I Don’t Care If The Axis Of Unethical Conduct Is Panicking, Their Rhetoric Is Unforgivable (CONTINUED)

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You know her comments crashed over any line pf decency, propriety and civility because the mainstream media largely ignored them. “We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” Pelosi said on MSNBC. “And, sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and honoring our Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States,” ,Of course, being a den of hacks, no follow-up could ever occur on MSNBC. Only Fox News, the New York Post, and some conservative outlets thought the Speaker of the House declaring an entire political party and its President “domestic enemies” was something the public has a right to know.  CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, NBC News, Politico and other AUC members buried it, though such rhetoric is a call to insurrection and violence, coming from the same party that wouldn’t rebuff Maxine Waters and others who called for the harassment of Trump administration officials in public places.

No, this is not the equivalent of  President Trump calling the mainstream media “enemies of the people,” which, it should be noted, caused that same mainstream media to decry the words as a prelude to an authoritarian take-over.  The media is not the government, and all citizens can do to journalists who betray the trust the Founders put in the Fourth Estate to keep the public objectively informed is to stop believing them, which, thankfully, a large portion of the public has.  In contrast, for a powerful elected official to call the party in the White House “domestic enemies” is indescribably wrong, and I say that because my inner thesaurus fails me.

“I was shot because of this kind of unhinged rhetoric,” House Republican Whip Steve Scalise said. Representative Dan Crenshaw (R., Texas) called  the statement were “gross and divisive;” while Senator Kelly Loeffler called them “appalling.”  Not bad, but those adjective still don’t measure the amazing breach of democratic norms Pelosi’s words represent. (Remember, Democrats have been saying it  is Trump who endangers democracy by his breach of “norms,” like firing an unethical and incompetent FBI Director.) Pelosii’s hateful rhetoric is only slightly less divisive than the beating of Charles Sumner on the Senate Floor.

Her words were  also flamingly hypocritical. Pelosi’s Democrats have orchestrated one attempted coup after another, working to deliberately undermine the public’s faith in their government, nation and Constitution, and using leaks, conspiracy theories, falsified documents, support for lawlessness and manufactured narratives to to it. No party has done such damage to America  since the Civil War. Even the news media’s efforts shouldn’t be able to keep cognizant Americans from figuring out “what’s going on here.”

It is clear, to me anyway, that we would not be seeing such unstatesmanlike rhetoric if the Democrats weren’t coming to the realization that  despite all their attacks (indeed because of them)  Donald Trump is likely to win re-election. Rasmussen’s polling has him at a 51% approval rating, the highest of his term. No incumbent with that high a rating has ever lost. Joe Biden became the first Democratic nominee who received essentially no “bounce” from the convention. The addition of Kamala Harris to the ticket alienated as many voters as it pleased. Across the country, Black Lives Matter and antifa mobs are laying waste to Democrat-run cities, while the news media persists in calling riots “mostly peaceful,” wishing and hoping against hope that the public is that gullible. Evidently it is not.

Joe Biden’s advantages in early polls, always dubious anyway, are falling away. The lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy is palpable, and his party counting on hatred of his opposition to motivate voters rather than passion for what he represents flies in the face of Presidential election history.

Glenn Reynolds wrote years ago that all the Democrats had to do was not act crazy to beat Trump, and they couldn’t even do that. Now that acting crazy has had the predictable result, it is too late for them to do anything but act more crazy. They can’t condemn the violence in the cities, because they have fully embraced Black Lives Matter. They can’t stand for the rule of law and law enforcement, because both their Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates contributed mightily to “over-incarceration,” and are trying to pretend otherwise. They can’t push the #MeToo button too hard, because Biden is a serial harasser.  Their gun control issue is dead, because their allies are tryning to cripple the police just as Democratic mayors seem willing to let the mobs do their thing.

The Democrats devoted virtually their whole convention to ad hominem personal attacks on the President. leaving the Republicans to go the proven Ronald Reagan route, and stand up for America, its values, and its history.  meanwhile, Black Lives Matter leaders are tweeting things like this, from Shaun King…

Nah. I’m not going to call for peace. We’ve tried peace. For years. Y’all don’t understand that language. We are calling for a complete dismantling of American policing. It’s NOT broken. It was built to work this way. And mayhem is the consequence. You earned it.

