading disrespect and hate for the President of the United States, finally showed a flicker of integrity.

Should regular Clinton suck-up and “resistance” mouthpiece Stephen Colbert get an Ethics Hero accolade here for picking off the low-hanging fruit presented by Bill’s audacity in  speaking to the Democratic National Convention? Is finally doing his job, which is to unite the nation in humor while imparting perspective and criticism of the famous and powerful, really praise-worthy after Colbert has spent so many years doing the opposite?

Fair question. Why isn’t late night talk show host James Corden an Ethics Hero for hosting his “Late, Late Show’ without (mostly) slipping into nightly partisan bigotry? Maybe he should be. However, the epic hypocrisy of Democrats in this campiagn and in the years leading up to it has been thoroughly obscured by the news media and popular culture. Clinton’s speech, delivered as if Monica Madness,  Juanita Broaddrick, #MeToo, “Believe all women,” Cancel Culture, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, Al Franken, Biden’s wandering hands and lips, Tara Reade’s accusation,  Kamala Harris’s savaging of Brett Kavanaugh, and Jeffrey Epstein—wow, that’s a longer list than I thought it would be when I started it!—all existed in some kind of alternate reality like in “Back to the Future II” had to make any fair and rational observer’s head explode. Colbert showed his ethics alarms, while exceedingly faint, still function. I want to encourage him to listen to them more often.

Commenting on Clinton’s criticism of the President’s behavior as President, Colbert channeled the Ethics Alarms principle of ethics estoppel, saying,,

I don’t think Bill Clinton gets to lecture anyone on what should happen in the Oval Office. Those in glass houses should not be allowed near the interns.”

Later, he referenced Clinton’s suspicious encounters with sex trafficker and pedophile Jeffry Epstein, showing a photo of Bill looking shocked and quipping, “Bill Clinton, seen here finding out Ghislaine Maxwell was just arrested.”

Okay, it’s not much. But from the guy who called Donald Trump “Putin’s cockholster,” while pushing along the Russian collusion hoax, it is progress.

13 thoughts on “It’s Snowing In Hell, And Stephen Colbert Is An Ethics Hero

  1. Ethics Hero? Well, it’s your award, but is it always offered in complete isolation? If so, I guess Hell is a hockey rink after all.

    Jack said:

    Okay, it’s not much. But from the guy who called Donald Trump “Putin’s cockholster,” while pushing along the Russian collusion hoax, it is progress.

    A bar so low it would fit between the spike proteins (there’s a term I bet we all could do well with never having learned) of a SARS-CoV-2 particle.

    • Why are Kamala’s sexploits not subject to exposition. It seems to me that it is the height of misogyny to discount women’s ability to use their agency relating to their bodies to achieve personal goals.

      • I care not one wit about Kamala banging Willy Brown to get on top. (Pun intended) It’s her incredible hypocrisy about her political shape shifting to fit in with the Democratic Party narrative that bothers me.

  2. I thought his questioning of Kamala Harris at one point was pretty hard hitting to the point she could only laugh and say “it was a debate!”, as if that meant something.

  3. Stay hopeful Jack, but no credit for Colbert in my book. Just low hanging fruit on a lazy day in the Colbert’s Writer’s Room.

  4. Is Stephen Colbert an Ethics Hero? (Could he ever achieve such status?)

    To borrow imagery from the famous Hawthorne novel, “The Scarlet Letter” and speaking figuratively: NO.

    Colbert has permanently and deliberately affixed to his persona (and has “virtueless-ness-signaled” for all to see clearly and unforgettably) a big, black, sandpapery-offensive, repulsive, revolting, malodorous, toxic “A” (for Asshole). That forever disqualifies him from being considered an Ethics Hero in any context at any time. The most absolutely universal shunning of him will never constitute, or enable, sufficient reparations for the harm he has done. Forgiveness of him – including the slightest exception to his absolute shunning – would only condone the wrong he has done, and would only incentivize others to become exactly like (or more like, or beyond like) him, thus perpetuating and immortalizing his harmfulness.

    The illusions of a person’s competence, responsibility, fairness, and integrity – and the harm done both by those illusions (typically promoted deceptively by the person and by duped, or equally or even more flawed, usefully idiotic “allies”) and by the person’s actual and continuing incompetence, irresponsibility, unfairness, and corruption – long outlive such a person and forever overshadow, even render transitory to the point of irrelevance, any smidgen of constructiveness and benefit to any and all other persons.

    Same goes for the Frequent Flyer on the Lolita Express (and recently aspiring First Gentleman), and for KAH-mah-lah, and for Joey B., and for God (aka John R. Lewis).

    Don’t get me started like this. Even though I voted for him, and will vote for him again, virtually the same goes for President Trump, too.

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