Comment Of The Day: “’Psst! Fox Sports! Skip Bayless Is Right. Winston Churchill Says So…’”

I love it when first time commenters break in with a Comment of the Day, and this is the case with Brad Kent Prothero. Brad offers a different perspective on the Dak Prescott/Skip Bayless controversy discussed in the post, “Psst! Fox Sports! Skip Bayless Is Right. Winston Churchill Says So….”

Here is his Comment of the Day:

If Dak Prescott was talking about how he feels on the field, I would fully agree with Skip and you. However, he was talking about something much bigger than football. Dealing with the COVID situation is drastically different from anything experienced on the football field.

He has spent many years preparing, learning, thinking, and playing football. He has experience that he can call up to help him during a game. The preparation they do before a game is extensive and they are ready for most situations however unlikely.

Compare that to how much time most people were prepared for the ramifications of COVID, let alone an elite sports figure leading one of the most popular NFL teams. No one was prepared for how the shut-down would effect society or the well being of each of us.

In addition to not being as prepared for this as he is for football, what did he show? He showed the ability to reach out to a coach when he was out of answers, to listen what the coach said even when he did not know if it would work, and to apply it and be successful. In other words, he was willing to try something new because he trusted in his coach.

In the heat of the moment of a game or battle, you want clear direction and a confidence that others can see and rally towards. This can lead to great success or great disaster. As you have highlighted, there are many generals who have led their troops into foolish battles and paid the consequence and others who due to moral luck, has succeeded.

I see two parts to leadership. The first is having the ability to choose the right strategy. The second is to have the confidence to execute the strategy in a way that wins the battle. Dak showed an ability to seek coaching for what strategy should be used to overcome his depression. Your objection is that this shows a weakness in his ability to lead his team in executing the game plan. To me, this actually shows a strength of character that I wish we would see in more of our leaders today. We have plenty that show drive and confidence. Humility is beneficial when it comes out in the right way at the right time. This is what Dak showed.

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