Twitter hasn’t touched that violence exhorting tweet. Good. Let social media’s double standards be obvious beyond denial. Let the Black Lives Matter leadership, now joined at the hip with the Democratic Party, openly proclaim their true objective, which is not justice, but power.

The Democrats stacked the deck, dealt themselves a losing hand, and now they are screaming that the game is fixed. It’s repulsive and embarrassing. Were it not for the pandemic and the President’s own ugly leadership style, Democrats would be facing a 1972-style wipeout.

They might get there yet. It depends just how crazy they can be.

44 thoughts on “I Don’t Care If The Axis Of Unethical Conduct Is Panicking, Their Rhetoric Is Unforgivable (CONTINUED)

  1. I think Nancy Pelosi is channelling Joseph Goebbels desperately repeating the big lie over and over. She should read Oscar Wilde’s *Picture Of Dorian Grey* and understand how her slander of everybody who might vote for Trump is making her portrait uglier and uglier.

    • Sadly, in Nancy’s case, it would appear that the Dorian Grey effect has been working in reverse. if she has a picture hidden, and if appearance can be a reflection of the soul, it should be the most achingly beautiful portrait conceivable by now. We may eventually need a Perseus to be rid of her.

    • Hey Paulie.

      Why is Wesconsin The Dairy State? Why isn’t it The Heavy Equipment State. Just was looking at a map to figure out exactly where Kenosha is and saw West Allis and had to research Allis-Chalmers to find out sure enough Allis-Chalmers was a Wesconsin company. Manitowoc Crane. Fire trucks galore.

      How are things in Surrounded by Reality? Are the riots localized and ignored by everyone other than the victims and participants? We need some reportage from a commenter on the ground.

      • Regarding the heavy Equipment State: They also have Bucyrus-Erie in South Milwaukee. They’ve been bought by Caterpillar, but are still making their equipment in Wisconsin. Pretty hard to beat them! My employer supplied equipment to them. I never got to visit, but sure would have loved to. Our service engineers have shared some pretty cool videos of them working in the Andes in open pit mines.

        As for the crazy states: I’m 80 miles from Portland. ANTIFA has made a few forays into some of the towns in the area but has always been met by overwhelming, well armed protests. The personal impact is minimal because I can’t travel internationally anyways. Once that’s back going, my concern will be the ability to get in and out of the Portland International Airport. I happened to be in Austria when Trump was elected, and was a bit concerned that getting home could be problematic but it all turned out fine.

      • “Why isn’t it The Heavy Equipment State.”

        Forgetting Oshkosh Defense…?

        Kenosha’s problem, (other than your’s truly being raised on North Kenosha Drive)?

        Too close to Racine….aka….Rattown…

        We’re up in Iron County…FAR removed from the embarrassing $#!storm Lefty is fomenting to the SAYouth.

        I’m without words…though thankful that our lush gardens are being generously tended in our absence.

        • My nephew has a metal cutting business in Appleton that is doing really well. They’ve been supplying items to Oshkosh Defense to armor the combat trucks they make these days.

  2. “We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” Pelosi said.

    Where the fuck did this Democratic Party talking point come from? I had it hurled at me on Facebook by a long time (now former) friend (9th grade on) speaking as a former Navy pilot when I had the temerity to suggest Federal agents in Portland only needed probable cause and not arrest warrants to detain rioters who were engaged in illegal conduct.

    Do the Dems have a random talking points generator that sends this stuff out like Tesla wanted to sent out electricity? It’s really annoying.

    Another such talking point is “I believe in science.” What does that even mean? Am I supposed to say “I believe in Art History” in response?

    Personally, I think Nancy Pelosi crossed the Rubicon when she had the absolute gall to say she was praying for Trump. As an ex-Catholic who still has a fair amount of fondness for all the Catholic clerics and laity who educated me and brought me up, I found that incredibly offensive to plain decency and the Church Nancy purports to be a member of. What a harridan.

        • It’s so ironic that the Pelosis and the Clintons and the Schumers and Bidens and Steny Hoyers and Jerry Nadlers are all absolute Methuselahs and they’ve sucked the life out of the Democratic party to the extent there are no younger leaders. This vacuum has resulted in Biden being nominated for President. They are like Thelma and Louise driving the party off a cliff to their and their party’s literal and figurative deaths. Why are politicians so intent on dying in the saddle? Maybe because so many are lawyers and lawyers do the same weird thing.

