The Hypocrisy And Dishonesty Of The Democratic National Convention Apparently Made Rose McGowan’s Head Explode

McGowan is a former Hollywood “scream queen” (one of my personal favorites, with her entertaining turn in “Scream” and her unforgettable “babe with a an automatic rifle for an artificial leg” performance in “Grindhouse” ) turned fearless #MeToo activist. She one of Harvey Weinstein’s victims, and has earned a reputation for calling out hypocrites within that movement in merciless terms, notably  her former “Charmed” cast mate and current fellow Twitter auteur, Alyssa Milano.

It was to be expected that the odious dishonesty of  the virtual Democratic National Convention just completed would provoke her, and, sure enough, it did.

In her now familiar take-no-prisoners style, McGowran tweeted:


  • Thus we see the limitations of Twitter, McGowran’s favorite milieu, as well as the President’s, of course. It’s advantage is that it is the only way to communicate with a large—far, far too large—proportion  of the American public, which is unlikely if not unable to read anything serious that has more words than a combination of three or four bumperstickers. This leads to discussions of complex matters (not to say that the Left’s flagrant hypocrisy on sexual assault and harassment is complex) that aren’t discussions at all, advocates on both sides of any issue immediately deteriorating into name-calling, team slogans, talking points and, often, slurs and vulgarity. McGowan’s assertions are “right,” is a general, meat-axe way, but they aren’t arguments. They are the ” this just is” pronouncements of someone who won’t countenance an argument, and, in most cases, isn’t capable of making one. That’s Black Lives Matter. That’s “the resistance.” That’s Maxine Waters and MSNBC.

And that’s President Trump.

  • Such outbursts polarize the field, leading to more heat but no light.  Witness the social media response to Rose’s tweets: calls for her to “get help,” presumably because perceiving reality in the Age of “Facts Don’t Matter” is proof of insanity,  Twitter users who announce they are blocking her (people don’t want to read opinions that vary from their tribe’s cant), other users who announce they will be following her (Welcome to our side!), and reflex recitations of Big Lies and talking points by people who are just repeating what partisan warriors say. Here’s one such tweet containing nothing but nonsense, conspiracy theories and misinformation:

Wow. 180,000 mostly preventable dead. Call to re-open schools. Attempting to disable the Post Office to suppress the vote. Cozying up to Putin who just tried to kill his most outspoken opposition.

Wow is right.

  • McGowan’s attack does serve a purpose. It shows that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, or even all of the people a party regards as its natural base. It shows that hypocrisy can’t be disguised even when the news media, being enemies of the people, deliberately try to mask it.

Read Merrill Matthews’s spot-on factcheck of Michelle Obama’s speech, which the mainstream media let stand as “fact.”

  • It’s good to know Lincoln was right; the question is whether he was right enough.

7 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy And Dishonesty Of The Democratic National Convention Apparently Made Rose McGowan’s Head Explode

  1. Jack wrote:

    They are the ” this just is” pronouncements of someone who won’t countenance an argument, and, in most cases, isn’t capable of making one. That’s Black Lives Matter. That’s “the resistance.” That’s Maxine Waters and MSNBC.

    Too right, and that list is so long the full one would require a bigger blog.

    What interests me is how often we all engage in these kind of broad-brush arguments that reject any aspect of nuance. Some Democrats have, to varying degrees, addressed many or even all of the ends she thinks are desirable. So have some Republicans.

    The intractable problems of society cannot be solved by pronouncements, either of solutions or failures. That’s why they remain intractable. Black people most notably have refused to participate in extracting their “people” from poverty, crime, dependency and negative perceptions. “Brown” people is not a race or even a thing, and claiming they may be characterized in the same way as blacks renders the statement absurd. Each racial group has unique problems relating to their culture, their perception by our society, and their willingness to integrate into America.

    I find it interesting that the Democrats completely ignore “yellow” people as if they never had the struggles of other minority populations — a risible idea that has infected the Democrat identity-politics groupthink. But the Asians have shown how to fight all the problems blacks and some other races have suffered through for generations — by willingly assimilating into America.

    The fact that black people haven’t embraced this idea despite living here longer than Asians is a big part of why so little progress has been made. Now, blacks want new, government-enforced segregation policies created to further alienate them from America. Can there be any doubt as to how this new demand will work out if implemented?

    “Police brutality?” The vast majority of police are professionals and behave that way. But to Rose, who has only a proverbial hammer, there are nothing but nails in blue.

    Single mothers? Single mothers have received significant amounts of taxpayer largess from a bewildering litany of programs on the federal, state, and local level. The problem is not helping single mothers, but the fact that there are so many of them. Apparently, black people think the fact that 77% of their kids are born to single mothers as compared to 30% by whites, and 27% by Asians are irrelevant to their continued societal woes.

    While correlation isn’t causation, mental and social health professionals for years have noted the contribution of single-parent families to social ills for decades. Yet many black and Hispanic celebrities tout single parenthood, and continue to contribute to it themselves. Bill Cosby, the rapist comedian, was one of the few to point out single parenthood as the root of many black ills, as hypocritical as that may be from a man of his low character. Yet, Rose points out single mothers as especially worthy of some kind of help as if they didn’t receive any, and they didn’t contribute to their own woes.

    Even though the Democrats deserve criticism on most of these points, the fact is that many of the problems she points out are caused by the very people who require the help — in other words, they are largely self-inflicted, imaginary, or hyperbolic ills. In defense of the Democrats, you can’t help the unwilling or indifferent.

  2. Wasn’t the flick where McGowan’s leg was amputated and replaced with a rifle “Planet of Terror”?

    Regardless, I think McGowan represents something that’s kind of fading out on the left: A principled position. McGowan was one of the first and loudest people talking about #MeToo, and to be fair to her, she’s been talking about those issues long before that, probably costing her some career advancement. McGowan’s position against sexual misconduct at work is principled because it applies to everyone, not just her political opponents. It was a breath of fresh air.

    Fast forward a couple years… The left is pushing McGowan, who was never a Republican, into saying things you’d normally hear from a Republican, because they happen to be true, and the left survives their own burgeoning hypocrisy by pretending they aren’t. This is why I think it’s early to call the election; Sure, there are a lot of Republicans who dislike Trump and will either vote Joe or sit this one out. There are a *lot* of Democrats and Independants that just can’t suspend their disbelief enough to support the DNC platform. The difference between the NeverTrumpers and the Realists is that the NeverTrumpers will find social currency in taking shots at Trump, while the realists will be mobbed off social media.

    I’m going to make an early prediction here: Regardless of who actually wins, This election will probably be worse for pollsters than any other election in history. I love talking about the Bradley effect and variations on that theme: This will be the most Bradley Effect effected election in the history of ever, including the election Bradley took part in.

    • It was “Planet Terror,” but it joined “Death Proof” in the single film “Grindhouse,” which flopped, and the studio released the two sections individually. “Planet Terror” is disgusting but fun; “Death Proof” is unwatchable.

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