    • The science is believed when it suits them, errrr us, I suppose. Here’s some uncomfortable facts. Scientific consensus that GMOs are safe is above 90%. That’s almost as high as global warming. Very few people believe both are true.

      • Then there’s nuclear power, the relative safety of vaccines (and believe you-me, that fight is coming), and the existance of biological sex, the development cycle of the unborn, climate change alarmism, and a fundamental lack of understanding of statistics.

    • Do the Dems have a random talking points generator that sends this stuff out like Tesla wanted to sent out electricity?

      There’s nothing random about it, OB. There are operatives charged with the responsibility of coming up with potential talking points, market testing them, and circulating them to the talking heads. That’s why all the Dems tend to operate in talking point lockstep.

      • Well, AIM, you’d know, having been in the image business. I’m sure you’re right. I’m just amazed how virulent these talking points are. They spread to the faithful like wildfire and become endemic almost immediately as if they are revealed truth.

  3. Not quite the first Democratic nominee to get nothing from his convention, Jack. John Kerry received essentially no bounce in 2004, to the point where the mainstream media ran a cartoon of him jumping on a trampoline and his feet going through it instead. Hate to say it, but, although John Kerry was a lifelong bungler at least he had all or most of his marbles. Joe is even being warned against speaking too much by the New York Times. when the mainstream media is telling their own candidate to shut up, you know he can’t govern.

    • Steve, you know full well if Biden wins, he’ll be wheeled out of the White House within days of being inaugurated and that smarmy Kamala Harris will be sworn in at the direction of the cabinet. They don’t care if he can even fog a mirror. They’ll have him stuffed and mounted on skates if necessary.

      • Picture more President Reagan from what I hear at the end of his term. Democrats cannot actually concede that Biden is impaired in anyway, although he may “graciously” decline to seek reelection to to let the American people vote for the first black female president.

        • Reagan slipped exactly once during his second term, in a television interview. He slipped one other time in his first term, while he was still recovering from gunshot wounds and surgery. The assertion that he had Alzheimers or was senile while in office is a Big Lie of the left. Biden is incapable of going off-script without slipping, before he sets the first foot in the White House. Actually he already said he is open to a second term, by which time he’d be 81 and certainly not any better than he is now. He’d be 85 at the end of his second term, if he makes it, by which time he’d have had eight more years to slide from where he is now. Kamala Harris as president? Perish the thought. Then again, by the end of his second term I’ll be almost 60 myself, and I probably won’t care very much. At 60 I’m going to take my pension, my medical benefits which I’ll have for life, and the inheritance I’ll have in hand, sell out of all property in NJ, and either retreat to the current PA house or maybe buy a smaller PA house, and live out the remaining days God gives me free from stress, free from trouble, and mostly free of other people, where the mailman and the tax bill are the only reminders that there are even things called “government” or “politics.”

          • To be fair, Steve, RR was clearly slipping down by the time he was President, and he was obviously diminished after the shooting—which is not unusual given his injuries.

            Watch any clip of Reagan early in his tenure as Governor, or better yet, his amazing 1964 TV spot supporting Barry Goldwater. We never saw that guy as President.

    • Yeah, that “John Kerry reporting for duty” bit was about as tone deaf as anything I’ve seen. Kerry gains fame by calling his comrades in arms in Vietnam war criminals, and leads with that? Incredible.Kerry is a dolt.

      • Kerry is a lifelong opportunist who married incredibly rich women twice, and apparently is an asshole to deal with personally, if the story about the way he treated some USAF pilots who brought him to Cambodia and Vietnam is to be believed. The only good thing about him is he’s 76 years old and probably at the end of his string.

      • He threw us medals at the White House – for what reason I still cannot wrap my Dr. Pepper-addled brain around. At least he could extoll the virtues of “‘Jenjis’ Khan.” What a poseur.


    • Joe is even being warned against speaking too much by the New York Times. when the mainstream media is telling their own candidate to shut up, you know he can’t govern.

      One of Governor Michael Dukakis’s errors was not following up on the momentum he generated after his convention (which was much mirwe successful than Joe Biden’s)

  4. Jack said:

    Pelosi’s hateful rhetoric is are only slightly less divisive than the beating of Charles Sumner on the Senate Floor.

    Well, this sentence needs a new proofread, but I’m going to address the point it makes.

    I don’t know if your point is right or wrong — its really hard to compare such disparate eras where customs are so vastly at odds. Obviously, Rep. Brooks assault on Sen. Sumner would result in a criminal charge nowadays, and a significant prison term. Not even the speech or debate clause would save him, as he was not in his respective House, and this was most certainly a “breach of the peace” at minimum.

    But then, it was by no means alone in the annals of what we would consider horrifyingly divisive incidents back in bygone days. The duel between Graves And Cilley resulting in Cilley’s death had to be the worst outcome of partisan rancor, with the outright riot in the House in 1858 over slavery or possibly Sumner’s caning a close second. I’m not sure which. But those days had no Twitter and Facebook, and news took weeks or even months to travel to all of the country.

    Which, I guess, just reinforces your point — considering the comparative environments, it is hard to say quite where Pelosi’s statement lands in these halls of infamy, but it is dead certain it falls in there somewhere.

    Leaving aside the hypocrisy of Pelosi’s remarks and focusing only on her words, perhaps this is the proverbial “canary in the coal mine” moment for our politics. We have seen many pixels darkened about how our current political environment is historically polarized and divided. Perhaps these words are just the start of a new level of angry mutual detestation that escalates the current violence.

    I don’t think there is any way her words contribute to lowering the temperature in the nation, which is what I always thought politicians were supposed to do during times of strife. If Democrat partisans take her seriously, it would seem to me that their duty to stop America’s “enemies” rise far above that of politics and into the area of defense of the nation, which can surely be used to excuse all manner of previously indefensible acts and behavior — perhaps even to violence.

    Which makes Steve Scalise’s comment particularly haunting, as he is correct that the kind of partisan anger that resulted in his near-murder by a Democrat partisan at a congressional softball game is embodied in her remarks. Pelosi would seem to be utterly indifferent to the potential consequences, because no rational person can imagine her comments were intended to do anything less than anger her supporters at the expense of the Republican party. Her failure to apologize or retract them shows that they are intended to represent her and, by extension, her party — not merely uttered in a moment of passion.

    That’s gobsmackingly revolting.

    What’s worse, if the Democrats do manage a victory, what do you suppose the reaction of the Republicans, and their supporters, will be if they find themselves under the thumb of a party so invested in destroying them in every sense of the word, and who consider them “enemies” of the country? I suspect it will not be an olive branch and a hearty hand-shake.

  5. Jack, was it indeed Glenn Reynolds who was responsible for the line “All Democrats had to do to defeat Trump was not be crazy, and they couldn’t even do that”…?

    I ask only because I often rely on that quote when arguing on social media (fat lot of good that does) and I’ve long since forgotten the name of whatever brilliant person came up with it.

    Cam you send me a citation/link?

  6. This is more than off-topic, but what do you suppose is going to happen to the business communities in cities like Portland when the inurance companies refuse to write new policies or renew old ones because the risk is too great?

    • CJ
      What will happen is that the Congress or state legislatures will pass legislation barring this form of “redlining”. As a result everyone else will find their premiums increasing to offset the losses from these areas.

  7. I heard audio of the voice of Hillar (the other dodgy Clinton the country managed to dodge in 2016), saying Biden MUST not concede this November’s election, under ANY circumstances.

    I realize that audio might be already well-known and scoffed-off by everyone else here, but, um…isn’t it TRUMP the Democrats are (and have been) saying can’t be trusted to vacate his office and surrender his powers thereof if he doesn’t win re-election??

      • And yes, I’d certainly put “Don’t concede” right up there a incredibly inflammatory. The Dems seem to be laying the groundwork for the next four years of the resistance.

  8. Lucky,
    She went off the rails which shows how panic stricken they are. Imagine if she had won in 2016 and was faced with a crisis. You are so right we dodged a bullet by not electing that sociopathic, power mad, narcissist . However, I would not scoff-off any comments made by her or the Obamas as they are they primary fomenters of social unrest in the country. In a different world their names would be added to the Disposition Matrix.

  9. It would be great if even one member of the House or of the media told her to put up or shut up. Each House, per the Constitution, is the judge of the qualifications of its members. So, if she thinks there are enemies of the state in the House of Representatives, it is her job to lead the charge to get them out. I imagine she would be comfortable with that kind of McCarthyism. Or, alternatively, if she thinks enemies of the state are qualified, then that should be highlighted.

  10. Armed citizens opened fire on rioters in Kenosha last night. Two were killed, one suffered a gruesome large caliber rifle wound to the right upper arm, I wouldn’t be surprised if he loses his arm. I’ve told the story in the past about how the Indian-American community put up with or fled from abuse in Jersey City here, but, they finally started to organize their own street gangs and fight back physically, resulting in a huge rumble that ended that organized racist harassment and bullying. I’ve talked about the Troubles, and how the Protestants in Belfast, Derry, and the rest of Northern Ireland got fed up, organized groups like the Ulster Defence League, and started to fight back against the IRA themselves, without waiting for the RUC (police, with a strong paramilitary environment) or the army to come to their aid. Many’s the time the RUC would roll up in their armored Land Rovers, only to find there was nothing to do but radio for an ambo to cart away the bodies. You see, ordinary people can only be pushed so far and abused for so long before they say “enough is enough” and “we’re going to take this into our own hands.”

    This has been building toward this since May. At this point you have one of two political parties, almost all the media, and most big city and a chunk of state government telling ordinary people that this country is just South Africa to a lesser degree, with racism baked into every facet and aspect of society, and if you’re not black or brown, you’re part of the problem, either active or complicit. If you are a supporter of the President, you are automatically an active part of the problem, and you are a target.

    Kenosha has become another victim of irresponsible behavior be Democratic politicians who don’t really want problems solved. The governor of Wisconsin was a fool to pronounce on the recent shooting before even a preliminary investigation was conducted, but, why let a chance to gin up anger go to waste, right? The mayor of Kenosha did very little when riots which really didn’t even bother with the “peaceful protest” stage, started resulting in fires, destruction, and ultimately the taking of a life. The governor sent a very few of the National Guard in, to protect infrastructure and firefighters. He specifically turned down aid from the Federal government that would have sent many more in. It’s all well and good to stop roads from being blocked or bridges from being destroyed, and it’s all well, good, and necessary to prevent firemen from being attacked as they do their jobs. However, if you’re not wearing a badge or a black helmet, you’re out of luck, it seems. If you are white, you are automatically culpable. Go home, let your business get sacked, looted, and burned, and pray the rioters don’t come to burn your house too. The government did not have ordinary people’s backs here. If you are a business owner, a homeowner, or some other kind of ordinary person and you have a Democratic mayor, a Democratic governor, or both, your safety is in question. Maybe they will act to keep you safe. Maybe they will not. Maybe, as in St. Louis, they will not only not act, but they will charge YOU with a crime if you act to defend yourself, while they charge those who trash good order with nothing. This isn’t hard to understand if you use your head even a little.

    At this point ordinary people hear this kind of rhetoric from the Democrats and they say enough is enough. What happened to George Floyd was wrong, and it’s being dealt with. What happened to this guy Blake might be wrong, we just don’t know all the details yet and we won’t for some time, investigations into police-involved shootings can’t be completed overnight. But, society simply can’t function if every time there is a police-involved shooting of a person of color the whole nation erupts in violence and destruction, and the rioters burn yet another set of businesses that didn’t get burned in the last riot, beat up someone else worse than the last time, and turn life into hell for those caught up in it. Society simply can’t function if it is split into automatically justified grievants and automatically unjustified targets of their grievances. It can’t function if the two political parties become crusading or jihadist armies, each determined to convert or destroy the other. Lincoln said a house divided against itself cannot stand, and we know where that ended up. I’m hoping the guys who went into Kenosha armed to try to defend stores, gas stations, and whatever businesses hadn’t been burned didn’t just fire the first shots of Civil War 2.0. However, the militia commander at Lexington also said “if they mean to have a war, then let it begin here.” I don’t think the current president wants to have a war. It’s beginning to sound like his opposition means to have either ultimate power or a war. We don’t want it to come to that, but, if that’s what must be to keep America America, then so be it.

    • Society simply can’t function if it is split into automatically justified grievants and automatically unjustified targets of their grievances. It can’t function if the two political parties become crusading or jihadist armies, each determined to convert or destroy the other.

      So well said, and Amen. It’s saddening to think that the two-party “system” has deteriorated into warring political machines consumed with, and by, the attitude of “our way, all and only our way, or the highway (and the grave).”

  11. There is a cure, a vaccine, so to speak, for the AUC’s panic. It’s a winding road…

    I hate making projections, because too often, I am either completely accurate, or at least, accurate enough to hate myself for warning others who I anticipate will suffer the future with me when there isn’t a damned thing I can do to help them. Re-certify me as Eeyore-in-Chief, but I believe I foresee now how the coming months will play out in our still United States.

    Specifically, here is how I expect the November presidential election to play out:

    The country will witness and suffer, not only the inauguration of a 46th President, but the exercise of powers of each of the 46th, 47th, and 48th Presidents. When, if ever, the current nation-wide unrest (and worse) subsides, Number 48 and President for the longer run will be Kamala Harris. Of course, all three successors to Trump will be Democrats (in name only, that is – discarding the more ancient definition of “democrat” and its association with future American political leaders).

    On Election Day, behavior at polls – and poll results, tallying of votes, closure on who holds what office and such, will reflect a national catastrophe. The nation’s courtrooms will be overwhelmed with election-related caseload. Chaos and all manner of “protest” will occur, even in places that are solidly “blue” or “red.” Much of the chaos will be fastidiously planned and deliberately perpetrated. The day will be the first day of the rest of the life of a New Banana(s) Republic.

    Neither Trump-Pence nor Biden-Harris will emerge as clear victors. The Electoral College will, by hook or by crook, conclude with a tie vote. In the interest of delaying further the “conclusion” to the presidential election, the House of Representatives will elect Nancy Pelosi the 46th President by the slimmest of margins – maybe, even, by a one-vote majority. Biden and Harris will accept this as an interim development, because the effect will be to depose Trump…

    Now: such action by the House might seem “unconstitutional” – but the SCOTUS will OK it with its usual 5-4 vote. Whether true or “fake news,” a slightly calmer resulting mood will be reported across the country. A couple of SCOTUS justices might suffer “tragic death” or burning-down of their homes. But the Wheels of Change will begin to roll inexorably, and will roll further, “all in good time, my pretties.” Many streets will resound with rejoicing mobs: “Ding Don, the Trump is dead!”

    Next: Pelosi, having fulfilled her part in deposing Trump – and having fulfilled her part in becoming history’s first female American President – will either select Joe Biden as her VIce President, or simply proceed with a vacant VP office. The latter action is more likely, because if there is anything that Democrats are good at, it is “pulling a fast one,” working with amazing speed to get things done. (Remember the first night of “rainbow” lighting at the White House?) After about 30 days or less, or even just 30 hours or 30 minutes of holding the office of POTUS, Pelosi will graciously resign and announce her return to her familiar House Speaker office.

    Next: The House will elect Joe Biden President. Biden will have an Inaugural, a symphony of celebration that will make all previous inaugurals seem like humdrum, just-going-through-the-motions drudgery. Biden’s inaugural will be however as “virtual” as might be necessary.

    Next: Biden will graciously resign his office, for “health reasons.” Or, he might die or become incapacitated very soon after his inauguration. In any event, Democrats MUST hold ALL of the all-time records for things presidential – all of the “firsts,” all of the “shortests,” “fastests” and “soonests,” all of the “most historics,” etc. – by any means necessary…

    Kamala will graciously accept her succession of Joe. She will have a completely free hand to select her Vice President. Who will that be? AOC? Stacey Abrams? Some coastal leftist eunuch like Gavin Newsom or Andrew Cuomo – or even, Andrew’s muscular TV-omnipresent brother, Fre-…what’s his name? (Did he, or one of his handlers, used to post comments on Ethics Alarms, with the cover story that he, Fre-, is a schoolteacher in California)?

    It won’t matter. All issues will be settled. Whitey will stay in power for just a sneeze longer, and then will humbly, linearly-thinkingly make way for the Era of POC (even, BIPOC) Privilege. All politically correct squares will be filled; all necessary boxes of identity will be checked; all triumph and power will be with the Democrats. Forever and ever, Amen.

    • Third sentence of sixth paragraph above should have said, “In the interest of avoiding further delay to the “conclusion” to the presidential election,…” (bold indicating what I mean to say).

    • Sounds great; put me down for updates! I’ll let you know where to send the newsletter as soon as I have my new address in the Czech Republic.

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